Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Brass Beetle

We were super lucky recently and were invited to the opening of the Brass Beetle, this is a new restaurant on Whitchurch Road in Cardiff and I think it fills a gap in the market.

The Brass Beetle 


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Celtic Manor Resort Champagne and Beauty Bar

Hey all!

Hope you're all having a fabulous week. We were super lucky last week and were invited to Celtic Manor Resort for a sneak peek of their new Champagne and Beauty bar -  it's as fabulous as you are imagining!

We were so excited when the invite came through and just knew we had to go, not only was the event going to be amazing but we were hoping we'd have a chance to catch up with some of our blogger friends so couldn't wait.


Friday, 2 June 2017

Afternoon Tea at The Cavendish, London


A few weeks ago we went to London for the weekend, we managed to pack in quite a few activities in the 2 days we were there for and one of them was afternoon tea. Obviously!


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Dirty Martini Cardiff's Choctails

Hello there!

We couldn't help but notice Dirty Martini had a special Easter menu available so we absolutely had to go and try out their Choctails. We are already huge fans of their chocolate martini and I can't tell you how many we've had before - we often go out for a meal and stop there for one as our dessert!

However for Easter they also brought out two additional cocktails to make the trio of choctails. So as a start to the Easter weekend we went to try them out!


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Dirty Martini Cocktail Masterclass

Hey All

Last week we were invited to a cocktail masterclass as Dirty Martini. Of course we said yes, we were both gutted to have missed opening night and couldn't wait to try it out. If you've followed us from the early days you'll know we are big cocktails fans (the blog used to be cosmetics, shopping and intoxication) and used to post recipes to our favourite cocktails weekly.

There are five Christmas Cocktails on the line up this year. We got to make two of them the Christmas Cheer and Mince Chai. The other three include the Ambrosia Martini on the far left which has an amazing combination of cognac, white chocolate liqueur, licor 43 (this stuff smells amazing if you've never tried it), yellow chartreuse and butterscotch schnapps. In the middle we have the Sticky Toffee Fizz (the flute is covered in powdered yoghurt and berry!!) With rum, tequilla, caramel, pimento dram liqueur and prosecco this sounds like a winner to me. The 4th cocktail along in the picture above is the Quince and Walnut Old Fashioned this one has whiskey, sherry, bitters, quince jelly, walnuts, mandarine napoleon and sugar in. I'm intrigued by this one and definitely want to try it out.

Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini is set on St Mary Street and an ideal location. I wasn't sure what to expect even though I've been to the one in London but when I walked in I was so impressed, even though it's a big open space it doesn't feel it. The decor, furniture and bar are all amazing.

Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini

How amazing is the artwork!!

Dirty Martini

The cocktail masterclasses are £30pp and include making two cocktails, festive sharing platters and a Bellini on arrival. You also get your own bartender for the duration of the class. Considering the Christmas cocktails are £9 each it's a bargain and such a great experience. We loved getting behind the bar and making our own.

Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini

As we got being the bar we were so impresses by how many fresh ingredients there were. The bar area was also super clean which is always nice to know! Look at all the dried fruits and different bits that also get added to the cocktails!

Dirty Martini

First of all the different equpiment was explained and what cocktails they were used for as well as how to seal the shaker! Nobody wants that leaking out on them!

Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini

First up we made the Christmas Cheer. This has two different Gins, Cherry Liqueur, Raspberry Syrup, Luxardo Maraschino, Orange Bitters and Pomegranate in! This was sooooo tasty. The cherry was a good flavour and didn't taste artificial. I find cherry such a hit and miss flavour. The orange bitters in this really make the difference. I was surprised how much two splashes can add. How pretty is this garnish. We got to spray paint a cherry gold for the occasion. The finishing touches that go into the cocktails is so impressive.!

Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini

The food was amazing on the festive platters, we got polenta chips, mac and cheese balls, fried chicken, beef sliders, salmon nicoise and tomato arancini. It was all so good!!

Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini

Then we got to make our last cocktail the Mince Chai (I was really looking forward to this one!) This contained Bold London Spirit, Pimento Dram Liqueur, Ginger Bread Syrup, Chai Tea Syrup, Apple Juice, Egg Whites, Cherry Bitters and Citric Acid.

I'm always a bit sceptical of cocktails with egg whites in but when shaken well the eggs create and amazing foam and it really did taste delicious. It smelt like a Christmas yankee candle and I mean that in a good way! We had to try to float the dried apple and the star anise on top!

Dirty Martini

L and I were so impressed we're going back for our annual Christmas Night out. We can't wait to tuck into the platters and try some more cocktails from the menu.

They also have great happy our deals we can't wait to try. Mon - Thurs happy hour runs from 3pm-10pm, Fri and Sat 12-9pm and Sunday all day long. Happy hour includes 2 for £20 on sharing platters (L and I are planning to sample two from the menu and pig out!!) and half price Dirty Dozen Cocktails and Martinis! We can't wait to try out the iconic Martinis. We've been looking for somewhere to replace our once beloved Ten Feet Tall (anyone else been disappointed with it lately) and we think we've found it!

