Friday, 25 May 2018

Lacura Charcoal Mud to Foam Cleanser

Hi all!

As you all know we're huge skincare fans and even bigger bargain fans. So finding the limited edition skincare in Aldi when it comes around is pretty high on my list.

Charcoal is having a bit of a moment and I don't see it going anywhere any time soon. As soon as I saw the charcoal products on offer I couldn't resist but try them out, even though I haven't really been convinced about them so far...


Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Pixi Glow Tonic Review

Skincare is one of my favourite topics, I always loved it when Caroline Hirons says:

If you would spend more on shoes, handbags, lipstick, jeans or fashion in general than you would on high quality skincare – you will be a sixty year old woman (and man) with a vintage wardrobe and a face like an alligator

And I absolutely agree. Ever since reading this way back when it was first published in 2012 I've been putting skincare at the top of my list but sadly my budget isn't the same (nor do we get the same PR packages!) as Caroline so it's taken me a little longer to get round to trying everything she recommends. The Pixi Glow Tonic has been on my list for such a long time,


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial Pads

Happy hump day!

Glycolic acid is famed for being great on skin, serious chemical peels done by professional doctors can take off YEARS by resurfacing the top layer and removing wrinkles and uneven skin tone. I love that companies are catching up with this and a lot are creating affordable ranges for the high street containing low levels of glycolic acid for exfoliating purposes.

Nip and Fab have one of those ranges and I've been testing them out.


After the success of the Dragon's Blood Cleansing Pads (review here) I couldn't resist but pick up the exfoliating facial pads.

They claim to unveil younger looking, smoother skin by using glycolic acid, witch hazel, blue daisy  and hyaluronic acid.
Glycolic acid helps to retexture and resurface, witch hazel helps to tone the skin. Hyaluronic acid hydrates and refreshes and Blue daisy soothes and calms.



The tub contains 60 pads that you swipe over your cleansed face once or twice a day.
It's a really easy thing to add into your skincare routine and barely requires any additional time.

I've been using these morning and night for the last few weeks to help a few scars I have on my face. Glycolic acid is known to help with resurfacing and aiding scars to fade. After the acne I had a few years ago I still have a few red marks on my jawline and my recent allergic reaction has also left some bumpy marks that I'd like to reduce or hopefully get rid of completely.



Over the last few weeks my skin texture has definitely improved. I can say that my skin has become smoother and clearer as a result of using these and possibly my scars have faded too. It's hard to say that they will completely go without a much stronger glycolic acid product but I'm hoping it will help in the long run!
These are so easy to use that I'm willing to keep them in my daily routine and see if they have a longer term effect. I've also picked up the Glycolic Fix Serum to try out too, it has 4% glycolic acid so hopefully between the two and using the cleanser my scars will fade and disappear!

What do you think of glycolic acid and its resurfacing properties? Do you think it should be more easily available on the high street?

Don't forget that when using glycolic acid you need to keep your skin out of sun light or at least protect it using a high SPF as your skin becomes much more sensitive.

L xxx


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser

Happy hump day!

Another week down and it's now less than a month until Christmas! Is this time to panic or time to get ridiculously excited and start singing carols and eating mince pies again - I just can't decide!

Nip and Fab have really caught my attention recently with some super products that have already become firm favourites in my collection and are also great value for money being in an affordable price range along with the amazing offers from Boots and Superdrug as well as points. You just can't go wrong!

The Glycolic range is something that I wish they had brought out a long time ago. Glycolic acid is great for helping with a massive range of skin ailments and if I had only known about it in my teenage years I think life would have been very different, if only for having lass breakouts and scarring.


The Glycolic Fix Cleanser is a liquid cleanser that you only need a tiny bit of to froth up and apply to your damp face before rinsing off. It's a foaming cleanser that not only contains 2% glycolic acid but also apple amino acids to cleanse and purify your skin.


The 150ml bottle costs just under £10 which is pretty good for a cleanser of this quality not to mention it's normally involved in an offer. The cleanser also contains olive oil to help hydrate your skin whilst the glycolic acid works its magic.

I've been uisng this recently to help with some skin issues I've been having. After an allergic reaction that went on for 2 months I was left with some marks on my skin where the reaction had turned into acne and left me with red lumps. After waiting for the reaction to subside I then set myself the task of working my way through my products to help make these marks fade and slowly reduce from sight. I still to cover these up for occasions but for every day things like work I now don't need to worry about people staring at them.


