Wednesday, 29 February 2012

March Wishlist

I'm still trying to be good and not spend so I only got one of the things off my February Wishlist, the Babyliss Heated rollers, my review of them can be found here. So onto my March Wishlist.


Coloured skinny jeans are making another appearance here but this time in pink or red. As spring is approaching I think coloured skinny jeans will really brighten up my wardrobe.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Jolie Box UK: February

This is my 3rd Jolie Box and the first one I've blogged about.

I'm assuming every body knows what it is and you've probably seen a post with this months contents in anyway, but if you haven't then the following pictures should help you out!

Here's the box the products come in:

I quite like how simple it is, I love black, classic shapes and classic designs..this box = winner in my books!

The inside always has a 'menu' type card, which I love, and the addition of a new drawstring bag with this month's box:

I originally thought the bag was a bit pointless, but as I'm trying to make an effort to be eco-friendly I think this is an improvement on the shredded paper and tissue that normally lines the boxes. I also took the bag to London with me to protect my camera getting scratched so it can be reused :)

The products are shown below:

On the left in the photo below is the Taaj Himalaya Micellar Water (an anti-oxidant make up remover) and on the right is the Lavera organic hand cream

I haven't tried the make up remover yet, I'm saving it until I've finished off my old one (trying to get rid of as many 'old' things as possible!) but the hand cream smells and feels divine! I'm not a hand cream fan but I'm increasingly using it as I seem to have quite a lot and my hands feel better for it. This hand cream is organic and has almond and shea butter in, I can smell these in the cream but if I close my eyes I SWEAR it smells like chocolate orange! Might just be me tho...ha

Another thing to note is that the make up remover contains water from the this just a gimmick or does it genuinely have properties worth trekking there for?? I'm not sure yet!

I am yet to buy into the Moroccan oil, Argan oil etc hype, but I was pleased to see this full size sample of the Macademia Oil Deep Repair Masque.
M has used Macademia oil before and loves it, so I'm intrigued!

I have high hopes for it, although I'm not sure how many applications I'll get from the sachet. I'm hoping to get 2, but my hair is quite long so that might not happen!

The Jane Iredale Lip and Cheek stain also intrigued me, it goes on clear and then reacts to your skin and mood to give a pink colour that suits you.
I'm never convinced that these can change that much, I understand it reacts to heat and chemicals on your skin, but does it really give that much of a difference?

That being said, I LOVE how small it is, next to it is a miniature Posie Tint, just to show you how small it really is! Too cute for words. And apparently its quite pricey for the full size, around £20.

I threw it in my bag for my weekend in London and did try it out, it gives a nice pink shade on the lips, haven't used it on my cheeks though.

The Kimia Rejuvenating Facial System is something I have never heard of and also have yet to try.
It contains a facial oil that you massage into the face before spraying on an activator.

Will be saving this for an evening when I have time to use it properly.
I'm looking into using oils to clean my face as I hear they can be extremely beneficial so this will be a good test to see if they suit my skin.

Do you sign up to any Beauty Boxes?

I love the idea of them, but as I no longer have a job I think I'm going to cancel my subscription, it doesn't interest me so much and the money isn't something I feel is justified by the products.
That, and I'm determined to get through the absolute mountain of products I've accumulated over the past few would be horrified if you could see my room!

If you want to hear about a specific product then let me know, I think otherwise though unless its absolutely amazing or completely rubbish I might not bother, as I'm afraid these products don't excite me much as of yet...this might change when I try the hair masque and the facial oil!

L xxx


Monday, 27 February 2012

Lush A Million Kisses

At the till the other day I couldn't resit picking this up. I'd seen a blog post on it and thought it was a gorgeous colour. When I tried it out I wasn't disappointed either.

This is one of Lush's lip tints and the pigmentation on this product is amazing. It's a gorgeous red colour with a slight shimmer of pink.

