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Cardiff Food Round Up

Hi all!

So the last few weeks I've finally got over the car accident and I can finally eat properly again, HOORAY! Life has been rather boring having to eat soft food for months on end due to damaging the muscles in my face/jaw and although I've thrown myself into finding some great vegan and vegetarian options I have missed the variety.

In celebration I have rearranged outings seeing friends, colleagues, family etc etc that I haven't been able to make it to for celebration and catching up. I should maybe be embarrassed that I've eaten out so much in the last few weeks but I'M TOO HAPPY TO CARE!


One of the first places I'm going to mention is the Seafood Shack. This has long been on our list to try and I was very excited, the menu looked incredible (link here) and I found it really hard to choose what to have.

Seafood Shack Cardiff

Seafood Shack Cardiff

I ended up sharing with a friend and we chose the fried haddock and scampi to share - it was good and I really enjoyed it. Even the salad, the slaw and the chips were great. I would recommend going, and I'll be going back sometime soon! There's a crab burger, linguine and some lobster I will have to sample as they all sound great.

We did have a wait for our food to arrive, and I did feel afterwards that the fried food was maybe too oily. Considering the portion size I didn't expect to feel that way, so something to be aware of if you don't like fried food that much.

BAR 44

Bar 44 Cardiff

Bar 44 Cardiff

This was actually my first meal out after recovery and it's safe to say it was the best option. I went with my family and we tried many many dishes, including cured meats, Galician beef, chicken and chorizo, and fried hake (merluza) all served with sourdough bread, patatas bravas and some salad dishes to balance it out.

My favourite of the evening was the confit duck, served in a burger type bun in the image below. The meat was so tender and it was amazing - I'm going back just for this.

Bar 44 Cardiff

Bar 44 Cardiff

We also had some cheese served with honey - interesting but again, amazing.

And there was some bettroot, feta and walnut, with a green bean, radish and pine nut salad.

Bar 44 Cardiff

I haven't done the food descriptions any justice whatsoever, please do not judge me! The menu at Bar 44 can be found here so you can read the details for yourself! And then go there and order everything above, absolutely amazing. Special mention to the duck, chicken and chorizo, and the merluza.


Got Beef Cardiff

I've long been a fan of Got Beef, we've both eaten them a few times at Street Food events and they're always consistently good.

This time I had the veggie option in the Amsterdam - Gouda cheese, mushrooms and tarragon. My friends had the PBNBJ (peanut butter!) and the Dirty South which were also both good, I need to go back and have the PBNBJ again all to myself because it is a glorious combination of my favourites.

Got Beef Cardiff

Got Beef Cardiff

The Amsterdam was a tasty burger, if a little boring. Maybe it would have been better with a beef patty instead of the 3 bean veggie burger but I did feel like it needed a little more.

This didn't matter at all though when you order the halloumi fries!

Got Beef Cardiff

They have a great range of sides including dirty fries (covered in cheese and jalopenos), sweet potato fries and halloumi fries. They're excellent, smothered in sriracha mayo, hoisin and szechuan sauce, crushed peanuts and sesame seeds. Another side worth going for!


Society Standard Cardiff

We went here for my mum's birthday, we don't live far from Whitchurch road so we've been frequenting many restaurants there recently. I hadn't been before this but my parents love it and I know many others who have been and loved it too.

I ordered the Lavantina wrap - khobez flatbread filled with muhammara, seared halloumi, sweet potato, grilled aubergine, spinach and tahini - with fries and it was really good.

Society Standard Cardiff

The filling was really tasty and I'd definitely order it again. I haven't had muhammara before but it's a hot pepper dip, not something I would have ordered but you don't notice it. The halloumi and sweet potato are too good!

My dad and brother shared this mammoth meat option:

Society Standard Cardiff

Society Standard Cardiff

Look at that! It includes ribs, smoked pulled pork, mojo chicken, beef steak skewers, refried black beans, skinny fries, and a sour cream dip. It looks like a mountain of meat and worth the £23.50 price tag!

You can find their menu here, I want to go and eat the Plenty of Fish, Mac PIG and their Truffled Mac n Cheese, drooling.


Svago Cardiff

Last but certainly not least is Svago, an Italian restaurant on City Road. We went here for my dad's birthday so another family outing for food - you can see where I get my enthusiasm for food from!

You can browse the menu here, plus there are daily specials which are brought to you on a board shown in the picture above. There were many options I could have picked but I chose to stick with the veggie options that evening and started with the deep fried goat's cheese with caramelised onion chutney and rocket salad - absolutely amazing. I'm drooling at the thought of eating it again.

Svago Cardiff

Svago Cardiff

As a main I had the Penne Gorgonzola, it was like nothing I've ever tried before and I really enjoyed it. Creamy sauce with perfectly cooked penne and some crunchy walnuts thrown in too. It was comfort food at it's finest and I left feeling content!

So there's my round up of food that I've been eating in the last few weeks. I think you'll agree it's a miracle I'm not rolling around!

I was tempted to write these as separate posts but the meals just kept increasing and I still have more to share. Do you like round up posts? Where else have you been eating out in Cardiff recently?

We can also recommend a few others including:

Let me know if this post was useful, we've got some more restaurant reviews coming up and I've got a drinks round up in the works too!

We also recently went to Zero Degrees so there will be a full review soon.

L xxx


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  1. This was super helpful, that pasta at the end looks incredible! Brb just drooling...
    Sorry to hear about your car accident as well, glad you're recovering though! Xx


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