The great thing about this cleanser is that you need so little of it to foam up and cover your entire face. I usually use another cleanser previous to this to remove as much grime and products from my face from the day and then use this so that I can get the full effects.

It also smells really good, it has a really light fragrance which is important for me as strong scents make me feel sick! If I'm in the shower using this cleanser I also leave it on my skin for a while to give it some time to work a little extra magic and it has been working really well for me and I've also not had any further reactions which is definitely a massive bonus. (I even had an allergic reaction to my sock the other day, it's getting a little out of hand!)


I know I've probably been raving on about the serums and creams from Nip and Fab for months now but this is the first cleanser I have tried and I've been really impressed.

I'd recommend this to anyone having skincare issues and anyone who wants a bit more of a glow in their skin as I've found that mine has felt so clean and invigorated after the last few weeks of usage.
I don't use this every day just in case it is too strong for my skin but you can if you like, I tend to use it 4 days a week and that way I'm also being a bit thrifty!

Have you tried the Glycolic Fix Cleanser? Do you think glycolic acid is as amazing as I think it is?
What's your favourite type of cleanser?

L xxx


Friday, 15 August 2014

If I had £100...

Hello there!

I've mentioned many times that I'm a huge fan of lists, I've got so many notebooks full of them, mostly to do lists. Wishlists are always fun to imagine what you would buy or have if you could and so I've come up with a new series 'If I had £100'. It's pretty simple, every time I'll list whatever I'm lusting over at the time but ONLY to a total of £100, I mean it's a reasonable amount and a possible pay day splurge if I was very lucky!

Having picked up a few Nip and Fab bargains recently when all of their products went on sale I've found myself wanting more!

The Glycolic Fix Cleanser priced at £7.95 sounds like a winner to me.I'd like to start double cleansing but never seem to have the right products. I do love using a foaming cleanser with a muslin cloth so that my face feels like the day's grime has been removed and this gel cleanser sounds like a lovely affordable foaming cleanser with glycolic acid present at 2% to help resurface your skin. I NEED it and might even use my Boots points to nab it quick.
The Deep Cleansing Fix claims to be a 6 in 1 product and is priced at £7.95 for 300ml. This is a large pot of product with multiple uses; cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating, deep cleansing when used as a mask and specific application to spots. This sounds like a wonderful product especially for the price and I'll be hunting this one down too no doubt.

The Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation comes in at £27 which is pretty average nowadays. I have to admit i really liked this product as soon as I tried it though you do generally need to have good skin for it to look good! It's more of a blurring foundation as opposed to one that covers your skin with an opaque finish. Over the summer though I've found it has been essential as it doesn't clog my pores at all and doesn't appear to melt off my face too badly. I'd definitely like to purchase it again!

I first tried the Origins Ginzing moisturiser (£23)  from a Christmas gift set that I bought myself, as you do. I loved it and loved the smell so much. It's a really light moisturiser that sinks in so easily and is perfect for my ever changing skin, not overloading it in the oily areas and but hydrating it in the dry. Perfect! I hear its on offer too where you can get a sample of the eye cream and a mini mascara to try too!

Image from Liparazzi
UD Naked Flushed palette in Streak is something I've had my eye on for months now. Streak is the perfect colour for me as coral really suits my skin tone. The image above is from the lovely Laura who's blog is Liparazzi which you should definitely check out, her beauty posts are a particular favourite!
I'd love to get my hands on this and for £22 for three key products it really is value for money too.

Una Brennan Superfacialist Vitamin C Cleansing Oil (normally £10.99) currently on offer at Boots for £7.33.
As I mentioned previously I want to add double cleansing to my routine, and not just by using a micellar water to remove my eye make up. This cleansing oil has really been raved about and I desperately want to try it! For £7.33 I think I might have to run to Boots and pick it up as soon as possible!

So that bring me to my total this time of £95.23.

I'd love a splurge but having quit my job I need to keep all my pennies for the meantime....but maybe spending some of my Boots points wouldn't be such a bad thing right?!

What do you think of my wishlist? 

This one is beauty related but I'm sure there will be more clothes involved in the future too!

