Saturday, 8 July 2017

Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil Free Moisturiser

Hey all!

I'm back with another skincare review today - I'm totally obsessed and it seems to have taken over from make up recently. Though I'm sure this will be temporary!

I went to a Kiehls event when the new Cardiff store opened around Christmas time last year, you can find the post here. I picked up the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil Free lotion at the time and have been using it a lot since then, especially recently now the weather has got warmer again!


Thursday, 11 May 2017

Kiehls Nightly Refining Micro Peel Concentrate

Hello all!

I'm back with another Kiehls review today, this time it's a fairly new product called the 'Nightly Refining Micro Peel Concentrate'

I picked this up at the same time as my other purchases - the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Daily Reviving Concentrate and the Creamy Eye Treatment - but it has taken a little longer for me to post about. Let me explain to you what it is.


Monday, 1 May 2017

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado Review

Morning all!

Hope you're having a lovely bank holiday Monday - I very much enjoyed turning my alarm off last night so I could have a lie in (only to wake up at 6.30 anyway...!)

Today's review is of Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. I won this before Christmas at an event at the then new Kiehl's store in Cardiff (post here). They had a raffle and I was extremely lucky to win! I still can't believe it as I'm never normally lucky at all so this was amazing!


Sunday, 22 January 2017

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Hello everyone!

I have written a few things about some products from Kiehl's recently, I wrote about the original event (click here) and also the Daily Reviving Concentrate (click here)

As well as this I have been using the Midnight Recovery Concentrate which I'm sure you have heard of before, it is pretty famous around the world for its hydrating properties as well as reaching the 'blogger hype' status because everyone loves it. So what did I think??


Saturday, 17 December 2016

Winter Skincare Update

Good morning!

We all know skincare needs to change with the seasons just like clothing, mine has changed a lot over the years with ageing being a wonderful factor to add to the mix - so today's post is an update of the latest products I've been using and would recommend for anyone looking to try out some new products.

So starting in order, let's talk about the cleanser. I've been using Miss Patisserie's Coconut Cleansing Bar a lot recently, but there's not a lot of it left now and it certainly isn't worthy of trying to photograph now! You can see my review by clicking here, but I have also been trying out the Botanics Hydration Burst Dual Action Cleanser.

So far I really like it, it's quite thick and melts on contact with your skin. It seems to be pretty good at removing most make up too so I've been quite impressed with it so far.

After this I use the Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate in the morning, I've recently written a post which you can read by clicking here, but as a quick summary I've been using 3/4 drops of this and warming it with my fingers before applying to my face.

Skincare Routine 2016

Skincare Routine 2016

It sinks in pretty quickly so there's no time wasted waiting around, I normally apply my eye cream at this stage. The Antipodes Skin Brightening Manuka Honey eye cream is really light and hydrating (full review here). I'd use this all year round and not just for winter, but it's what I'm currently using.

After this, for day I've been using the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion. My face gets shiny pretty quickly which is annoying with the combination of dry skin, getting a balance is hard work. This one has been really good so far and it has definitely helped to reduce the shiny oil slick appearing on my t-zone. I'm sure I will write a post on this soon!

Skincare Routine 2016

Skincare Routine 2016

That's it for day time. In the evenings I use the same cleanser but occasionally also use Origins Modern Friction scrub. It's been one of my favourites for years and leaves my skin feeling super smooth. I'd definitely recommend it.

Skincare Routine 2016

Skincare Routine 2016

In the evening I use the Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate first. I was using this every night but after a week or so my skin was getting a bit sensitive around my mouth so I started using it every other day instead. I'll be writing a full review of this soon but the plan is that this will help remove the last few scars I have from having acne a few years ago and basically just smooth it all out.

I follow this with the Midnight Recovery Concentrate which is pretty famous. It smells of lavender and sinks into my skin really quickly too, I wasn't sure if I'd like it but so far it has been great so I'm going to keep using it and see how my skin fares over winter.

Skincare Routine 2016

Skincare Routine 2016

I then follow this with the Antipodes Skin Brightening Manuka Honey Day Cream. Even though it's a day cream I still use it at night because I don't want to pile on too many heavy products onto my skin at once, layering seems to work well for me so I'm sticking with it!

Sometimes though, my skin needs a massive hit of hydration so then I get the Antipodes Divine Oil out. This oil is a lot thicker than the others in this post and it does sit on the skin a bit more. This oil has a much bigger hit of hydration that can only be used in the night, my skin feels a lot better after using it but it's not something that can be used during the day for me.

Skincare Routine 2016

So that's my current skincare routine for extra hydration over the colder months - basically the more the hydration the better!

Have you tried any of these products? What products are your favourite to use over winter?

