Friday, 8 June 2018

Lacura Charcoal Clearing Mud Mask

Morning all!

Recently I shared my thoughts on the Lacura Charcoal Mud to Foam Cleanser so today's post is about the face mask in the same range, the Charcoal Clearing Mud Mask.

Lacura Charcoal Skincare


Friday, 25 May 2018

Lacura Charcoal Mud to Foam Cleanser

Hi all!

As you all know we're huge skincare fans and even bigger bargain fans. So finding the limited edition skincare in Aldi when it comes around is pretty high on my list.

Charcoal is having a bit of a moment and I don't see it going anywhere any time soon. As soon as I saw the charcoal products on offer I couldn't resist but try them out, even though I haven't really been convinced about them so far...


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Review: Origins Clear Improvement

I picked this up over a month ago when L and I went to a beauty event at John Lewis. Lots of the counters were offering good deal when things were purchased. Origins was one of them. I wanted a new mask and had heard so many great things about Clear Improvement I decided to pick it up.

Clear Improvement is a mask aimed to deep clean skin and unclog pores. You get 100ml of product for £20 which I think is quite reasonable as it is a large tube and better than lush products as it lasts longer than a month. I've found lush counter staff are great to chat to about skin issues and are happy to give you samples of products to try.

I like the packaging. A tube for a mask is easy to just squeeze out when you are in the bath. My does look a bit dirty in some of the photos are the mask is black so that does stick around the lid.

I tend to use it after using my Liz Earle cleanse and polish so my skin is clean and the warmth of the muslim cloth means my pores are open. This mask dries onto the skin as it's a clay mask. I like to use it in the bath so I can really sit back and relax and keep my face really still. The addition of charcoal to this mask helps to draw out the impurities in the pores.

The ingredients contain nothing that stands out as immediately bad for the skin. As you may know both L have certain chemicals we try to avoid in products. Origins is a company both L and I love. It has such a great range of products that really work. We are both loving the enzyme pads we got free and will be reviewing them soon.

Attractive mask shot. I love this mask it really cleans out my pores and leaves my skin looking much better. I really want to try out of trouble and modern friction soon as L raves about both of these.

What's your favourite mask? Are you an origins fan?

Love M

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