Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lush Skin Care

Today I thought I'd do my skincare routine. I have a very oily t-zone so until recently haven't been taking proper care of my skin, I never used to use moisturiser as I didn't see the point in adding more oil to my already greasy skin.

After a visit to lush one day (I'm a proper lush addict and have been for years, the smell never put me off I always loved baths) I decided to try out there skin care products. I've been using the masks for a while so decided to give a cleanser, toner and moisturise a go. Since trying them I've not looked back.

The cleanser I love is called herbalism, it's a solid green cleanser that gently exfoliates, removes grease and calms the skin. To use it you break of a small amount mix with a bit of water then apply to the skin and gently wash off with water. I find a pot lasts around a month which for £5.95 a month seems reasonable for me.

My toner of choice is breath of fresh air, I've tried the tea tree one but found this one wasn't as good for me. It's not the one suggested for oily skin but I found it feels better than tea tree and prevents my skin becoming greasy quicker. I use it morning and night and find the big bottle lasts a few months at least, a few sprays over my face after cleansing. I love that it's a spray bottle and can be sprayed directly on the face. The 250g retails for £7.00

The latest lush product to my collection was one bought for me that I wouldn't have thought to try. I had to go into lush and ask how to use it as it wasn't one I'd seen before. It's ocean salt, I use this twice a week as a deep cleanser. This is quite an exfoliating cleanser that contains sea salt, limes and grapefruit for a good deep clean, it also contains avocado butter so it cleanses skin, tightens and moisturises. I love this when my skin feels dirty or after a night out.

For face masks I vary between two depending on how my skin is at the time. I love how these are cool when applied to the face and are a clay mask type face mask. They always leave my skin feeling amazing. I tend to get about 4 applications from a pot which is perfect as the face masks usually only last a month as they contain fresh products. The two I love are cupcake and catastrophe cosmetic.  
Cupcake is face mask containing, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and vanilla to name a few products and as you can imagine smells amazing! This is one designed for teenage skin but I'm 22 and still find it one of the best for me.
Catastrophe cosmetic is a mask containing blueberries, which contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It deep cleanses, soothes and the chamomile oil calms irritation and redness. This is great for when you have a breakout.

And finally moisturiser, sorry for the long post again. I use the vanishing cream, low fat moisturiser. Sounds funny right, it just means its low in oils and fat so it's great for greasy skin. This is a really light feeling moisturiser that just sinks into the skin leaving it feeling amazing and a great base to apply make up onto.

Have any of you tried the lush skin care range? what's your favourite products?

Love M xxx


Monday, 30 January 2012


Good morning!

What a horrible day, I wish the weather would make it's mind up and either snow or rain!

I quite fancy a snow day though so if the weather man is listening and would like to have a word.... ;)

Anyway just a quick nails of the day, did these last night whilst watching the Notebook in bed haha, what a lush and exciting life I lead!

I used the OPI Start to Finish as my base coat and topcoat, but the main colour is Nails Inc's Heddon Street.

I had it in a lucky dip a while back and haven't used it much but it's one of those perfect wintery colours.

In the bottle it looks a very dark metallic purple, but it actually comes out more of a metallic deep red wine colour which I was surprised at but nevertheless it's still a beautiful colour.

As always it went on like a dream and I never seem to get a lot around the edges so the brush is pretty nifty!

What do you use as a top coat? I alternate between the OPI Start to Finish and Sally Hansen Insta Dri. I find the Sally Hansen one dries a lot faster even though the OPI one is supposed to dry in the same time, odd!

Do you have any other suggestions? I'm always up for a trip to Boots or Superdrug...

L xxx


Sunday, 29 January 2012

Saturday Night

My absolute favourite day of the week is a Saturday, as I'm sure most of yours are.

We both spent the afternoon in the pool and steam room before spending a fair few hours getting ready for our night out, which is almost as fun for us as actually going out!