I choose a photo taken with flash as it really shows the colour of this product.  I use a lip brush to apply this as I find it best, otherwise you end up with a red finger. It's currently avaiable for £4.95 and is their cheapest lip colour/balm.  It only takes a little of the product to leave your lips a gorgeous wearable shade of red so I can see this product lasting ages.

With Flash
 I do apply a little vaseline on top as I find it a little drying on it's own.

In Natural light, I feel this is more true to the shade.
Overall I'm very impressed with the pigmentation and the lasting power of the lip tint and if they bring out different shades I will be picking them up. One other thing about this product is it does have a strong rose scent to it. So if your not a fan of scented products it may be one to give a miss. I personally love a red lip and I'm getting used to wearing it on a normal day to day basis.

Have you tried the lush lip tints? What's your favourite red lipstick? I also love Rimmel Diva Red.

Love M


Sunday, 26 February 2012

COTW - Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - SLS

COTW - Chemical of the week

If you've read our 'About Us' page then you'll know by now that we both have degrees in Forensic Science and I have gone on to do a MSc in the same subject.

Whilst we have learned the usual fingerprinting and crime scene examination techniques, our degrees are heavily based on chemistry, proved by the fact that M now works in a Toxicology lab.

I'm sure by now you'll agree when we say we're obsessed with make up and beauty products...but we're very aware of the fact that the chemicals in products can have a negative effect on your skin, hair etc 
We think it's about time somebody decoded all of the scientific jargon and explained what the chemicals are, what they're used for, where they come from and why they're potentially bad for you.

We're hoping to create a series of posts depending on how successful they are, and hope that you'll understand a bit more when you go to buy products.

We think it's really important that you read packages sometimes to see what the products contain, and in particular, are reeeeeeeeeally careful when you buy branded products on bidding based websites like eBay.

Whilst they're usually really careful, I myself have bought products off there and they've turned out to be fakes, which means the chemicals used are not regulated and could genuinely be ANYTHING!

Benefit tweeted last week that they analysed a mascara that was a fake, and it turned out to contain petrol and mercury. That is beyond funny, you may as well be pouring petrol into your eye and drinking mercury which could have a SERIOUSLY detrimental effect on your life that the companies do not care about.

It's time the public fought back a little, so sit back with a cup of tea and hopefully the following will be informative and you won't be sucked in by any of the hype and advertising from companies flaunting their products.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

First up on the list is the ever present Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or SLS as it is most commonly referred to.

This chemical is found in shower products such as shampoo and shower gel, and shouldn't be confused with a similar compound called Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES).

What is it?

SLS is shown above and in the most basic terms is what makes your shampoo and shower gel lather up, this is termed a 'surfactant' and these types of chemicals are found everywhere from your shower gel to your washing up liquid.

Where does it come from?

SLS is very cheap to obtain, normally from inexpensive things such as coconut and palm oils.

For this reason it is used in industry to a massive extent. It can be found in laundry products, engine degreasers, floor cleaners and car washing products. 

What is it used for?

Aside from the ones already mentioned it is used in laboratories as a biocide to stop viruses such as Herpes Simplex Virus and HIV from growing, and to break open cells for the DNA to be analysed.

The pharmaceutical industry uses it in laxatives and dissolvable aspirins.

As for household usage, not only is it found in lathering products such as shampoo, but also shaving gel and toothpaste.

A study showed that the use of SLS in a toothpaste has actually produced a significant result of causing the recurrence of mouth ulcers or canker sores (whichever you call them!)

Basically, it doesn't sound like a nice chemical that you want to be washing your dishes, showering in or cleaning your teeth with does it?

What are the effects?

From a cosmetic point of view, it can increase the amount of hair you lose per day and as it works by helping the oil and grease on your head to mix with water, can cause your hair colour to fade much faster.

Whilst it does irritate some people's skin, it generally doesn't irritate them too greatly unless they have extremely sensitive skin such as individuals with chronic skin hypertensivity. 
The concentration of the chemical in household products is too low to cause any damage (but I'm sure if you got your hands on some engine degreaser it would be a different story!)

