Thursday, 11 January 2018

2017: The Highs and Lows

I always like writing round up posts, especially when you're coming to the end of something. It feels like you can summarise it together and like a good essay, finish it with a conclusion. Looking back can be a reminder of how far you have come and also be a reminder of things you have conquered both good and bad.

2017 wasn't the best year, but it also could have been a lot worse. I was going to gloss over the bad but I feel like that wouldn't be an accurate representation of my year and how difficult it has been at times.

In the interest of being as honest as possible and not pretending everything is ok, here's my year in a summary with all the good and the bad mixed in - I'm hoping it will act like therapy and make me feel ready for 2018 and a whole new chance at change! Make yourself a cup of tea as this is a bit of a long one...


Friday, 15 December 2017

The Greyhound Inn, Letcombe Regis

As you know I travel with work so I stay in many hotels, and hotels can be memorable for many reasons. I've stayed in some pretty ugly ones but I try to forget those...when you stay somewhere good it makes it all the more memorable.

Cue my recent stay in The Greyhound Inn, in Letcombe Regis. I don't think I have ever written a hotel review so be nice! I just couldn't resist but share some pictures from my stay, so grab a cuppa and see why I decided to share them this time.


Sunday, 19 November 2017

Life Update

Happy Sunday morning!

I hope you've had a fabulous weekend, I've had a family oriented weekend with birthdays, mother/daughter time and catching up with friends. The last few weeks I've been travelling all over the place for work and trying to keep up with everything, so I've got a post to show you what I've been up to!


Monday, 30 October 2017

Travelling Croatia - Dubrovnik

Good morning!!

I have some fabulous pictures to share with you today and I'm just too excited. I've been sharing my travel tips for various places in Croatia the last few weeks and have another today, this time about Dubrovnik. I wasn't sure what to think about this city as I hadn't really had chance to look it up beforehand, I just knew it was going to be full of sea views and orange roof tops and I was not wrong!


Thursday, 26 October 2017

How to Pack Beauty Products with Airline Limits - Cruelty Free

Hey All

Twice this year I've traveled to Edinburgh from Cardiff and flown, the biggest challenge I find is getting all the products I want whilst sticking to the 10 x 100ml airline limits. Of course as with all of my posts all these travel products I use are cruelty free too!


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Travelling Croatia - Plitvice Lakes

Hi all!

I'm so excited to share these pictures with you, I've been trying to do it for weeks but I wanted to get all the photos just right, so it has taken longer than planned.

I've so far written about Split and what you should eat there, and during my few days before my sailing trip started I managed to get a day trip to Plitvice Lakes National Park and it is STUNNING!


Monday, 9 October 2017

What to Eat in Split, Croatia


I recently shared my photos with you from my trip to Split, I have more photos to share from islands and other places in Croatia but had to share my food photos and recommendations too!


Friday, 6 October 2017

Travelling Croatia - Split

Hey all!

I recently went on a trip to Croatia for 2 weeks and it was AMAZING.

I've got a fair few posts lined up to show you my photos and share my travel tips, so look out for all of these. I went to Plitvice Lakes, and sailed my way along the coast to Dubrovnik stopping off at islands and sampling the food and drink of Croatia so there will most likely be a post to suit you!

Today I have some photos of Split and what I recommend doing there, I have just over 1 day so I had to see and do as much as I could in a small space of time. My flight landed at 9.30am so I made the most of the day.


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Camelbak Forge: The Ultimate Leak Proof Travel Mug

Hey all

A bit of a different thing to share today but I've spent ages searching for a travel coffee mug that doesn't leak and this one is so good I had to share.

My commute to work involves a 30 minute walk then bus, I like to have my coffee on the bus so I'm always searching for a travel mug I can shove in my handbag and not have to worry about leaking over everything, until recently I had to ensure it was always stood upright but when I was introduced to the Camelbak forge all that change, a mug that's actually leakproof!


Saturday, 22 July 2017

Day Trip to Exeter

Hey all!

I've decided to get a post up last minute today because I've been working through editing photos and writing content and felt inspired. It's nice to feel productive and start ticking things off a list isn't it??