We managed to get our hands on some fabulous ready made cocktails from the one and only Marks and Spencer, Peach Bellini (as previously posted in Friday's Cocktail Hour) and Cosmo Fizz.

The outcome of our day soaking in the pool and layering on tan and make up was this:

We had a minor shopping spree in the local boots and both ended up buying a new lipstick and a few various other items.

M pinned her hair back with a flower and used a few MAC pigments for her eyeshadow:

I had big wavy hair and also used MAC pigments but in a brighter colour:

As for the lipsticks...we bought 2 17 Mirror shine on lipsticks in Peace and Beehive.

M bought Beehive, which looks like this...

And comes out like this:

I bought one called Peace, which looks like this...

So bright!!!
But it actually comes out like this:

We were both REALLY impressed with the feel of the lipsticks. Neither of us have bought a 17 lipstick before and they felt really nice to wear and gave a really nice shine.
We will definitely be going back for more!

(Also coming up soon will be a review of their new foundation Miracle Matte, the 3 for 2 offer was too tempting!)

We were super excited to be out having cocktails and wearing our new lipsticks , particularly after being so good for the rest of the month after the Christmas splurge!!

What did you do for your Saturday night?? Did you get on the cocktails and put on your latest pretty dress??

Hope you had a good one :)



Friday, 27 January 2012

Cocktail Hour!

Hello there! Happy Friday to you!!

I'm sure at the end of the week everybody likes to let their hair down, and I certainly like a good drink to help me along the way!

I realise this is quite an early cocktail hour but I'm far too excited about the weekend ahead to care! 

This week's cocktail recipe is the Bellini.

I'm quite a big fan of classic cocktails, and you can't go wrong with a cocktail invented in 1934 in Venice that was originally drunk by the like of Ernest Hemingway and Humphrey Bogart....Ooh err!

The recipe is relatively simple, it contains only a peach puree and sparkling wine, Prosecco being the Italian's first choice.

You can either buy peach puree, or make your own by peeling, chopping and de-stoning (does that word exist?!) your own peaches and whizz them in a food processor for a minute or so.

Preferably use a long glass such as a champagne flute for this drink, as you put the peach puree into the bottom of the glass, and SLOWLY top it up with the sparkling wine so that the end product looks a little like this:

Image from Jamie Oliver

There are many variations of the Bellini, you can add champagne as has become custom in New York and there are many other flavours such as strawberry, raspberry and chocolate!

It is also suggested that you chill the glasses first to keep the drinks as cold as possible, but if you're anything like me then the drinks won't last long enough ha!

I personally LOVE making my own cocktails and I cannot wait to make these this weekend if I can get my hands on some peach puree/peaches!

If not though, Funkin have an absolutely marvellous range of purees and ready made cocktails that you can save yourself the effort with

All you need to do is add the sparkling wine to these pouches and nobody will ever know you didn't make it yourself ;)

What's your favourite cocktail? Would you make your own puree or would you save yourself the time by buying it in?

Have a lush weekend!

L xxx


NOTD, FOTD and Baking

This is a bit of everything post. On Tuesday it was my partners birthday so I decided to go all out (even though he doesn't like birthdays) I took the day of work so I could take my time getting all dolled up and cooking.

On Sunday I baked his cake (for peoples birthday I love to bake them a cake, I have two to make this weekend for my mum and brother) For my other halfs, he loves ice hockey so I went with making the Toronto Maple Leafs jersey. I got a square tin made a stencil and then cut it out from there. I was pleased with how it turned out, though it had caused me problems!

I decided to try something new on my nails. I recently purchased Andrea Fullerton powder puffs set. I got the gold and silver glitter with the clear nail polish. The glitter is in a tube you apply the clear varnish then squeeze the glitter over the nail. It's a little hard to control and messy but once you get used to it I think it would be something that could create really pretty nail effects.

