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Charlotte Tilbury - Brow Lift 3 Way Shape Tool

Morning all!

It's been a crazy busy few months for us that we didn't anticipate at all, we've both been super busy at work, with our houses and also battling internet/PC issues so hopefully now we can begin to catch up as we've got so much to share with you!

In March I finally got round to adding some Charlotte Tilbury into my make up bag. I genuinely haven't looked back and plan on picking up a few more soon.

The first item I wanted to share with you is the Brow Lift 3 Way Shape Tool.

The Brow Lift Tool is designed to help you groom your brows 3 ways:

1) brush through the hairs to see your natural brow shape
2) use the flat edged pencil to add definition
3) use the highlighter to enhance the shape and lift the brow

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury

I picked this up because my previous tool which was very similar to this had run out and I was looking to try something different.

On first try I already knew I was going to love it, the colour was perfect (no red tones in the brown so it doesn't make them look gingery woo!)

The pencil end is super sharp on one side but it's shaped like a wedge and is thicker the other so it makes it easy to get some quick strokes in and add some definition. This is the bare minimum I do with my brows so it makes it very easy.

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury

When it came to enhancing the brow, on the first few times I actually didn't know this part existed. I noticed the arrow on the pencil itself and gave a little tug to find this little gem inside! So the pencil has lids on either end and also separates in the middle, great bit of design there!

It's a pointed sponge applicator and has the finest highlighter cream/powder formulation inside. It's a really flattering warm tone, I personally find it a little too warm for my natural skin colour but now I've spent a few weekends in the sun it's looking a lot better. I'm not sure if the shades of this change for different tools, might be worth checking out!

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury

You can see the brow pencil and the highlighter swatched on my hand above, the pencil is the perfect colour for me and the highlighter is a warm rose-gold tone.

As for the packaging well who doesn't already love the burgundy and rose gold combo??

There are a few brands who have incorporated rose gold into their packaging in the last few years but no one has done it quite like Charlotte Tilbury! They're so classy and look beautiful in my make up bag and on my dressing table.

Charlotte Tilbury

So what does it look like and how natural do they look? I've copied some selfies below:

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury

I'm by no means a make up artist or expert brow drawer but this was super easy to use, the brush is very handy to help see the natural shape and then I just add definition and fill in some gaps as I see fit. The colour is so flattering (I picked Supermodel) and unlike other brands doesn't have the 'gingery' tone that darker colours often have. If you have these undertones in your hair then that works for you, but mine are essentially black so they look a bit silly!

I can't tell you how easy it is to add a few strokes into your brow to make a big difference to your face, I'd recommend this for anyone who's unsure how to get the defined brow look. It's easily built up for those who like more definition or just need a little.

I also haven't had any issues with it sliding down my face, which is always a bonus in this warm and sweaty weather!

Charlotte Tilbury

The Brow Lift 3 Way Shape Tool comes in at £22.50 which is a little pricey and I can't tell you how long it will last (I'm still using mine most days for the last 3 months but I don't know how much is left)

There may be cheaper versions available but you get what you pay for here with the additional highlighter, natural brow colour and good quality products.

Have you tried the Brow Lift tool?? What is your favourite product from Charlotte Tilbury?

I want to try a few more lipsticks, and would absolutely love to get my hands on one of her Instant Look palettes. I think they'd solve all my work travel problems by condensing all the necessary items into one palette for ease!

L xxx


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