I went to Devon recently for a staycation and I'll be sharing a full post with some pictures from my trip soon. During our stay we didn't have great weather at all, so me and my mum went in to Exeter one day for some shopping!


Sunday, 5 March 2017

Whirlwind Trip: Barcelona!

Hey there!

I recently wrote a post about a general life update with lots of pictures (you can find it by clicking here) and I mentioned I went to Barcelona for a work trip. I give training as part of my job and the latest trip was to a place just outside of Barcelona.


Friday, 3 March 2017

Celtic Manor Spa Weekend

Hey All

Before Christmas I was lucky enough to win a weekend break at The Celtic Manor with spa treatments. To say I was excited was an understatement and of course I took L with me. I've stayed in Coldra Court before (review here) but never the main resort so couldn't wait to see the difference.

We decided to book for the middle of January so we could relax after the Christmas rush. We headed down on Friday night after work to the resort.

We got settled into our room which had the most amazing marble bathroom! Of course we took selfies. The photos I took of the room didn't come out well and show it off to it's best. I think The Celtic Manor is a thing of preference with regards for decor, for me I love it, it's old fashioned but looks good and reminds me of the hotel I stayed in when I was in Disney.


Monday, 27 February 2017

Life Update

Hi all!

The first 2 months of the year have flown by, I've been trying to save some money so have been keeping things fairly low key. I've been out for lots of tea and cake, made a few things for my house and have been trying to up my photography game!


Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Go Ape - Crathes Castle

Hey All

Last month C and I headed up to Aberdeen to see some of my friends from school who now live up there. When we got up there we decided we'd go to there local Go Ape. C and I have been before in Margam Park (post here) and loved it so we were happy to go again.

There are multiple Go Ape high rope courses dotted around the UK so I was intrigued to see how this one compared. It all started off the same, you're fitted with a harness and given a safety briefing and  chance to practice how to clip yourself into the different options. You also have 5 areas all ending in a zip line so I guess this is the same through them all. The first is done under the supervision of an instructor and gives you a feel for it then you're let off on your own.

Go Ape Crathes Castle

Each section has different bits from step on wood and balancing (or holding onto the wire as you're to scared to balance), to tarzan swings (2 on the course), to tubes to crawl through. There is a lot of variety and at the start of each section there are clear instructions on how to clip yourself in!

Go Ape Crathes Castle

Go Ape Crathes Castle

I love doing things like this, getting outside, a slight adrenaline rush and a bit of exercise. This was something different to when we went to go ape, one of the zip lines had a skateboard at the start of it you could skate down on!

Go Ape Crathes Castle

I was never very good at balance and usually held the wire you're clipped into! 

Go Ape Crathes Castle

Go Ape Crathes Castle

This is the net you swing into for one of the tarzan swings! I love these, C has the video evidence of an involuntary squeal leaving my mouth on this one! You do hit the net with a bit of force!

Go Ape Crathes Castle

I was definitely more practically dressed this time, last time we did the course it was an unplanned day and I did it in a playsuit! oops!! 

Go Ape Crathes Castle

Go Ape Crathes Castle

This is one of the hardest bits for all of us, I even got a sweat on doing this one, I know delightful info you needed to know! This one also slightly terrified me as I kept thinking if I fell I don't have the upper body strength to pull myself back up! I did it though!

Now to find the next go ape to explore!

Have you been on a high ropes course or go ape before? The two I've been to have been situated in amazing parks which make for lovely walks too so you can really make a day of it.

Love M



Sunday, 25 September 2016

Weekend Trip: Amsterdam

Good morning!

Today's post is jam packed with photos! I've just got back from a weekend trip to Amsterdam and had such a lovely time. We were only there for two days but managed to see and do so much.

Here's a few snaps from wandering around:

2016-09-16 18.55.52

2016-09-16 18.30.27

The canals are just beautiful, so many of them but each have their own highlights. Some have bikes chained all over, some have flower baskets, others have houses straight on the water and some have roads in between.

The buildings are beautiful, I couldn't stop staring at them especially those with huge windows and absolutely massive entrance halls. Trust me, the home decor here is outstanding!


With all the walking around (20k steps a day!) we obviously ate and drank well too!