The claims that it is a carcinogen (cancer causing) are completely unfounded, and most research has only found them to be an irritant which we have already discussed.
I have double checked this on the International Agency for Research of Cancer (IARC).
There might however be some truth to it reacting with other chemicals and producing cancer causing chemicals as a by-product but the research isn't clear.

So...what to do??

Using the chemical is of course completely up to you.
I would advise not using too many of the products that contain SLS to err on the side of caution.
Too much of it and it will irritate your skin, but as we've been using it this long without any problems and scientific research hasn't caused a ban on the chemical I don't believe that it is too harsh.

Companies however are sitting up and taking note of the whispers of the public and producing products that are 'SLS free'

I recently bought a shampoo and conditioner set from both Naked and Tigi, both are SLS free.

I will be doing a review on them both shortly, and whilst they are noticeably harder to lather, they still do the job perfectly well. My hair is still in as good condition as it was before, and I assume will only improve as I continue using them.

Something to note at this point is that as SLS is derived from coconut and palm oils, it is considered 'natural' and therefore even though it goes through a substantial chemical process, can still be found in 'natural' and 'organic' products...Cheeky!

Products that are free from SLS do normally cost more, but shouldn't differ in any way from normal products, even hydrating, volumising etc shampoos can still be found without containing SLS.

L'oreal have recently brought out their own line of EverPure products which do not contain sulfates and are offering a range of smoothing, hydrating and volumising hair products that I may have to take a look at!

I hope this post has been informative and not too much hard work to understand!

Please let us know what you think, and whether you'd be interested in more of these type of posts.

We have a few more posts similar to this one lined up, and if there's any chemicals in particular that you'd be interested in reading about just let us know :)

L xxx

Here's our other posts in the same topic:


Saturday, 25 February 2012

Avon Solutions Vibes Power Cleanser

Today I wanted to introduce you all to my latest skincare love. Avon solutions vibes power cleanser.

This is one of those cleansers that vibrates (as the name suggests). The power vibe comes with 14 pads. It has a velco sort of top that grips on to the pads. On the website it says for use 3 times a week. I do use this most nights. 


You put a pad on run it slightly under  water and turn on, I like the feeling of this. The vibration really makes me feel like my skin is getting a deep clean. It feels very moisturising and gives a thick creamy cleanser.

Once done you just peel the pad off and chuck it in the bin. It always surprises me how dirty the pad is, showing me how little of make up wipes alone remove.

 I like that each replacement pack comes with a new velco pad to put on the top of the power unit. The power unit is a little pricey to start with at £15 currently on offer for £12, but Avon regularly have great deals on, The pads were half price a few weeks ago so I stocked up.

I'm really liking Avon skincare at the moment and I am using their day and night creams as well. I will do a separate post on these soon.

I have oily skin so anything that gives me skin a deep cleaning I like. Currently from using a cleanser that didn't agree with me I am spotty, when my skin calms down I will use it 3 times a week. It's not the cheapest product but I think it's worth the money. I also find this makes me actually cleanse my skin properly at night (sometimes I'm a bit lazy and just use the wipe) I'm not sure if it's the gimmick of the vibration and me thinking I'm getting a good clean or whether it's fact it's easy to do. I don't find myself getting cleanser and all sorts in my hair. Surprisingly I think I'm actually converted from my lush products. Never thought that would be the day.

Have you tried any of the vibrating cleansers on the market?

Love M xxx

Friday, 24 February 2012

Cocktail Hour!

I thought last week was a long week, but this week really took the biscuit!

I'm so pleased the weekend is finally here, I'm going to London for a girls weekend with my mum and have been planning it since before Christmas!

This weeks cocktail hour is the unforgettable Mojito, a rum based highball cocktail with lime, sugar or sugar syrup and mint. 

Not a lot of people like it, but I find it quite refreshing, and particularly love the sugary/rum combination you can get at the bottom of the glass.

