Monday, 5 March 2018

Top Five Things to do in Cardiff

Hey All

As we live in Cardiff I thought it was time to share the top things to do, I find when you live in a city you don't always appreciate the things around you so this is a great tick list of things to do if you're visiting or a resident!


Monday, 27 April 2015


Hey All

I mentioned in last weeks post that I'd been in Oxford so as we loved the hotel I thought I'd share some bits with you.

While my other half was away with work we decided the first free weekend we had when he got back we'd go away for so we could have some chill time together.  After originally deciding on Bath or Bristol but not being able to find the type of hotel we wanted we decided to go back to a bucket list we wrote a while ago and Oxford was decided.

We knew we wanted somewhere with a swimming pool and jacuzzi so we could relax so the hunt began. We also wanted to be central so we could walk into the city in the evening to be able to grab food and explore. Due to wanting all of this we were a bit limited on choice and then we saw Oxford Spires Four Pillars hotel which fit the bill. We also got it a bit cheaper by booking through expedias secret hotels. It's a gamble but you can usually narrow it down to a few options due to area and facilities.

The hotel were great from the beginning. As we'd booked through Expedia secret hotels you can't amend the booking so I contacted the hotel direct to see if we could pay to upgrade our room as we wanted to stay in Eastwkye house due to the roll top bath, clarins toiletries and older features.



When we arrived it all looked like the pictures online and check in was quick and simple. When we got to our room we were glad we'd upgraded. Robes and slippers were on the bed, chocolate, cookies and water on the side and a beautiful bathroom with clarins toiletries. The room was decorated in simple colours and looked clean. The bed was also really comfy.


The bath we then popped our robes on and a short stroll across the carpark and we were relaxing in the pool. It was a small but quiet pool with a mural painted.on the wall to show arches. We loved relaxing in the saunas and steam rooms but did feel the shower and changing facilities seemed a bit outdated and not quite what I'd expect for a four star hotel.


Overall we loved it for a quick weekend break and would definitely go back.

We love eating so went to a few places. Firstly we stopped in the red lion for a snack and shared a pork platter where we tried cheek for the first time. That was some tasty meat. It was like a posh pub meal with prices to match.


For evening meal having not done research before hand we ended up in Jamie's Pizzeria. The food was delicious and fresh and reasonably priced. The lemon sorbet was amazing afterwards.


And of course a trip to Oxford wouldn't be complete without a pitstop in Bicester Village. My other half was very patient as I dragged him round every bag store for two hours while I hunted the perfect bag for a birthday present. In July I'll have my perfect kate spade. I can’t wait.


I love exploring new cities and Oxford was a beautiful one. With amazing buildings and architecture we easily lost hours just wondering. Whilst we were there there was an amazing little market selling crafts which we couldn't help grabbing some pieces from.

Now to find another city for the next adventure. Any recommendations?

Love M



Saturday, 21 March 2015

Top 5 European City Break Destinations

Hi there!

Now that I've paid off my debts I've been starting to look at the future.
I really want to buy my own house but there are also so many places I want to visit around the world that maybe it's time to start ticking a few of them off.

It's highly likely that I will be going to the places by myself so I thought I'd start small and go for a weekend break somewhere in Europe, short flights and easily done in a few days. If I hate it and feel weird travelling by myself then at least I won't have wasted too much money.

I will be travelling alone with my job as it is and hopefully will get to visit some European cities as part of it and I've been to uni in America on my own for 2 months, why not travel elsewhere as well??

1) Amsterdam - Somewhere that hasn't always been on my list to visit but recently seeing images of the buildings along the water like the one below has really made me want to go. It's possible that I might be going here later on in the year with my family, which will be a funny experience with the copious amount of prostitutes and cannabis.
Image from Top

It will be really nice to wander around the city and if there are beautiful fields like this it will give me much more opportunity to use my camera and take pictures that are different to make up products lined up on my desk!

Image from Ticketbar Amsterdam
It will also be interesting to see the cannabis cafes, working in a toxicology lab for a while has made me so aware of drugs and their effects, to see it being legally sold will be really weird!

2) Istanbul - I don't know much about Istanbul and I've never been to Turkey either, but seeing pictures of the Blue Mosque has made me really want to visit. I love cathedrals, churches and all manner of religious buildings regardless of the religion itself - they are always so beautiful and the designs are always so unique.
Image from National Turk
I also hear that the food and the vintage shopping is really good there too, it would be a shame not to experience that as well! Just being somewhere with some good weather will also be nice.

3) Berlin - It's hard to know where to start with Berlin, my brother went and couldn't stop raving about it. The Berlin Wall and the Holocaust Memorial are places that you cannot miss, as well as strolling around the city to see the Brandenburg Gate.
Image from Travel Noire
Big European cities always seem to have a great museum and zoo too, and Berlin is no exception with Museum Island, and I also hear that the biggest department store in Europe is housed in Berlin too...............eek!

4) Budapest - The Danube, one of the most famous rivers in the entire world right in the middle of this beautiful city. You can cruise along it, visit the Budapest Opera House for an evening, or take a long dip at the baths.
Image from Eurostar Hotels
There's also the Chain Bridge which first connected Buda and Pest together, and also the Hungarian parliament and Crown Jewels. There's so much to see I think you'd need a whole week!

5) Dublin - I would love to visit a genuine Irish pub and drink real Guinness, as well as walk among scenery just like in the picture below.
Image from Lonely Planet
These are the Cliffs of Moher not far from Dublin and I'd love to walk along them.

I also really want to see St Patrick's Cathedral, and I hear they have a really good zoo which I love visiting!

Where are your top city break destinations? Have you got any planned for this year?

I can't wait to start planning going somewhere this year!

L xxx

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