Sunday, 20 January 2013

Spending Ban Update (2)

So after my quite positive post last time with how well my ban was going it went a little down hill!

I had a Boux Avenue voucher for Christmas from my nan that I hadn't spent yet as I was saving it for when the new stock came in.

Obviously this happened rather soon after Christmas and after the email came through with the deal where you buy a bra and get the matching knickers for free on it, I couldn't resist!

As part of the ban this was a rule, that i was allowed to spend the voucher and put money towards it as it's a bit unrealistic to try and spend the exact amount on a gift card.

I felt like the luckiest person in the world when my package came through in the post!

I bought 3 bras of the same style in 3 different colours and got the matching knickers, look how pretty they are:

They're beautiful and I can't wait to start wearing them!

I did have to put around £20 with them, but otherwise I would have had a silly amount left on the card so I feel like this was ok.

Next up was of course the inevitable 75% off sale day in Boots.

I was pretty good in this sale, mostly as I was allowed to do my shopping before the shop opened and my shift started, so I grabbed a few things in the 5/10 mins that I was allowed!
You should have seen it, genuinely people running through the store to get to the sale area. It was absolute bedlam!

So I picked up a few things as presents, including a No7 travel kit, Sanctuary toiletry bag, Champneys incense stick and candle kit, and a Toni and Guy hair styling kit.

Lastly I bought 2 of the Toni and Guy Brunette shampoo and conditioner sets, one for myself and one for my mum. At £3 this was an absolute bargain and I couldn't not get myself one so a slap on the wrist for me for breaking the ban for the sake of £3.

However I did get £110 of stuff for £27 so I refuse to beat myself up over it as I bought quite a few presents and only one thing for myself!

Aside from that it's going well and M managed to restrain me when we wandered into TK Maxx on Thursday evening.

Expect a wishlist from me at some point this week as I am slowly breaking down and my brain will melt wth the amount of things I'm trying to remember I need!

How are your spending bans going? More successful than mine or are you caving at the bargains around?

L xxx


  1. Well done! I don't think anyone will batter their eyelids over £3 :)

  2. You did really good! £27 is nothing to worry about and think of all the money you have saved :)

  3. Well thats such a steal, lovely! I love getting new bras lol.
    Sounds like your ban is going well, I wouldn't feel bad over that either.


  4. Wow! Sounds like an amazing deal! I'd say that you did great!

  5. That’s a pretty good deal. You’ve used the voucher you had pretty well. These bras are good. My wife also got a voucher and she spent all of it on underwear. I’m happy that she did it because she deserves the privilege to buy the things that she needs and wants.
    -Ted Juhl


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