I started with two coats of OPI cajun shrimp, then added the clear to my tips and puffed on the glitter to create a slight cascade effect. I like the finished product but found it hard started to chip by the end of the day and was awful by the next day. I'm not sure whether I didn't let the layers dry enough inbetween or whether it was something else. Here's the finished result.

Then on to the make up. I personally love false lashes, if I had the time I'd probably wear them most days. As I'm sure most of you do I usually turn to eylure. I recently tried the criss cross ones, I was originally dubious to how they would look on but they looked amazing and so volumised. I just used my bargain ebay lashes (50 pairs for £10 for this though as I wasn't leaving the house, they aren't the greatest quality and are a little stiff but I find they are comfortable to wear once on and a real bargain) I was wearing a tan dress so decided to do bronze eyeshadows a slick of black liner and keep everything else simple. I was going to do an OOTD but my camera doesn't have a timer.

I used the front cover set from last year for this, when I want to use a different colour I turn to this pallette as I find the colours are so pigmented and it has tutorials inside.

I really like these bronzey orange colours for when I want something a bit different and bolder.

Bit of a mix and match post but hope you like it.

M xxx

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Soap and Glory Sit Tight

Who doesn't like Soap and Glory??

We're both girly girls here at CSI and we absolutely love it!
It caters for all your product needs in an acceptable price range, beautiful packaging and generally gives you that all round warm feeling inside.
(We're particularly excited about the new make-up range but we haven't got round to buying any yet!)

The product in question today has been around a little while but I feel it needs a post so you can fully appreciate its wonders again.

The product is 'Sit Tight', the 'exclusive sit-released firming system....with the addition of DETOXYBOOST, an active shown to help healthy '

It claims to firm your lower body whilst you sit back and relax, who wouldn't want this to work??

Here's a review from us each:

I've used this quite regularly over the past year and although it can be a bit of a pain, there never is a surefire way to rid yourself of wobbly orange peel thighs without the diet of a saint and pretending your an olympic athlete at the gym, of which I am neither!

I for one am completely happy with applying the thick white lotion, letting it sink in for a minute or so before settling myself down for a ready made excuse to watch tv and paint my nails whilst feeling like I'm sat on a hot water bottle.

I used this for a solid 2/3 weeks last year and 100% truth, I lost 2 inches off each leg and my cellulite was all but gone. I wish in some ways I'd taken pictures to prove it as everyone looks at me with a glazed expression as if to say 'yeeeeeeeeeah right'.

It's true! Believe me, or don't believe me, I'm sure you're willing to give it a go??

The unfortunate part is the £14.30 price tag, which is cheaper than other cellulite busting creams on the market but still a little hefty for those wanting a high street saviour. This can be helped by the seemingly permanent 3 for 3 offer that boots have on (available now) and the amazing results that so many people have had that you really cannot ignore! I also found that as soon as I stopped using it, things slowly went back to how they were before, but I suppose that's to be expected.

Another downside I found was that you really do need to have everything you need within reaching distance as I really didn't want to get back up after I'd put it on! I preferred to put mine on in the evening rather than the morning but I'm not sure if it really makes that much of a difference.
Just get yourself a cup of tea, the tv remote and all your nail varnishes beforehand and you're sorted!

L xxx

Being the pear shape that I am, cellulite is a big problem for me. But as L has said this cream is amazing. It's also perfect for these cold mornings or nights as while it's working it does get quite toasty. I tend to put mine on in the morning as I'm getting ready so I can sit down and do my make up. Just wait for it to dry put your pjs back on and sit and feel the warming tingly effect of it working away, personally I love this as I feel like it's working. Also unlike other cellulite creams on the market this one doesn't need to be rubbed in for a few minutes, you just rub it in, let it dry for 30-60 seconds, put trousers on and sit down. Perfect. This for me combined with body brushing made such a difference. 

I do sometimes find it hard to make the effort to apply it but it's so worth doing as the results are so good. Personally for me due to the price tag in the winter months I just apply the week before a planned night.