There are many variations, but the Classic Mojito has 40ml white rum, 30ml lime juice, 3 mint leaves, 2 spoons of sugar and some soda water to top it up.

This takes a little more prep work than the previous cocktails I've posted, as you need to mix the lime juice with the sugar or syrup and the mint leaves and muddle them together...basically squash them down and mix them up a bit.

You need to break the mint leaves enough that the juice comes out, but not shredding them. They should look like soft leaves by the time you've muddled them up, if that's any help!

Lastly you need to add the rum to the mixture and stir it up before topping up with ice and soda water until you're satisfied!
I personally don't like too much soda water as I prefer my drinks stronger and with less fizz, but each to their own :)

Another favourite of mine is a variation of the Classic Mojito called the Dirty Mojito, replacing white rum for dark rum and normal sugar for brown sugar.
Warm treacly goodness ;)

I think some days I'm a bit of an alcoholic ha!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
I'll be snapping photos away in London and hopefully manage a cocktail if there's a bar near our hotel, what will you be doing? Sipping on Mojitos?? Dancing the night away??

L xxx


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Review: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Platinum Pink

Good morning everyone :) hope you're having a lush day!

I was suuuuuuuuuuuuper excited when I went shopping the other day to Swindon's McArthur Glen designer outlet and raided the Cosmetics Company store.

I found a few goodies that I'll be using and reviewing over the next week or so.

First up is Bobbi Brown's Limited Edition Shimmer Brick in Platinum Pink

According to the sign it was originally £65 and was down to £21, I'm assuming this was for Valentine's day as that's when I picked it up.
I'm not too sure on whether it was £65 or not, but the normal shimmer brick retails at £30.50, paying £21 for a limited edition one is fine by me!

I've never bought or tried a Bobbi Brown product before so I was looking forward to using it as I've heard such good reviews about all of their products, and what's not to like about pink shimmery make up product?!

I love that the packaging is classically black and white, and then you turn it over and there's a really clear picture of the product and the colours on the other side

The silver packaging of the actual product is beautiful, really plain but again, classic and sleek.

I love that the casing's texture changes from plain to mottled, simple but effective!

The casing opens up to an absolutely beautiful shimmer brick which is so finely milled it barely shows up on the skin as a shimmer, and produces a sheen.

If you can't already tell I'm absolutely in LOVE with this product!

The 5 colours can be used as eye shadows allegedly, which I haven't tried and to be honest I probably won't as I didn't buy it for that purpose.

It can also be used as a highlighter which is more what I bought it for, mostly for nights out but I've also found myself wearing it in the day!

The colours are naturally light and the shimmer isn't glittery so it gives a dewy effect on the skin and the appearance of a natural glow. 

I can barely notice it on my skin but it definitely produces the desired effect!

I'd probably try using just the silver as an eye shadow, or maybe as a highlighter on it's own, but not the other colours.

As you can see, even thought there's a different colour on each finger and my thumb, the difference between them isn't massive. 
This probably helps with the blending of the colours and as of yet I have had no problems with the colours separating.

Do you own any Bobbi Brown products?? Which ones would you recommend to me?
I'm so excited to try out some new ones, though maybe I should wait for my birthday when I'll hopefully get some money!

L xxx


Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I was lucky enough to get a voucher for Christmas to have my nails done at Nails Inc, so I decided to have them done last weekend for my Saturday night out.

I turned up and there was a bit of a mix up with the vouchers I had, but the girls were lovely and sorted it out for me with minimal fuss.

I had already decided what I was going to wear out in the night, which was a black skater dress and black heels, so I had free reign in the nail department for colours and effects!

Eventually after a long discussion I decided to go for the 3D glitter in Sloane Square

I've never tried a 3D glitter before so I was excited to see what it would turn out like.

It's a jelly like metallic polish with the glitter in, and only needed 2 coats, plus base coat and top coat, for it to cover well.

My nails turned out like this:

I think they look pretty awesome!