L xxx

*The Antipodes products were sent for review a few months ago (although I have also bought them myself too because I really do love them!) and the Kiehls Midnight Recovery was won at an event.


Sunday, 4 December 2016

Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate

Good morning all!

A few weeks ago I went to an event for Kiehls in their new store in Cardiff. The post on the event can be found by clicking here, and I've been using everything daily since I purchased it.

My skin has changed a lot over the last few years (thank you ageing!) and with winter in full force now I knew I needed to overhaul my skincare for something more appropriate.

I spoke to Katie in store during the event where she tested my skin and found that it is oily and also dehydrated - this I pretty much knew but it was good to have it confirmed.

I picked up the Daily Reviving Concentrate (DRC from now on) based on her recommendation and have been using it every morning for the last month.

Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate

The DRC is a dry oil containing Ginger Root, Sunflower oil and Tamanu oil and have 100% natural origins plus it is paraben free, mineral oil free, non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic. All of this sounds pretty good for me as I still worry about my skin reacting and bringing back the acne I had a few years ago.

I wanted to add more hydration to my skin routine without overloading my skin during the day, my face gets shiny enough throughout the day without any additional help but it also felt like a smooth grade of sandpaper and I was a bit stuck what to do.

Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate

Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate

I've been applying a few drops of this to my finger tips and warming it before applying to my face, I think it's only supposed to be 1/2 drops but I often need 4 just to apply it to my whole face, my skin drinks it up so quickly!

I began with 1/2 but it wasn't enough so I slowly increased it and everything is absorbed so I figured it was fine.

The oil is not only supposed to be very hydrating but is also supposed to help fight daily skin aggressors and helps to keep it looking youthful - all of which sound very promising.

Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate

Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate

I've been using this with the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion during the day, and pairing it with the Midnight Recovery Concentrate amongst a few other products to get my skin hydration level up.

My skin feels a lot better and seems to faring well against the -5C temperatures we've been seeing this week. As a test I have not been using any masks or anything in addition to this to see what happened and my skin feels pretty good.

I imagine it will be the combined use of all products but my skin is feeling a lot more hydrated and has not reacted in any way whatsoever to the additional oil I've been plastering on.

My face during the day has been a lot less shiny, the oil seems to absorb straight away ( benefits of being a dry oil!) and the moisturiser has been great too - I'll do a separate post on this soon.

There are however two downsides to this product which may or may not be an issue for you.

Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate

The first is price, this oil costs £37 for a 30ml bottle which I think is very high. I very much appreciated the chance to buy this with a discount at the event and I have loved the effects on my skin. Although I do believe in spending on skincare I do think some prices are just too high, are you just paying for the brand and some pretty packaging? I'm never sure and am also not sure on the source of the ingredients.

The second point is that unfortunately Kiehls are not cruelty free. M has gone cruelty free over the last few months and I completely understand why. I haven't made the change completely yet but have been looking into it.

One of their employees has told me that Kiehls don't test their products on animals when they are produced in New York, which is obviously great. However they are owned by L'Oreal and so their products are sold into China, where all products MUST be tested on animals to be sold, therefore they aren't cruelty free.

I personally think it's pretty ignorant of companies to continue to sell into a country that requests animal testing by law when they have the power to change it. If brands like Kiehls who are owned by L'Oreal can't make a stand, how and why would others? Urban Decay are owned by L'Oreal, they are registered cruelty free and do not sell into China, so Kiehls could do this too. So I guess in this case it depends if you are trying to be cruelty free, and to what extent.

I would always like to think I'd avoid companies that test on animals if there was an alternative, there really isn't any excuse to test on animals nowadays and so many other companies are cruelty free offering similar products that it is laziness.

For this reason I can't say that I would repurchase this oil for my own personal choices where budget constraints and beliefs mean more to me than trying out new products. However if these factors aren't an issue for you then I would absolutely recommend it, it's one of the best oils I've tried!

Have you tried the Kiehls Daily Reviving concentrate? Do you use oils to hydrate your skin?

What's your thoughts on companies that test on animals? 

L xxx


Monday, 7 November 2016

Kiehl's Event - Cardiff


Have you tried Kiehls? I've not tried a single product, so when we were invited to an event in the new Kiehls store in Cardiff I obviously couldn't say no.

I didn't know much about Kiehls as a brand but we were given an introductory chat which was really interesting, I had no idea how old Kiehls was nor how it started. Being a scientist I appreciate the fact it started as an apothecary waaaaaaaay back in 1851 and some of the developed products are still used to this day.

When they say the products have been 'expedition tested' they really mean it too - some of these products were used in trips to the top of Everest and in Greenland. They also help a range of charities including HIV/AIDs and local schools, plus they have a recycling program where you can return empty products for new ones by collecting stamps.

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