We also both have the firminator and while it's a little cheaper than sit tight I only use this on my arms and stomach. It's good at firming but I feel doesn't tackle cellulite as well as sit tight. Also I only like to use it in the summer as this one cools as it's rubbed in with a slightly minty scent.

Have any of you tried sit tight?? What are your feelings on it??

M xxx


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

101 things in 1001 days

This is my version of 101 things in 1001 days

You might recognise a few from M's list below (told you we were similar!) but hopefully this means were more likely to complete them, as we can do some of them together.
We didn't really want to post 2 such long posts so close together, but as we're starting on the same date they need to be uploaded!

I struggled to finish this list. Some things I've purposely kept vague, for example visiting 10 new countries or scuba diving. I haven't been specific as to where so that I'm more likely to complete them, which I feel for me is more the reason behind it. I don't need to be specific as completing them will have been enough in itself.

Here goes!...

Mission 101
1.       Visit 5 different areas in the UK I have never visited before
2.       Read 20 Classic books
3.       Take more photographs, which has basically evolved into completing Project 365
4.       To start a blog and continue writing it for the 1001 days at least
5.       Be a tourist in my own town for a day
6.       Try at least 10 new foods, whether that be a different fruit/veg or a whole meal
7.       Win a competition of some kind
8.       Visit 5 art galleries I haven’t been to before
9.       Visit 5 museums I haven’t been to before
10.   Buy a designer foundation e.g. Chanel (drool!)
11.   Buy a MAC lipstick
12.   Visit at least 10 new countries that I’ve never been to before
13.   Do a 5k run for charity (I hate running…)
14.   Watch 60 new films
15.   Go to a cocktail making class (though some would say I don’t need it..haaa!)
16.   Learn a language enough to be able to hold a lengthy conversation
17.   Learn basic first aid
18.   Give blood more regularly, aiming for at least twice a year
19.   Host a dinner party (this will no doubt be disastrous and something similar to Bridget Jones’s blue soup and marmalade dessert)
20.   Do a guest post for someone
21.   Go to a food festival (not the one in my hometown)
22.   Go to a proper festival (involving tents, wellies and copious wet wipes)
23.   Go to a festival in a foreign country
24.   Reach 100 followers on the blog
25.   Inspire somebody else to create this list
26.   Lose weight, not going to put a number on this as I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin
27.   Go to the gym at least 3 times a week (includes classes and swimming)
28.   Get some sort of science work published in a journal
29.   Reach £1000 by selling things on ebay
30.   Say yes to 100 things I would normally say no to
31.   Go to 5 new gigs
32.   Pay off my overdraft
33.   Go to a comedy show
34.   Learn to cook 10 new things
35.   Do at least 10 new outdoor things
36.   Spend New Year’s Eve at 2 different locations
37.   Go to a midnight showing of a film