I suppose they're '3D' because the polish has a metallic base with small and larger glitter pieces giving it a multi dimensional effect.

Looks pretty cool and I'm so glad I tried it out!

Have you had your nails done recently? I normally change mine so fast that I don't bother, but it was nice to have them done for me for a treat, especially sat at the Nails Inc bar.

Have you tried the '3D' glitters? I'm definitely interested now :)

L xxx

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

First attempt at eyelash tinting

After talking to a colleague in work about home kit eyelash tinting, I decided to try it. I'm naturally blonde so my eyelashes are very fair. I'm decided to tint them for completely vain reasons so I would look better naturally at the weekend and wouldn't have to put on make up for weekends spent sat in the flat with my other half.

I popped into Asda on my way home from work and thought I picked up the eylure one, till I got home and realised it was a cheaper brand called colour sport. It was around £7 and you can get up to 16 applications from it.

It's taken me a while to get round to trying it. It only takes around 15 minutes in total but you need clean eyelashes to start with, which meant I didn't want to come home from work and take my make up off to do it. So I gave it a try on sunday. It comes with the tint, developer and a little mixing stick. You have to do a patch test 48 hours prior to doing it.

You also need vaseline, cotton buds and cotton wool. To begin with you put vaseline on your eyelid and under your bottom lashes, being careful not to get any on your lashes or you have to clean then well and start again as it prevents the dye from sticking.

lashes prior to application
Now to mix the dye, you put 2cms of the dye into the pot and then add two drops of developer mix and add more until it's a creamy texture but not dripping (I found the developer dropped out very quickly).

just the dye
mixed with the developer
Now it's time to apply it to the lashes, you use the stick provided to apply a thin coat to the lashes in a similar way to applying mascara. I think this will definietly take practice. I did get it in my eye, it hurts a lot, you just need to rinse it out if you get it in there.

After 10 minutes you just use cotton wool and luke warm water to wipe and rinse the dye off. I was worried about this part but it was really simple.

The finished result, my lashes definitely are darker, I'm going to try and keep up doing it as they do look better than naturally but I think it's something I'll easily forget to do. I do like the result but think I stupidly expected more than it was going to do. Do you tint your eyelashes? If so what brand do you use?

Love M xxx 

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Monday, 20 February 2012

Lush Sweetheart Soap

On my last trip to lush when I was paying I got given a free sample of their valentines day soap. It's a cute white and pink design, with a fruity fragrance with a hint of vanilla. It also feels so creamy and thick.

When I got home I couldn't wait to try it out. I was very impressed with the size of the sample I got. As with all lush products it's all natural ingredients. I tried this product for the first time today and wish I tried it sooner. 

As with all lush soaps I use a bath scrunchie to lather up the product. I was so impressed with how thick, creamy and moisturising the bubbles were. It felt amazing on my skin and has left it feeling so smooth and I can still smell the product on my skin slightly which I love.

It is a valentines day item so won't be around much longer, it's still on the website at the moment for 3.00 for 100g. I'm going to be grabbing a bar quickly before it's sold out. I think I need to try out more lush soaps. I always get honey I washed the kids due to it's amazing smell.

Have you tried the lush soaps? what's your favourite?

Love M


Sunday, 19 February 2012


I was trying to give my nails a break and just use OPI nail envy but after 2 and a bit weeks they looked so bland and I had to paint them today. The other day a lovely twitter follower sent my some nail varnishes. Including in the ones I got sent was an essie one I was dying to try out. 

I absolutely love the essie polish (shade aruba blue) and can't wait to buy more (hopefully I can get it cheap in the uk) the formula was amazing, opaque in one coat but I two to be on the safe side. It has a small brush (not like the one stroke polishes) which I personally prefer as I find it easier and it has a handle I can actually grip, I love my models own and nails inc nail varnishes but find the tops hard to hold.