We went to Bagels and Beans for one lunch and I have a chicken chutney filling on a sesame bagel which was amazing, with an Assam loose leaf tea. I'd definitely recommend visiting here as the food choices were great and very tasty! 

2016-09-18 13.23.13-1

2016-09-17 12.28.26-1

We also went to an Italian restaurant where I had a Gorgonzola pizza which was amazing, I've never had gorgonzola on a pizza before but it was very good - 100% recommended!

2016-09-17 19.31.55

2016-09-17 13.38.44

Our other lunch on the second day was a random cafe we stopped at whilst walking around. Here I ordered a goat's cheese and walnut sandwich, this was also amazing. I've never had a sandwich with this filling before but boy oh boy was it good! I'm sad I didn't note down where this was because it was lovely but there are so many places to stop for lunch you are spoilt for choice.

We moved on to the infamous tulip market, and this did not disappoint. It's an instagrammers heaven!
There are rows and rows of so many different types of flowers, but particularly tulips which seem to be the favourite!

2016-09-17 14.51.43

2016-09-17 14.52.30-1

The selection bags are clearly this biggest and best sellers and you can see why. With this much variety I'm not surprised, there are hundreds of them dotted around with every colour imaginable.

My favourite part in particular was the ceiling of the shops, the photos of this are below so I don't need to explain why:



I also loved the range of cacti that were available - they were so interesting looking and crazy colours. so weird!


2016-09-18 11.13.26

On our final morning we went to the Van Gogh museum, this was really interesting too but it wasn't what I thought it was going to be.
There were many painting from Van Gogh but also many many other artists that he was friends with, so this was a little misleading. I also disappointed that there wasn't any photography allowed in the museum....I mean I fully understand that flash photography can affect the paintings and I wouldn't use the flash in this situation but to not be allowed to take any photos at all just felt restrictive and essentially forced you to buy postcards etc from their shop.

I obviously rebelled and took some on my phone when no one was looking!

2016-09-18 11.33.08

2016-09-18 11.51.12

The Sunflowers painting is infamous and it was good to see it in person as well as the Irises, but this museum was a little underwhelming for me.

After this we wandered around Vondel Park before being picked up for the airport. It was a lovely walk and we spent a lot of the time dodging bikes, it's a lot like Roath Park if you're from Cardiff as there are lakes dotted through it also and its a similar size.

2016-09-18 13.58.07

2016-09-18 15.10.05-2

We also had a walk through the red light district which was interesting. We went quite early in the night (9pm ish) so there weren't many actual 'customers' around, just tourists walking through and a few girls available at the windows to view.

It wasn't as seedy as I thought it would be but was interesting none the less, the girls seemed to be happy to be in the windows so I guess that's all that matters!

2016-09-16 20.27.04

2016-09-17 11.34.33-2

All in all it was a great weekend, definitely a whirlwind trip but we packed in as much as we could, mostly by walking in a certain direction each time and seeing as much as possible on the way.

I'd definitely go back to see more as there were still a variety of things we missed, but this was a great trip for seeing the essentials associated with Amsterdam.

Have you been to Amsterdam? What did you see and do?

What did you think of the Van Gogh museum and Vondel Park?

If you have any questions about Amsterdam feel free to tweet me!

L xxx


Saturday, 3 September 2016

Wish List: September 2016

Hello there! 

I've been writing a wishlist for weeks now and for some reason just haven't got around to getting it this time it has obviously grown but at least the items on it have a bit of variety.

The last year of house owning has ruined most shopping trips, planned or otherwise so writing a wishlist has been quite therapeutic. If I still want it after 6 months I obviously really want it...right??

Take a look and see if they match your wishlist items too! 

I keep seeing these beautiful gym leggings everywhere. As I'm tall I can struggle to find leggings that are long enough and also sit on my waist properly, but I'm still on the endless search for a long black pair with some sexy mesh panels in - just because I'm sweating doesn't mean I don't want to look good! 
I've seen some from Active in Style, the top ones are from Zanna Van Dijk's range and cost £85, the second are the Inda leggings from Daquini and cost £110.


Image from Lonely Planet website

Forever dreaming of a paradise island getaway my latest focus has been pinning pictures from the beautiful island of Bali. Those white sands, turquoise waterfalls and 'once in a lifetime' sunsets are on my dream list. Keeping all my fingers toes and everything else crossed that one day I can actually go on holiday!

