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Cruelty Free Skincare, Deodorant and Toothpaste Haul

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I've mentioned before on the blog that I've gone cruelty free. I've been cruelty free for the past few months across all beauty products and will be switching across our household one's too. I don't know why I haven't done it sooner as I don't agree with testing for cosmetic purposes. I thought I'd share with you a haul and some bits I've been loving. I'll still feature products on the blog from time to time that aren't cruelty free as I'm not getting rid of make up if I already own it I just won't be repurchasing it. 

One shop I've been going to more if Superdrug, I was always a Boots girl but Superdrug do amazing skincare that's all leaping bunny approved so it makes it easy to grab.

Cruelty free skincare, deodorant and toothpaste


Lush is somewhere I always turn too. They are totally against animal testing and have a great selection of products. One thing I thought I'd struggle to find and alternative for was toothpaste. Looking on the normal brands most seem to test on animals so I decided to try the toothy tabs. Sparkly is a great one as it's grapefruit and pepper flavoured so leaves the breath fresh. These also leave my teeth feeling really clean. Lush also do powders I'll be trying next. I did try the deodorant too and I love the Aromaco one but it's a strong smell and I did try T'eo but it's too harsh for my skin. 

I also got a free BB seaweed face mask as I had so many empties to return. I love this scheme in lush.

Cruelty free skincare, deodorant and toothpaste

Cruelty free skincare, deodorant and toothpaste


Dr Organic a brand I've been turning too most. Deodorant is the thing I've struggled with most going cruelty free as I can't find a cruelty free antiperspirant (let me know if you have suggestions!) but the Tea Tree Dr Organic's one I've been loving as it leaves me feeling fresh. I've been stocking up on the range in Holland and Barrett and trying out different bits. I've got an aloe toothpaste I can't wait to try as it's meant to be whitening too.

Cruelty free skincare, deodorant and toothpaste


Superdrug skincare has been the an amazing find. It's all leaping bunny approved, really reasonably priced, usually on an offer of some sort and I've had bonus points when purchasing. I can't fault any of the skincare I've tried yet and I've been loving it all. Especially the glycolic overnight peel!

Cruelty free skincare, deodorant and toothpaste

Cruelty free skincare, deodorant and toothpaste

The B.Radient rejuvenating serum is one of my favourite serums. It's light, easily sinks into the skin and makes my make up apply better after this. Such a must have for me now.

Cruelty free skincare, deodorant and toothpaste

Cruelty free skincare, deodorant and toothpaste

What are your cruelty free must haves?

Love M



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  1. Great post, I'm a bit fan of Lush and Superdrug but I've not tried Dr Organic so that's on my list 👍😀❤️


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