The colour is called aruba blue and is such a bright metallic finish! I love it. I then used a top coat I found in my nail varnish bag, not sure on the make sorry.  Whenever I do my nails I always add more, I'm not a plain girl! I decided to try out my nail art pen (not sure if you can get them in the UK)

I decided to add silver tips, this nail art pen was so simple to use but I've found after coming out of the shower my tips have completely disappeared, I'm assuming this is because I forgot to do another layer of top coat. Have any of you tried this nail art pen or found this? I love this silver and blue contrast though and may try again later.

I can't wait to add more essie polishes to my collection. Have you tried any?

Love M


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Review: 17 Miracle Matte Foundation

I am always looking for the 'one' when I go shopping...... 

That one foundation that answers all of my prayers!

When I saw the new 17 Miracle Matte Foundation, I thought my life's search was complete!

Ticking them off my check list: it's oil free, has SPF 15 and claims to create a Matte Satin flawless finish with ALL DAY SHINE CONTROL!

This in my book sounded like I was onto a real winner, particularly as it had money off and was part of the 3 for 2 deal on at the time.

After swatching some to find the best colour, I eventually chose 'Fair', picked up the matte effect bottle with a super bright pink lid that looks like this:

I managed to contain myself and waited until I got home to test it out properly....and I was GUTTED!!!

Every combination of moisturiser, no moisturiser, different moisturiser, primer, no primer etc resulted in this horrendous cakey mess that lumped together on my face and when it dried, peeled off like kids PVA glue!

I was, as you can imagine, heart broken and completely depressed that my possible knight in shining armour had done the dirty on me and been completely rubbish.

The worst part for me was the amount of reviews I've read that give it such a high rating, why does it work for them and not for me?!

I'm going to persevere and try and find out why this has such a bad reaction on my face because the benefits of having this foundation work for me are too great!

Having oily skin I'm a lover of oil free products, particularly those that contain SPF 15 and claim to last the day.

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think of it? Any tips for being able to wear it?

L xxx


Friday, 17 February 2012

Cocktail Hour!

Sometimes in life, all you need is a short and sharp drink to wake you up from your work induced coma on a Friday evening...

Say a big hello to the Daiquiri!

9 parts rum, 4 parts lime juice and 1 part sugar syrup, shaken up with ice, strained, and poured into a super chic frozen Martini glass looking a little like this:

Lime skin twirl is optional!

If you're anything like me, when you read 9 parts rum were you thinking OH MY LORD?! I certainly was!

Ha, this actually translates as 45ml of rum, 20ml of lime juice and 5ml of sugar syrup, quite manageable!

It's been a long week for me, finally finished my laborious 4000 word critique and handed it in, so for me this cocktail is perfect!
Shaken me alive ready for the weekend with minimal effort and maximum effect!

What are you doing for your weekends girlies?

I cannot wait for mine, double birthday celebration for my friends and getting my nails done eek!

Do you like these kind of cocktails? I do quite like a bit of rum...hehe

L xxx

Thursday, 16 February 2012

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L and M xxx

No7 Blush

With the last boots vouchers we both decide to get a new blush. L was after a stick blush for ages and spotted the No. 7 one. Since we had the vouchers we decided to try it as it was only £5. After L telling me how good it was I had to try it too. We both ended up getting the same colour. So here it is.

We got shade 15 blossom, it's a very pretty rose pink shade. As it's a stick blush it's a cream blush which is my preferred type of blush. I have naturally rosy cheeks so until I bought this blush wasn't part of my make up routine, I'd apply foundation to get rid of the redness on my cheeks so wearing blush was something I could never get used to but after purchasing this I am converted.

It's so easy to use, just twist up the product and a quick slick across the cheeks and your done. beautifully highlighted and I was surprised what a difference it made to my make up, it's subtle but pretty and can easily be built up.

without flash

with flash

Next time the boots vouchers come out I think I will purchase the other shades. It lasts on my cheeks all day and will be a long lasting product, but I don't think I'd pay full price just because of how often the vouchers for £5 are available. Also check the product before buying as we found a few of them were snapped and fell out of the holder.

without flash

with flash
What's your favourite blusher? Do you prefer cream or powder?

