Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Beauty: NYX Vinyl Matte Liner in Black Noir and Vivid Brights Liner in Vivid Fire

Hey all

I love liquid liner and finding a great one always takes time, I finally found the one I love so I thought I'd share it with you.

I first grabbed the Nyx Vinyl Liquid Liner a while ago as I loved how fine the tip was on it and it was really easy to apply, since then I've grabbed the matte and the amazing vivid fire shade.

Nyx Vinyl Matte Liner in Black and Vivid Brights Liner in Fire


Saturday, 18 February 2017

Urban Decay Razor Sharp Liquid Liner in Perversion

Hi all!

A key product for me in pretty much every make up look I've ever done has been a good liquid liner. Priorities for this include a good formula that's runny enough to work with but also pigmented and fast drying, it also needs to last all day/night.

I found this in the Urban Decay Razor Sharp Liquid Liner in Perversion.


Friday, 10 October 2014

Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner in Perversion

Happy Friday everyone!

I know that you know by now that we are both huge Urban Decay fans and it will come as no surprise to you that there is another review from the amazing brand. I really cannot fault their products, from the endless covetable palettes to their revolution lipsticks and their infamous highly pigmented black colour Perversion, they are all hyped up and wanted by everyone.

My latest buy is the 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner that I recently bought with my Debenhams Beauty Card points and obviously my choice was Perversion.




The 24/7 theme is one of my favourites, the eye and lip pencils have never let me down so a liquid liner from UD was the obvious choice for me. The brush allegedly draws lines so sharp they could cut glass, so I put it to the test.



The design is pretty simple, the tube unscrews with the longest side being the handle with the thinnest brush inside. It's somewhat boring looking for UD as normally they have a bit more going on but to be honest its a bit refreshing to let the product itself do the talking instead.



I was worried the brush wouldn't hold enough product initially as it's so thin but I was wrong. for a full feline flick you do need to dip it back into the pot but for a simple line it's perfect.

It glides across the skin dispensing the liner evenly and although it does need a steady hand and a bit of practice it is quite easy to use.



Here are some images with the liner on top in a feline flick along with 24/7 eye pencil in Perversion on the lower rim. As the brush is so small its easy to create a really sharp line for the flick and to get right into the lashes for a super close line.


I'm a firm fan, what do you think?

The only thing I've seen that may be an issue is that after a while, as it's so pigmented, it does start to peel off. I'm talking after a full day and night of wearing it, but it begins to lift off at the edges like eye lash glue does, though it hasn't been a huge issue for me as it's only when I've been home that I've noticed it starting after a relaly long day.

Have you tried the 24/7 liquid liners? Do you love the Perversion range? Which colour would you recommend?

L xxx


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Review: Bourjois Intuitive Liner

When I won a big Bourjois competition back in the summer the Bourjois Intuitive Liner was on of the products included in my prize. L had tried one by 17 but hadn't got on too well with it as it dried up quickly. 


This is one of those products I've wanted to try for a while. I've heard lots about them but never gotten around to picking one up. I'm always put off by felt tip type eye liners as I find they just dry up quickly.



The liner has a unique triple dot tip to it. It is great for people who aren't great at using liquid liners as the triple dots allow you to draw yourself a line to trace. The colour is an intense black which I was pleased to see as I find sometimes felt tip liners aren't very black. It has bled on my hand but doesn't on the eye.

before liner


One way I like to apply it is to simple push the liner into my lashes. It's easy to do and you don't need to worry about a steady hand. I simple push the tip right up to my lash line and dot going along. It's great for making the lashline appear thicker without a thick obvious black line.


It's also great for cat eye looks and can be easily used as a standard liquid liner.

Surprising myself I've found myself grabbing for this over my maybelline gel liner. It really is so much simple to use. I'm so impressed with the fact it hasn't dried out and is still giving a strong black line. It makes my make up much quicker to do in the morning. I think I may be converted!

It currently retails for £6.99

Are you a liquid or gel liner person?

Love M


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