38.   Go to a pole dancing class
39.   Successfully complete a painting or drawing of something
40.   Save a travelling fund
41.   Go whale watching
42.   See the Northern Lights
43.   Go SCUBA diving in the Great Barrier Reef
44.   Go to a National Park
45.   Learn to identify 20 star constellations
46.   Do 5 random acts of kindness
47.   Watch an eclipse (I can’t really remember watching it before!)
48.   Try 10 cocktails I’ve never tried before (going to be tough!)
49.   Go on a road trip
50.   Go to the ballet
51.   Go to a burlesque show
52.   Go to a film festival
53.   Go skiing
54.   Read 50 new books (separate to the classics, will probably follow this list from the bbc for inspiration! http://fashionabroad.wordpress.com/2011/03/30/bbc-book-list-challenge/ )
55.   Get a job related to my degree
56.   Give up alcohol for 1 month
57.   Do a weekend detox
58.   Learn how to surf
59.   Go on a boot camp weekend
60.   Take a short course in something new
61.   Learn how to play poker better than I can now
62.   Plough through using all of the beauty products I’ve bought over the past few years (this is embarrassing, I have literally 100s and no space for them all anymore. I refuse to throw them out and it will take some effort on my part to get through them so I feel its relevant!)
63.   Let a friend choose an outfit for me to buy and wear out somewhere
64.   Finish collecting the Classic Disney DVD’s for my collection (kid at heart!)
65.   Sleep on a beach
66.   Send someone flowers who is having a bad day
67.   Learn basic conversation in 6 languages
68.   Write 10 short stories
69.   Learn basic household DIY
70.   Learn basic things to fix on a car
71.   Catch a fish and eat it
72.   Learn a new word per week
73.   Graduate from uni with at least a merit (60%)
74.   Go all out on Halloween costumes for 2012 and 2013
75.   Teach someone something worthwhile
76.   Volunteer at least twice
77.   Go on a girls holiday
78.   Create a scrapbook of my favourite nights out
79.   Learn basic self defence (Sandra Bullock if you’re reading, S.I.N.G is only going to get me so far!)
80.   Take part in karaoke
81.   Go in a submarine
82.   Experience weightlessness in a controlled environment
83.   Ride a mechanical bull
84.   Go island hopping
85.   Go on a yacht (boat partayyyyy!)
86.   Have afternoon tea in a London hotel
87.   Go on safari
88.   Start doing yoga or pilates and attempt to do it at least once per week
89.   Make the most of Uni journal access whilst still available (geek!)
90.   Climb a mountain
91.   Go to a carnival
92.   Try a kettle bells class
93.   Sort out my finances so I don’t have a stupid number of accounts with random amounts of money in
94.   Go to an antiques market/fair
95.   Have a full on food fight!
96.   Visit 5 castles
97.   Have an old fashioned picnic
98.   Learn to walk properly in heels and wear them as often as possible
99.   Have a barbecue on the beach with marshmallows included
100.  Go fruit picking for the day
101.  Complete the following answers now, and aim to change them by the end of my 1001 days http://www.marcandangel.com/2009/07/13/50-questions-that-will-free-your-mind/