Love M


I love wearing blush and bronzer to contour my cheeks and give a bit of an extra glow (though maybe saving the bronzer for a night out!)
I'm a big fan of corals pinks and browner shades depending on the look I'm going for but I was always a bit of a powder fan, it lasts a long time and can be built up as necessary.

Besides, the only blush stick that I'd ever seen before was the Ruby and Millie one, and my bank won't cover that at the moment!

I was really pleased to find this at the No7 counter, I thought it was worth trying for £5 when you have the vouchers.

The thing I was most looking forward to was being able to rub it on my face in the morning and leave, mornings are not my favourite time of the day but I'm determined to leave my house looking good!

This didn't disappoint, it was so easy to use, produced a lovely colour that looked like I'd been outside in the frozen temperatures for a long walk and is small and nifty in design.

I can throw it in my essentials make up bag to take with me to the gym and it barely takes up any room. Having said that, don't think that there isn't a lot of product in it, because there is! 
I've been using it solidly every day for the past month or so and it's barely gone down.

Well worth a try I think girlies, though wait for the next £5 vouchers to come around, they inevitably will and we will be racing you to the shelves!

L xxx


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Babyliss Thermo Ceramic Rollers 3035bu

I've been wanting heated rollers for so long now. I love curly hair and these just seemed to be an easier way to achieve it, so when my mum kindly handed me her boots card with £30.00 on in points I knew what I would be rushing to buy.

These didn't disapoint, as soon as I got home I had to test them out. There are 20  rollers in this set and they come in three different sizes small, medium and large. They have a sort of velvet coating on them so your hair comes out smooth and not frizzy as with velco rollers. Also unlike others I have seen reviews on you can handle these without burning your fingers. 

They come with two different types of clips which I like. Some people don't like this about these rollers as I know a lot of people prefer the plastic clips and it does only come with ten of these so if you use all the rollers you'll need the metal pins too. Personally I find it best to use the plastic clips on the bottom layers and the metal pins for the top few layers and I found the plastic clips left marks in my hair when used on the top layers. The metal pins are easy to use and are colour coded for the different rollers. The plastic clips are also a little flimsy so having the metal ones for back up seems a good idea. The only thing I'd like is a little pull out draw or something built into the unit to store the pins as I can see them getting lost easily.

Different types of clips

The great thing about these rollers I've found so far is you get a different look each time you use them. Depending on how you position the different sizes. I tend to do a layer of large at the bottom to give lots of volume, then use a combination of medium and large for the next layer with small around the edge of my face. Then for the final layer small and medium with a big one on the crown of my head. I find I surprisingly I have time to put them in in the mornings. They heat up in 5 minutes (one of the rollers has a indicator on to show you when they are ready) and you can pick different heat settings. I pop them on before my shower then put them in and leave them in while I do my make up and cup of tea. Then gently remove the roller by rolling it down the hair and twisting the hair around your finger just to hold the curl. When you first put them all in you can feel how hot they are, I like to leave them in for at least 20 minutes, ideally 30 minutes but you can feel when they have cooled down.

And for the results

Check out the volume you get from the big roller

Very pretty curl from the medium roller

Just after they were removed and had a gentle brush

By the time I'd arrived at work I'd been rather windswept and the finish result was this.

I don't think the photo does justice to how pretty it looked in real life. This look was soft waves. When I used them again a few days later it was more volume and less curl. I think it all depends what rollers you put where. Overall I am very pleased with them and so glad I bought them, they are quick and easy to use. My only downside is that the look only lasts one day, I always like that with my curling wand my curls stay and look nice for 3 days.

Whooah that was a long review. What do you think of the results? Do you have heated rollers?

Love M


I will be also reviewing the 30day shred next month but it will probably be about another 
25 days as I naughtily took 3 days off this week, I've just been too busy and tired. I'm loving it so far though and had lost weight from the first 6 days doing it.
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