Monday, 8 January 2018

Lush Haul

I'm never sure what to think when others put up haul posts, sometimes I think it's an excuse to show how much money you have to spend on things you don't need...but then why shouldn't you buy what YOU want with YOUR money?! Maybe that question is a whole post in itself!

I realised I'd bought a few things from Lush in the last few weeks and what other word was there to call it but a haul? I've really been enjoying using them all as they aren't products or scents I have tried before so I wanted to share my thoughts.


Monday, 21 December 2015

Lush Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask

Hey All

As I mentioned last week in our post on Cranberry face mask (you can see that here) we recently purchased a few face masks then made a morning of it trying them out.

Rosy cheeks instantly appealed to me to try out as it has a different texture to the other Lush masks I've tried.


Rosy cheeks is a great when for winter to help soothe the skin. I don't know about you but the cold wind can play havoc with my skin and make it sore and my normally rosy cheeks rosier! I love the smell and texture of this. It feels so soft and smooth to apply and doesn't dry on the skin.


The combination of Kaolin, calamine and Turkish rose oil give the face mask an amazing delicate floral smell. They also help to calm the skin as well as providing a gentle cleanse to the skin. This is a great on for more delicate skin that doesn't need exfoliation.

Have your tried Rosy Cheeks? I don't think I've found a lush face mask I don't like yet.

Love M



Hi all!

The one thing I couldn't get over with this mask was how smooth and creamy it was. Putting it on straight from the fridge was the best tip I could give you - it really holds the cold temperature and feels so cooling and soothing on the skin.

The only weird thing - if that's even the right word - is that it looks so odd on your face! It does make you look like you have extreme sunburn, the selfies we took whilst wearing this mask is not for sharing with the public! Ha they just look a little too odd, but well worth the effects.

This is a good winter treat for the skin and again the mask has been worth trying. Just need to decide which of the masks I need to try next, what would you recommend??

L xxx


Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Lush Cranberry Fresh Face Mask

Hey All

L and I love a good face mask especially the Lush one's. When we went to Lush a few weeks back to see the new Christmas collection (you can see that post here) we couldn't resist getting some new face masks. As we were meeting up a week later to go to a friend's christening we decided to go for a double face masks session so we could try out each other's purchases.

Cranberry is a Christmas edition so you should definitely snap this one up quickly. Cranberry is a great one full of antioxidants and fenel to cleanse the skin and argan oil and rose clay leaves helps to leave the skin soft, smooth and matte.



It has a thick texture meaning it's easy to smooth onto the skin, it also has a slight grainy texture so gives a slight exfoliation when it's removed. It dries comfortably on the skin and does flake off too badly as you're relaxing waiting for it to work it's magic. After using L's I'll definitely be grabbing another one before it goes.

Love M




Good morning!

This face mask is well worth picking up for the limited time it is available, if it's only for the smell!! It just smells so perfectly fruity and addictive.

My favourite feature of this face mask was the slight exfoliation properties, which clearly help with the 'smooth skin' that the mask promises. I can't find anything not to like about this, its's super refreshing and everyone should pick up a pot!

I always look forward to trying out the new masks from Lush, I hope that they bring out another in the new year very soon!

L xxx

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