Hopefully I will complete it all, will strike through and put a date next to ones that are completed.
For things like Project 365 it will be ongoing

Hope you're inspired :)

L xxx

101 things in 1001 days

After seeing this on another blog we both decided this was something we wanted to do! I've tried to make most of mine things I can achieve there is stuff I'd love to add to this list but realistically money would put a stop to that.! I really struggled when I got to 99 so may change a few if I think of better ones. I'll be updating this post as I complete things. So here goes, apologies for the long post already! 

Started 24.1.12
Ends 21.10.14

1. Learn to drive
2. Read 5 classic novels
3. Get the dream job (either go back to uni or find another)
4. Sell a cake to someone  ( 3 cakes sold last week, huge smile)
5. Visit Paris
6. Try 10 new foods (1. Sushi)
7. Go on a girls holiday
8. Ring to my grandparents more often
9. Give Star Wars a chance and watch all the films
10. Start a hobby or exercise class
11. Volunteer in a homeless shelter
12. Get out of my overdraft
13. Get extensions (my hair never grows past shoulder length :( boo)
14. Watch 100 new films (1. The Vow, 2. 500 days of summer)
15. Get down to 10 stone
16. Visit 5 new cities in the UK
17. Have a BBQ on the beach like old times
18. Have organised storage for my make up and nail varnish
19. Continue blogging
20. Get a new piercing
21. Go to go ape (tree top adventure)
22. Be a tourist in my own town (go on the red bus)
23. Purchase a food processor (seems a random one but I love cooking and baking)
24. Win a competition (I'm yet to win a competition)
25. Purchase a Mulberry
26. Visit the science museum
27. Buy a high end foundation
28. Purchase my first item of Mac
29. Own over 100 nail varnishes
30. Do my third half marathon
31. Actually train for it (the other two I've done with out training and that ended in pain)
32. Go to a Roller Disco / Derby
33. Learn a language
34. Get first aid qualified
35. Donate platelets 10 times (providing I test ok to do it, if not give blood every 3 months) ( been for the test now to wait and see if the results come back ok)
36. Host a Dinner Party
37. Go to 3 weddings (this I can't control but I love weddings)
38. Be in the audience for a tv show
39. Watch the sunrise on a beach
40. Visit a food festival
41. Go to newt beer fest
42. Go to V fest
43. Go to Glastonbury
44. Actually meet up with a friend I've not seen for 4 years
45. Reach 100 blog followers
46. Ride a mechanical bull
47. Inspire someone else to do this list
48. Stop biting my nails and get them strong and healthy
49. Sell 50 things on ebay (15 items sold 15.2.12, 5 things sold 29.2.12)
50. Go to a gig
51. Make a three course meal for my family 
52. Say yes to 20 things you'd normally say no to
53. Learn the flute
54. Grow a plant from a seed
55. Knit a scarf
56. Go to a comedy show
57. Do 10 outdoor things/ country walks
58. Kiss at the top of the london eye
59. Spend new years eve in a place I've not spent it before and a different place each year
60. Attend a midnight première
61. Take a pole dancing class
62. Start saving for a house deposit
63. Take a sleeper train
64. Go to a national park
65. Watch wiked
66. Watch a live rugby match
67. Identify 10 constellations
68. Buy a homeless man a meal
69. Drink 10 cocktails I've never tried
70. Make a bar area in my house /  flat
71. Take a road trip
72. Bake 10 new things (profiteroles, pannacota, baileys truffles)
73. Sort out my music collection and regularly add to it.
74. Watch a ballet
75. Go to a burlesque show
76. Get a fish pedicure
77. Create a tumbler and do project 365 (take a photo everyday for a year)
78. Go skiing (can be a dry ski slope)
79. Read 50 new books (mini shopaholic by sophie kinsella, book of the dead, patricia cornwell)
80. Get engaged (hopefully this will happen as by then I'll be 25 and I would like to be engaged by then )
81. Give up alcohol for a month
82. Send 20 handwritten letters to loved ones
83. Make my own skirt
84. Send a shoe box to Africa at Christmas
85. Go without chocolate for a month
86. Take an evening class / short course
87. Have a friend choose a complete outfit and you have to buy it
88. Bake 5 celebration cakes ( 3 baked, brothers vw van, mums flower cake and cupcakes and boyfriends hockey jersey)
89. Send anonymous flowers to someone having a bad day/week
90. Sleep on a beach
91. Make my own wine
92. Go to the driving range
93. Learn basic household DIY (plumbing etc)
94. Dress up for Halloween and have a party
95. Go go-karting or zorbing
96. Go on a camping trip
97. Do 5 random acts of kindness (bought a homeless man a sausage roll and soup, seeing how grateful he was makes me want to do it more)
98. See the Northern Lights
99. Learn to surf
100. Volunteer abroad
101. Be happy with what I have at the end of this

I hope to achieve all of these if possible, I'll keep this updated

M xxx


Sunday, 22 January 2012


Just another quick nails of the day!

My absolute favourite nail varnish colour at the moment is muted nudes and pinks which team extremely nicely (if I say so myself!) with the glitters I've collected over the past year or so

Today's glitter is an oldie but a goodie, courtesy of China Glaze

I love all of their colours and glitters, even though they're harder to get hold of in the UK than the USA theyre well worth it!

I painted my nails with a baby pink colour from 17 which is hard wearing and seems to be my 'go to' colour when I can't decide!

Next I put a thin layer of China Glaze Doll House over the whole nail, followed by two more coats at the tips of the nail to create an effect of a build up of glitter, resulting in the following design:

It's a little messy, but that usually makes it look better!