L xxx


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Glycolic Acid Peel First Impressions

L and I are currently holding a giveaway where you can win The Skin Regime book and a Glycolic Acid Peel sample. (you can read about it here). The peel was something we were both really excited to try after reading the book and seeing so many positive results from it. The peel strength we tried was 30%. The skin regime site contains well trusted suppliers of peels. With things like this it's really important to only purchase from reputable suppliers.

It's fair to say we were both really nervous to put it on our skin, it is an acid peel after all. It is important to start with really clean skin. We both cleansed with dove soap and a muslin cloth then used alcohol wipes (we couldn't find rubbing alcohol as suggested in the book) the purpose of the alcohol is to remove the oil from the skin.


The solution is a clear liquid. I've dispensed mine into a pot so I can use it again. The solution is put onto a cotton wool pad and swept over the skin, starting on the cheeks and working your way round the rest of the face trying to avoid the corners of the neck and mouth. The cotton pad is then swept over the neck.


This is my skin before, as you can see it has a natural red tone to it anyway.

You only leave the solution on for a few minutes no more. We both interpreted this as 3.5 minutes. It definitely made my skin tingle at first. This is normal and expected. I did consider washing it off at this point but decided to stick it out. The stinging did stop after a while.

It's normal for the skin to appear red after and sometimes peel. Both of us round there was a touch of redness to the skin but no peeling and the redness didn't last. We both did it early evening, in case our skin went red so it would be cleared by the morning.

After the time is up, you rinse it off and then re-cleanse with the dove soap and apply moisturiser. I applied moisturiser again before I went to bed.


My skin after. The photo doesn't show much difference but I think it does look smoother and slightly shinier. As you can see it's not much redder and there wasn't any peeling.

Immediately after removing the peel I couldn't believe the difference. My skin on my forehead looked instantly smoother and my pores looked a lot better. Around my nose was smoother too. Almost similar to when you pull of a pore strip and it's smooth. L noticed her skin was a lot more plumped. We were both excited to see how it was in the morning. L noticed her skin was so soft in the morning and the slight lines on her forehead had almost disappeared  I was impressed with how soft my cheeks felt and how much better the pores on my nose looked.

We both couldn't wait to do another peel but it's not recommended to do it again for another 7 days. I can't wait to do it again and hope the results continue to improve my skin.

Have you tried an at home acid peel? Enter our giveaway to try your own?

Love M



Friday, 17 May 2013

No7: Youthful Glycolic Peel Kit

As an additional post today I couldn't resist but show you this bargain.

The No7 Youthful Glycolic Peel Kit:


I couldn't resist but pick this up, especially at the introductory price of £19.95 instead of £24.95.

It contains 8 bottles of the Youthful Peel, a Post Peel Neutraliser and a Calming Recovery Balm and of course an instruction booklet.

Glycolic peel kits are supposed to be great for helping your general skin tone, fighting wrinkles and fading scars so I was very excited when I saw it and snapped it up.
I was even more excited when I realised that the current No7 vouchers also work!

So not only is there £5 off the kit can get an extra £5 off with your vouchers! But only until this Sunday, so get a move on if you want to pick this up!

What do you think of this kit? Are you a peel fan or an intrigued newbie like me??

L xxx


Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Skin Regime and International Giveaway

Skincare is something L and I are both big on and both fully believe (and hope) prevention is better than cure. You're never to young to start taking care of your skin. An interesting fact I read the other day from a study by was that the average French lady starts their skincare at age 15 and the average Britain at 25. The survey found as the French aged they looked younger!!

I'm paranoid about getting bad skin and will do what I can now to start. Over the past year I've started to notice huge changes in my skin (I'm thinking this is partially due to stress from starting back at university!!) it's now sometimes drier than it used to be, something I'm really not used too, and I'm starting to see fine lines appear in my forehead!!


When Dana got in touch to see if we fancied reading her book The Skin Regime and trying a sample of a chemical peel it was something we were both very interested in! Dana takes things back to basics and uses a few simple products, and it's very obvious from the photos she has amazing skin. Fingers crossed I'll look like that. In this picture she is 49 and only wearing eye make up: her skin is clearly glowing!

You can read our peel review here

L and I wrote about how much we love the AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser from Murad here and the components of this product are found in peels, but in higher concentrations. We love this exfoliating cleanser as it really works so a peel for us would be the next step.

Chemical peels are something I've been very interested in. Dana's book goes into detail about the correct types of peels you can do at home and how to ensure you take care of your skin.