Have you been to Dirty Martini?

Love M



Sunday, 20 March 2016

Burger and Lobster Tank Talks

Hey all!

Have you heard of Tank Talks??

It's a new idea from Burger and Lobster where you can attend their restaurant on a Wednesday in March and hear all about the restaurant, try all of the food and matching cocktail items on the menu and generally have a fun time!

We went last week for the first session and were very excited. We both love food as we have mentioned many times and had never been to Burger and Lobster yet so it was a great experience to go to this event first.


We were shown to our tables and there were 10 of us in total so it was a nice manageable number.
Amelia the restaurant manager was so lovely and easy to listen to, she told us a bit of background about the restaurant itself, where it came from and how many there are now.
I wrongly assumed Burger and Lobster came from the US, it actually came from London which now has 9 restaurants, plus a further three in the UK (Cardiff, Manchester and Bath). They also have a few others around the world in the US, Sweden, Kuwait and Dubai so it is still quite exclusive really.

The tables were decorated so half of us were Team Lobster, and the other half Team Burger. Our table was covered with fishing nets and it was a really nice touch with the aim of the evening to decide which team you were on.


The menu is quite simple - there actually isn't one! Instead your server will explain your options to you - basically you choose burger or lobster! The lobster can either be as a lobster roll or server freshly cooked in the shell, either steamed or grilled.
All options are served with salad and chips - pretty easy to decide what you want!

As part of Tank Talks however you get to sample everything from the menu with respective cocktails all for the standard price of £20 - the burger or the two lobster options also cost this for a normal visit to the restaurant. First up, was lobster!




We had a talk from the Sous Chef who told us lots of interesting facts about lobsters, including that you can age them like trees by counting the rings on their antennae, and also that they urinate from their mouths! Crazy!
Burger and Lobster go through around 11 tonnes of lobster a week which is a crazy amount to think about. They have a few tanks on each site with an absolutely huge one in London, I think they said it was the biggest that exists!

The Lobster roll was the first item we tried, this is cold lobster in a japanese mayo with lemon juice in a brioche roll made using their own recipe. I can't tell you how absolutely amazing these were and i really did savour every mouthful!

The lobster roll was also paired with the Ab Fab cocktail, shown above on the right (pink drink) which was light, floral and refreshing. It contains peach vodka, rose wine, lemon verbena and red currant. Unfortunately i was driving but that didn't stop me trying out the range of non-alcoholic drinks and the Hawaiian Cooler (left in the above photo) was really tasty. It was based on pineapple juice which i haven't had in ages so it was a great change.

Next came the real lobster and the respective bibs!!

2016-03-09 20.09.16



What a feast!!

Half of the lobster was grilled and the other half steamed. The grilled side tastes a bit meatier and chargrilled, the steamed side is more tender and also fishier so it depends what kind of meal you are looking for.

We got stuck in with the tools and cracking the shells, we've probably never got so messy with food but when you're given bibs it's kind of expected!

This was served with a Jalisco's Rose cocktails, which contained tequila, vermouth, apple cordial and soda.


Next up it was burger time!

The meat for these burgers comes from Hereford and Aberdeen beef from Nebraska. They are corn fed to produce the marble effect. To make the burger they only use 3 cuts of the beef and add absolutely nothing at all, not even seasoning and they advise that you order it medium rare for the best taste.
The bun used in the burger uses the same recipe as for the brioche buns for the lobster rolls, this is then piled high with salad, bacon, cheese and their own recipe burger sauce.

Take a look at this beauty:




The burger is huge! It's amazing though, the whole meal was really tasty and I'd find it hard to choose which one to have if i went again.
In fact we have already been back and shared the burger and a lobster roll!

This came with a cocktail called '8 Steps to the West' containing whiskey, pear, elderflower, rosemary and ginger ale. We think this was collectively our favourite cocktail, I ordered it on our second trip just so I could savour it after having to drive on our original trip!



As if we weren't already stuffed, out came dessert!

As we were Team Lobster by this point we were given the cheesecake with a 'sand' topping, there was also a 'soil' topping for those who were Team Burger (basically digestives or oreos!) which was a lovely touch for the event.
They were very tasty but after all of the food we struggled to finish them!

The last drink we tried was the Hot Bergamot Toddy which contained Bergamot orange, honey, ginger, bitters and hot water. It was lovely for those of us who currently have a cold and I'd fully recommend it.



The whole experience was absolutely wonderful and although we were invited for reviewing purposes and didn't pay for the food we were so impressed we actually went back to watch the Wales v England match that same weekend. It was a tense day for our friendship but even though England won our friendship survived....!

Have you been to Burger and Lobster? Have you booked in for Tank Talks?