Image from Superdrug website
I mean it was extremely difficult to choose one palette from Sleek owing to their absolute corker of a collection right now (rivalled by another fave - Make Up Revolution, see below) but this highlighter palette is just all of the Pinterest/blogger/makeup goals right now.Amazing casing, flattering colour choices and apparently awesome blend-ability. 

Image from UD website
Long have I lusted after the Urban Decay lipsticks but after their recent revamp and 120 shade uber collection I perve on them all the time.
I am still looking for the perfect red, this time a classic blue toned red. I either seem to repurchase orangey ones, or the super dark vampy ones but I always get it wrong!

F-Bomb looks the perfect shade, and is 100% on my wishlist

Browse them all by selecting this link, each comes in at a perfectly reasonable £15.

Chanel Chance:
Image from Chanel website

Another dream - owning a Chanel perfume!

Chance is my favourite and I had another whiff of it recently, I still love it. At £68 for 50ml however I definitely need to save or wait for a rich man.

One day!

MakeUp Revolution: 
Last but certainly not least is Make Up Revolution. 

There are so many things I want....NEED to pick up from this brand and knowing they are affordable means I actually can. I'm waiting for some free time to go in store and browse myself as that's always the best part, but these rose gold brushes are high on the priority list

Five brushes for £34.95 sounds pretty reasonable to me and they are beautiful! So instagrammable!

What's on your wishlist at the moment??

Hopefully I can get some of these soon but it's always nice to dream!

L xxx


Sunday, 14 August 2016

Coldra Court by Celtic Manor

Hey All

Travel posts are some of my favourite to write lately. I love going away and exploring somewhere whether it be for a night or longer! Recently C and I decided we deserved so me time so when he got back from one of his four week trips abroad we booked in to stay at Coldra Court.

We booked one of the dinner, bed and breakfast deals online and went for Coldra Court as it was much cheaper than the resort, still looked lovely and if we wanted to we could have headed up to Celtic Manor for beauty treatments!

Coldra Court is Celtic Manors newest addition to the chain and is only 10 minutes away from the main resort hotel. They also run a shuttle service so you can make use of it all. As I was away for some us time I do have to apologise as our food was amazing but I didn't snap away during dinner!

Coldra Court by Celtic Manor Spa Hotel Review

Coldra Court by Celtic Manor Spa Hotel Review

Coldra Court by Celtic Manor Spa Hotel Review

Coldra Court by Celtic Manor Spa Hotel Review

We stayed in a standard room and everything was decorated beautifully. The space in them was amazing too. I love the nudes and the classic furniture. It all just feels luxurious. The only thing I would say is the rooms didn't have air conditioning. I do think even though it doesn't get massively hot in the UK it's nice to be able to control the temperature of the room. You could open the windows (which we did) but there was road noise this didn't bother us though.

Coldra Court by Celtic Manor Spa Hotel Review

Coldra Court by Celtic Manor Spa Hotel Review

One thing I thought was great was that the plug sockets had USB ports. This meant that there wasn't a fight for the sockets and they were positioned well within the rooms layout. The bathroom was lovely with Elemis toiletries. I do love that Celtic Manor has these throughout the resort. 


As part of the rate we booked we also had a three course meal in the restaurant. There was a wide variety of choice and also the option to have a buffet starter, carvery and buffet desert. We both opted for the al la carte menu and it didn't disappoint. The pork belly was amazing! Breakfast in Seasons restaurant was also great, there was a wide selection of hot and cold food and service for tea and coffee to the table was quick.

We popped in for a quick dip in the pool and hot tub. It is smaller than Celtic Manor Resort but still has Sauna, Hot Tub and Steam Room as well as the pool and was clean and tidy. 

Overall we loved the stay there and would definitely go back. I still want to stay at the main resort so think we'll do that next time. They do great deals on stays that include dinner and breakfast so I'd recommend signing up to their offers. We stayed on a Friday as it was cheaper and I'd definitely do it again. It was nice to finish work head there and just chill.

Have you stayed at the Celtic Manor?

Love M


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