Dana makes some excellent really interesting points throughout the book that really make you think about the money you are spending on skincare. The book is well written and made me laugh at some points. At the moment my skin (and body) in general is really playing up. I'm hoping once my exams are over it'll get better.  At the moment I'm going back to basics and starting to pick up the bits so I can start the peel programme properly once my exams are over. It's pretty simple over 6-8 weeks you use a peel between 7-14 days apart and simply moisturise in between. This process removes all the bad layers of skin. Anyone with scarring and dark spots this is also great for and on her website you can see some great before and after photos! 

I'm really excited to start this new regime. I'm willing to try anything to improve my skin and if the photos on the website are anything to go by I can't wait.

With the chemical peels it's important to do them early evening and not before a big event. As it's a chemical peel it's likely to leave the skin looking a bit read (it is removing a layer of skin after all) think of it like when you get your eyebrows waxed, they stay red for a while!!

I'll be doing a full post on the chemical peels once I've tried it properly. The book is really interesting and I'd recommend it to anyone to read. It's great to make you really think about skincare! You can see her website for more information, photos and even features Tanning Mom!

M xxx

After reading this book and laughing a lot at Dana's straight forward attitude to skincare, I am reeeeeeeeally excited to try out the first peel and hopefully get skin as gorgeous and glowing as hers at my current age of 25, let alone 49!

Using acids is a great way to exfoliate your skin to a deeper level and I'm personally hoping the tiny lines that are appearing on my forehead (thanks uni stress!) and scars/red marks from the wonderful acne I've been dealing with the past year will hopefully fade away. 
Looking at the pictures on the website lots of people have had great results with improved tone to their skin and decreased lines and I cannot wait!

We'll be posting about our experience with the peels asap :)

L xxx

Dana has allowed us to host an international  giveaway where one of our lovely followers can also win her book and a sample of a low strength chemical peel! Woohoooo! 
We are so pleased we can share this with you!

As always with giveaways there are mandatory and optional choices, but it should be explanatory which are which.
The prize is a copy of The Skin Regime book and a sample peel which will be sent straight to you from Dana herself.
We can't wait to start our boot camps, what do you think of doing your own glycolic peel?? This is an international giveaway.

L and M xxx


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Review: Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

Murad have been a brand that we both have heard lots about.

We regularly tweet with them and love reading their quotes from Dr Murad about 'treating yourself like royalty' and in particular their snippets of info about different foods and plants that are great for your skin.

We were recently contacted by them about trying their AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser*.

The website says:

What does it do for you?

Polish away surface oil and locked-in impurities to improve brightness and clarity. Reveal a youthful you!

The Science behind the Results

Salicylic, Lactic and Glycolic Acids – This trio of acids provides clarity, brightness and improves cell-turnover by dissolving dead skin cell build up and revealing a radiant complexion.
Jojoba Beads – Gently polishes, exfoliates and smoothes skin while boosting hydration.

You are supposed to use this cleanser 2/3 times a week as well as your normal cleanser for the acids and exfoliating beads to work and the reviews on their website give it a 4.9/5.

I've been using this constantly for the past 4/5 weeks. I cleanse my skin with my usual cleanser and then use this afterwards 2/3 times a week.
It's so easy to use and the jelly like feel of the cleanser glides onto your skin really easily without irritating it. The beads in the cleanser can only be described as feeling like powder more than an exfoliator, they're so gentle on your skin that you can barely feel any kind of exfoliation or scrubbing like you would have imagined.

I usually apply this to a wet face and then gently massage it in circles. I've found that this is the best way to get the optimum results from the beads and also the acids, which really do seem to dissolve the skin cells without any negative effects to the skin.

I've seen a difference in my skin from using this, and I absolutely love it! This is so gentle but gives me glowing fresh looking skin without any side effects whatsoever.
It has evened out my skin tone, helped to combat some of the scarring on my face from some acne I had before Christmas and helped to keep more blemishes at bay.
When I noticed this and had a fresh load of spots appear, I did use the cleanser on my face for 3/4 days in a row to help and it greatly helped to clear my skin though I wouldn't recommend doing this for long term.

The 200ml tube comes in at a costly £34 which initially I was wary of, but having used it consistently for over a month and knowing there is no difference compared to the picture above, I think this is worth every penny.
I'm massively impressed with the results from this product and would 100% recommend it to anyone looking to improve their skin tone and get a glow.