We would fully recommend it for any foodie!

Let us know if you try it, and if you're Team Burger or Team Lobster!

L and M xxx


Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Ten Mill Lane Cocktails

Hey All

Last week L and I headed down to Jacobs Market to try out some of the new cocktails Ten Mill Lane are launching. They're bringing out a new menu full of tasty cocktails which will be on offer mid week.

Ten Mill Lane is based on Mill Lane in the centre of Cardiff and is a great cocktail bar. L and I will be heading there for her birthday at the end of the month. We love a good mid week cocktail session (as you may know if you've followed our blog from the beginning and we were sharing our cocktail hour series found here)

2016-03-01 18.42.59

2016-03-01 19.08.43

The event was held in Jacobs Antique and Ten Mill Lane had gone all out decorating it to showcase there new menu. The inspiration for the new menu comes from artwork and each cocktail is related to the piece of art that inspired. 

2016-03-01 19.45.22

2016-03-01 19.51.07

2016-03-01 19.52.43

Of course we found mirrors to take selfies in!

2016-03-01 19.54.08-1

Onto the cocktails, as mentioned above they are all inspired by artwork which I love and the cocktails themselves are a work of art. I love the thought that has gone into the presentation of them all.

2016-03-01 19.45.42

2016-03-08 10.56.10 1

Self Portrait - Frida Kahlo

Tequila isn't a drink I'd pick and I don't tend to pick it even in cocktails but I was won over with this. The Tequila was a love of Frida Kahlo which is why it was picked as the base of this art inspired cocktail. The mix of it with mango add a sweetness and then citrus and peppercorn rebalance this out. Not once I'd pick of the menu without trying but it was delicious and one I'd order again.

2016-03-08 10.49.34 1

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande - George Seurat

L and I couldn't wait to try this. Straight away this is one we'd have chosen off the menu based on ingredients. Sweet vermouth, raspberry and wormwood vodka. The combination of these is delicious and we could imagine drinking these on a chilled out sunny Sunday!

2016-03-08 10.47.35 1

Bleeding Medals - Gilbert and George

We missed this one as it came round for tasting but our love of tea means this will be the first one we order off the menu when we go back. I love the presentation of this, not only a teacup but tea too. This inspiration came that tea is seen iconically as an English tradition so the blend of gin tea bitters and earthy liqueur are said to be reminiscent of a black tea with lemon juice and sugar to balance out the flavour and a splash of milk! I can't wait to try this!

2016-03-08 10.40.57 2

The Treachery of Image - Rene Magritte

The presentation of this cocktail is amazing. Inspired by the art work it's based on it gets delivered to the table being smoked and served in a glass pipe! As expected it's base is a oaky whiskey but balanced out with a sweet vermouth. Also adding cloves, cinnamon and vanilla for flavour and warmth. A hint of absinthe brings the warm feeling to recreate the pipe! This sounds like a winning combination to me. I'm a big whisky fan.

2016-03-08 10.33.42 2

Blue Dress - Leonid Afremov

This is one of my favourite presentations. The sugared glass is a great touch and the delicate flower on top. This is also tastes as good as it looks with a mix of gin, green tea and elderflower cordial this is an easy drinker!

2016-03-08 10.36.24 1

Red Poppies and Daisies - Vincent Van Gogh

Another great presentation, with cocktails I'm perfectly ok with not drinking out of a glass if it looks pretty and this certainly does. This contains rum (probably L's favourite liquor!) brandy and mango juice which helps to bring out the flavours of both liquors to produce a sweet cocktail to represent the flowers. A hint of absinthe represents the foliage of the art work.

2016-03-08 10.38.15 1

I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold Cocktail - Charles Demuth

This is a cocktail that's right up my street, whisky, orange liqueur, and maple syrup with honey and bitters. Simple but works well and gives great flavours!

2016-03-01 08.00.19 1
Campbell's Soup Can - Andy Warhol

This is one I'd never have picked to try. Of course served in a can it's a new take on a bloody mary. Even served with a dash of parma ham if you're not vegetarian and chilli candy floss. Like a bloody mary it contains tomato juice but included is a mango vodka to give it a new flavour twist. This isn't something I'd order again but I didn't dislike it!

2016-03-08 10.45.34 1

Summer - Alphonse Mucha

The last cocktail I've got to share but there are a few more. This was an unexpected winner for L and I. It combines wine and gin (that sounds dangerous straight away!!) with elderflower. This really works. The wine and elderflower give a sweetness to this gin cocktail but still keep it light!

So that's some of the new menu from Ten Mill Lane. L and I were totally won over by these new cocktails and can't wait to try the rest when we celebrate her birthday! It's great to try new cocktails that aren't a classic. If you'd seen our 101 things in 1001 days when we did those one of my things was to try 10 new cocktails. If only we were still in those 1001 days I've have covered them!

Are you a cocktail fan? Have you been to Ten Mill Lane?

Love M 


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