Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Lush Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb

Morning all!

I've got a quick review today of a bath bomb from Lush, it's called the Sacred Lotus and is an Oxford Street exclusive. I picked it up when we went to London a few weeks ago (really need to get a post up on that soon!) and couldn't resist the bright colours and the scent.

Lush Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb

This bath bomb contains jasmine absolute, neroli oil and tonka absolute meaning it is sweet, uplifting and floral. It's one to use when you're looking for a really relaxing bath to take you away somewhere else.

The design is really pretty, a lot of comments online say that ordering this from the internet store when it was available resulted in them receiving broken products. I picked mine and brought it back with me so obviously didn't have this problem but I'd be pretty annoyed if it wasn't in one piece!

The main section is white, with a yellow centre and purple petals which is a welcome change from a perfectly round bath bomb - they're great but this one definitely caught my eye in store.

Lush Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb

Lush Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb

I placed it on top of the water and it immediately began fizzing, the bath bomb almost floated but was just slightly under the water. I guess having it float properly would be too much to ask!

Anyway it fizzed around and the yellow and purple swirls made a very pretty bath, the smell was gorgeous and I did feel instantly relaxed. It was a strong scent, but I'm getting better at dealing with this, and I'd definitely recommend for anyone who loves a bath but especially those who want the full relaxing experience.

Lush Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb

Sacred Lotus is available only from London's Oxford Street store and costs £4.25, I'd definitely recommend picking it up! It is sometimes available on online but as a kitchen exclusive, so you'll have to keep checking back to see if it's available online again!

What's your favourite bath bomb from Lush? Have you tried many exclusives? Would you make a special trip to the store if you were going to London?

L xxx


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