L xxx


I've tried Murad a few times as I had a few samples of it. I've loved the cleansers I'd previously tried so was excited to try this. I'm a big fan of exfoliators, having naturally oily skin I find exfoliators really help to improve my skin.

This really didn't disappoint. It's not like a facial exfoliator I've tried before. It's almost got a slight jelly texture to it. It buffs into the skin really softly and isn't a rough. The beads in it are small but still feel like your skin is getting a good deep clean. I also love that a little of it goes a long way. It is quite pricey but I've been using it 3 times a week for a month now and there isn't much more gone than the photo shows so you are really going to get your money's worth from this as it'll last a long time.

After use my skin feels smoother and so soft. My spots have improved (except for the odd hormone one) and they seem to heal quicker if I use this when I sense a breakout coming. Having acid based ingredients in it, it really helps improve skin tone. I've noticed an improvement in the skin condition. My cheeks certainly look a lot better. I can't wait to use it more and get even better results.

Once I've worked my way through my stash of cleansers I'll definitely be ordering some more Murad skin care!

Love M



Friday, 29 March 2013

Review: REN Glycolactic Face Mask

Hi all!

I'm sure you've seen and heard lots about REN skincare recently. Their masks are a big favourite with bloggers and are increasingly popular due to their ethic on producing products without using any chemical nasties (more on that later).

My first purchase from REN was this Glycolactic Face Mask.

I'd seen rave reviews from others on how well it worked on brightening skin tone and evening out blemishes.

I already owned cleansing masks and hydrating masks so this was my next on the never ending wish list ;)

My skin had started to clear up (finally!) so I rushed to John Lewis and snapped this up over Christmas time when my spending was already out of control so another mask hardly made a difference.

I love REN's simple packaging, I'm not one for busy prints and  multiple colours and I love that the range seems to be colour coded. 
Orange signifies the Radiance range, and there are plenty of others that I'm sure I will be testing out soon which you can find here.

You can also find out more about REN as a company and read about their ethos into 'Clean Skincare' on this link.
It's an interesting read that doesn't waffle on like others. I had no idea that the company started in 2000, it's come such a long way since then and is now found in 50 countries all over the world.

Copied straight from the site:

REN is free from synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, petrolatum, sulfate detergents, synthetic colours, animal ingredients and parabens. In addition, REN products do not contain potential irritants including: glycols and diglycols (such as propylene glycol), PEG's, PPGs, urea, D.E.A, T.E.A, PABA and other synthetic sunscreens, aliphatic alcohols/hydrocarbons, phthalates, fumarates, amines, alkanolamines, synthetic AHAs/BHAs, polyacrylamide, metacrylate, elastomer, poloxamer, styrene, vinyl, polyquaternium, synthetic chelating agents, nylon, nitriles, nitrates, nitrosamine releasers, bromates, fluor, aluminum and alumina et al.

This is an absolutely massive list! And very impressive when you compare to other brands available to purchase on the same scale which use quite a few chemicals in their products.
Both me and M always choose 'free from' products where we can.

So back to the mask, it's basically a cross between marmalade and orange juice in smell and consistency.

I'd heard about it being like marmalade but its not as thick as that, definitely mix with orange juice and then that's about right!
I used to hate oranges, but since Christmas I've become obsessed and now I eat one almost every day. The smell now reminds me of Christmas so every time I eat one it takes me back to that and it's the same with this.
I love the smell of oranges now so when I put this mask on it always puts me in a good mood on smell alone.

REN claim that this mask:

  • Removes dead skin cells to renew the complexion
  • Skin looks brighter, healthier, more radiant
  • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Combats congestion, blackheads and blemishes

This mask has also won an award from InStyle for a Best Beauty Buy in 2008.

I follow the instructions above and slap it onto my face and neck. Make sure you avoid the eyes though as this is not something you want to get in them!
After 10 minutes or so I then wash it off using the muslin cloth that comes with the mask.

I find that even after having this on for 10 minutes my skin feels brighter and more uniform. I feel like my skin is cleaner and has had the top layer of cells removed to let newer ones shine through. It does tingle a little whilst it's on but nothing too bad and I find that it's worth the perseverance. It sort of tickles my skin and makes me want to scratch it more than anything else so I find it's a case of sitting on my hands to stop myself!

I also love that the pump has a cap of its own aside from the lid, this helps so much with stopping it from drying out which is a bonus. 
I would 100% recommend anyone who is looking for brighter skin to purchase this. REN is a great brand whose products seem to do what they claim at relatively affordable prices, and also without containing any other chemical nasties.

