Thursday, 1 February 2018

Beauty: W7 Absolute Lashes Mascara

Hey All

Since going cruelty free I've been needing to find alternatives for some of my favourite non cruelty free products. I've always been a big fan of Benefit They're Real (and many of they're other products) and not being able to repurchase is a shame but I've actually started to find some good alternatives.

W7 absolute lashes mascara review, cruelty free, they're real dupe


Wednesday, 4 October 2017

W7 Contour Stick

Hey all

Contour sticks are everywhere at the moment with the release of Fenty and the Kim Kardashian West contour sticks I've been wanting to try some myself as they make contouring so much easier but wanted a more budget friendly dupe of the one's mentioned above and that's where W7 didn't disappoint!!


Friday, 28 September 2012

Review: W7 Eyebrow Kit

If you've seen pictures of me before then you'll know I have long dark hair and super pale skin.
This leaves me with eyebrows that are black and can be hard to fill in due to my paleness and also the fact that many dark shades for brows are very red toned and quite frankly look ridiculous on me.

I've previously posted about Mac's Eyebrow Pencil and I absolutely love it still as it's the perfect shade for me and goes on like a dream.
However it's expensive and I'm poor, so I'm trying to save it for nights out etc and recently came across this W7 version in a Savers store by me.

Me and M wandered in 'by accident' and ended up picking up a few goodies!
I'd never been in one before so had no idea what to expect really.

However after seeing this palette which came with 2 different brushes and a load of eyebrow stencils I couldn't help but put it in my basket for a mere £3.99

As you can see the palette itself has 4 shades with a mini brush for updates on the go.

You can see that there is a pretty damn good range of colours.
For me though, the bottom 2 were the best.

Number 3 was the absolute perfect shade for my brows as it was dark enough and not red toned, but not the black that my eye brows actually are (which can sometimes look like they've been permanent markered onto my forehead - not a good look!)

For every day use this palette is a savvy shoppers dream, No.3 is perfect eye brow colour, No.4 lines my eyes, No.1 highlights my brow bone and can be used as an overall wash on the eye, and No.2 can be used in the crease.

So simple!

You can see the colours on my fingers below:

Apologies if my nails look dirty....they aren't, I just had a little issue with fake tan oops!
The colour payoff is pretty good for the price and lasts me all day and doesn't move from my brows which was something I was worried about.

This was a perfect bargain buy for me and I'm so pleased with it!
The brushes that came with it are a larger version of the one you can see and a comb which probably won't get much use as I use either Mac or Real Techniques ones but the mini is good for touch ups.

I haven't used the stencils either but there are 3 different lengths/thicknesses which should suit most brow shapes.

Ultimately all you're missing from this is a mirror!

I'm super impressed and as my first W7 product I would definitely be interested in buying more.

What do you think of W7? I've seen a few of their nail polishes I'd love!
What do you have from them???

L xxx
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