What do you think about China Glaze? Is it worth ordering and going through the excruciating wait for it from America?!

L xxx

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

In the news...

Whilst doing my usual procrastination when I should be doing uni work I came across this article which I found quite interesting.

It details the writer's (Kate Shapland) 'Worst Beauty Products and Trends from 2011'
(can be found here)

She lists her top 10 as follows:

  1. Nail art - i.e. the magnetic and crackle colours that have been flying off stocked shelves throughout the year
  2. Out of control claims of companies that consider their creations to be 'wonder products' without much evidence to back it up with
  3. Unregulated salon treatments
  4. False nails (particularly Z-lister brands)
  5. False eyelashes (as above)
  6. Fake tan (and again!)
  7. Statement surgery
  8. Hair extensions (see 4,5,6....)
  9. The 'Scouse brow'
  10. The 'Buy me, I'm new' mentality

I was quite amused when reading the article, as I agree with the majority. Celebrities or the latest individual cashing in on their failing 5 minutes of fame by bringing out beauty products left right and centre of doubtful quality and sky high prices are getting to a ridiculous level.

The amount of fake nails, fake eyelashes and fake tan on the market is extensive without the celebrities own endorsed ranges. It can be hard to keep up. 

I never use fake nails as luckily I don't need them.
The ones I have seem to be strong enough after a few coats to grow to the lengths that I can cope with having so with regards to this I don't have much experience. However even I can see the difference in quality between products on the shelves.

I am a big fan of Eylure eyelashes and even experimented with some of their underlashes before Christmas, which gave me a Twiggy-esque style look. I'm glad I kept the rest of my make up plain though as I would have looked rather overdone otherwise!

My favourite eyelashes have to be the MAC ones, I've only tried one style but they've lasted over 5 uses and are still in great shape! Quality does exist, and it's normally pretty obvious which will look better and last longer.

As for fake tan, I keep to my Dove for most of the days as it's a great moisturiser too. When I do fake tan for a night out, I prefer to use St Tropez as it really really is the best.

I never believed anyone when they said it before, but it genuinely beats everything else I've ever tried! And as a girl from Wales where it rains surely 90% of the year leaving me with skin almost blue, a tan that works without making me orange and leaving me streaky that counts for a lot!

The same goes for hair extensions. Whilst writing this I am constantly thinking of Lauren Goodger and Lauren Pope from tv show The Only Way is Essex. I love watching the show but I am dubious about the quality and future success of their side ventures of fake tan and hair extensions (respectively). 

I've heard good and bad about both and there are many other examples, but surely for them a profit and cashing in on their current celebrity status is what they're after?

(Good on them too, I'd milk the cash cow as much as I could as well if I was in their shoes, but lasting success of the current 'celebrity' is normally doubtful and even more so with lower quality products)

As for the rest, the Scouse brow is neither here nor there for me. 
I have white skin and almost black hair. My eyebrows as a result are patchy so require some filling in which granted may have been heavier lately due to the draw of the 'Scouse brow' but brows define the face so extra definition isn't too bizarre.

With regards to out of control claims, unregulated salon treatments and statement surgeries, I think the writer is 100% correct. Regulations need to be in place for all kinds of treatments and adverts, which directly link to surgeries being more of a statement than an actual need. The media has a lot to answer for!

The crackle and magnetic nail effects are something that I have embraced with enthusiasm considering the plethora of effects you can create, as being 'unique' and standing out seems to be the done thing.

However I do agree that having every single crackle and magnetic effect needn't be in absolutely every colour of the rainbow for it to look good, companies are clearly cashing in on this too!

The last point was the 'buy me I'm new' mentality which I'm going to admit probably plagued my life last year. Trying every new product on the market was my mission, yet if they were so great, why do I still use the same moisturiser, the same foundation, the same hair products as before??

What do you think about her points?

Would you have any more to add?

L xxx
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