Have you used REN products before? What's your favourite type of mask? 
Do you use brightening products?

L xxx


Sunday, 9 September 2012

Recent Purchases

If you've been reading this blog for a while then you'll know that I've been jobless and therefore a little bit poor for quite a while now.

But obviously writing this and also being the spendaholic that I am I end up buying items that I mostly could live without.

Obviously I broke my spending ban again by going on a few little shopping trips and surfing eBay at home!

My first trip was into town and I ended up in Internacionale where I picked up a number of bracelets which were on offer, buy one get one half price.

For the past year I've mostly been obsessed wth make up, skin care and various other related products but my focus seems to have shifted recently to clothes, bags, shoes and jewellery!

I couldn't resist these bracelets, they look good together and with other items in my collection that can be added to any outfit to dress up/dress down

I loooooooove how shiny and sparkly they looked in the sun!
Definitely can't wait to be rocking these for the rest of the year, I love spikes and skulls and these were made for me.

They're currently all available in Internacionale and because of their deal (think its buy one get one half price) costs me about £8....bargain!

My next trip was to Matalan.

Between me and M we'd heard about their peplum tops somewhere along the grape vine and my mum promised she'd take me if I finished a part of my work. Incentives work ya know!

So I hastily typed my way to finishing the section of my diss and she took me there.
Funnily enough I text M whilst there to send her a picture of the peplums, where she replied saying she was also in Matalan but at home (which is a few hundred miles away!).

This was just too funny, not even spoken to each other all day yet happen to be in the same shop!

So here are Matalan's peplum tops.
I ended up buying the black and the white, though I wanted the maroon coloured one also in my store and the blue one M found in her store!

I was surprised as although they're less than half the price of the Topshop ones (coming in at £12 I think!) they're actually pretty good and fit really well.
I was also surprised that I liked the white one so much as I normally avoid lighter colours and expected it to be a bit see through but it wasn't at all.

In fact I forgot I took this photo in the changing room and here's what the white looked like on!

I think they're an absolute bargain and cannot wait to go out wearing them.

I also picked up some new leggings with zips on the hips (ooh!)

These are really thick and good quality, I only had to throw out my old ones as they went a bit grey after 2 years of hard core wearing so would definitely recommend these (£12 Papaya make in Matalan)

Also as if it was my lucky day these bags were right at the front of the store:

There were a few different colour combos but I picked up the navy and black one as I was instantly drawn to it whilst my mum struggled to choose between the camel and black, bottle green and black and the plum and black.

To be honest at the time these were down from £12 to £5 so I told her to pick up 2 and I can't even remember which one she actually picked up!

Definitely worth a trip down there if you're passing as there's some really good stuff there at the moment!

And last but not least my latest product buys (inevitably they exist too!)

I'm sure you're aware but both me and M have been struggling with our skin recently and having read much about Alpha H Liquid Gold we were both looking forward to trying it, but obviously skint students don't have much of a fund to use!

Eventually though the angry scars left on my face got to me and I found an ebay seller who had it for £25 with free postage so I instantly snapped it up.
After one use I've seen a difference and hopefully it will continue to improve (will be doing a full post on it!)

For those who don't know what it is, basically you use it as you would a toner after cleansing.
Pour some onto a cotton pad and swipe it over your face avoiding eyes and lips.
Then to let it work most effectively do NOT apply moisturiser, just eye cream if you want.

The main active ingredient in this is glycolic acid which helps to ward off any blemishes, heal scars and fight ageing, I was instantly won over by these multi tasking properties!

A full review will be up in a few weeks with pictures of the offending marks for you to decide if it was worth it or not.

Because of the acid effects, using SPF is a complete must so I purchased Avene high protection SPF for intolerant skin.
I've been meaning to get into using SPF and some of my moisturisers have it and others don't, so eventually I just bought this to be done with it and am hoping it doesn't cause me to break out having an extra layer on my face all day.
For £3 I couldn't help but want to see what the fuss was all about with the thermal spring water.

Me and M have had many conversations about it and whether it actually works and in a moment of weakness I snapped up a mini canister to try out whilst working at home on my dissertation. 

I'm looking forward to wearing and using these products asap!!

What have you been buying recently? Have you picked up any bargains?

L xxx
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