Monday, 5 June 2017

Lush Spa Cardiff Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb


I've got a great new bath bomb to share with you today, this is the Yellow Submarine. It's exclusive to the new Cardiff Spa and Oxford Street, and it's a beautiful sunshine yellow little boat - it's cute!


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Lush Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb

Morning all!

I've got a quick review today of a bath bomb from Lush, it's called the Sacred Lotus and is an Oxford Street exclusive. I picked it up when we went to London a few weeks ago (really need to get a post up on that soon!) and couldn't resist the bright colours and the scent.


Monday, 15 May 2017

Miss Patisserie in Boots!

Morning all!

Today is a big day for Miss Patisserie, the brand is launching in Boots and we couldn't be more excited! We were lucky enough to be sent a few products to try so here's a few quick pictures to show you them.

They have created 7 product lines which will be available in 87 stores, and are currently available online already (although they are out of stock!)


Saturday, 29 April 2017

Miss Patisserie Safari Bath Ball

Morning all! Happy bank holiday weekend!

I don't know about you but I am still in a 'Spring Clean' mode, so although I have some plans with friends over the weekend I also 100% want to have a sort out in my house too. Anyone else got to the point where their house looks tidy but actually it's because all the cupboards and drawers are stuffed full?! Oops!

I also plan on having a few relaxing baths - totally treating myself with multiple baths in a weekend! I've made many bath product purchases recently so it's a great excuse to look like a wrinkly lobster every few days.

One of my recent bath balls I've tried is Safari from Miss Patisserie:


Friday, 14 April 2017

Lush Floating Island Bath Melt

Hey all!

Happy Good Friday to you! Hope you're enjoying the long bank holiday weekend so far, it's so nice to have a 4 day weekend without taking any time off.

Today's quick review is of a bath melt I picked up from Lush Oxford Street store during our trip to London recently - we will get our posts up about our trip soon!


Sunday, 19 February 2017

Miss Patisserie Ziggy Bath Bomb

Happy Sunday morning!

Recently I've become bath obsessed, it has taken me a while but at the grand old age of 28 I love a bath and look forward to trying out new ones as often as possible.

I've been working my way through the Miss Patisserie range and my latest one to try was Ziggy.


Friday, 28 October 2016

Lush Lord Of Misrule and Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Hi all

Earlier in the week I shared my thoughts on Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb (post here) I love it so much I've been back and grabbed two more since! I think I've always missed the halloween products previously as I'd never tried Lord of Misrule.


The scent isn't one that grabbed me straight away if I'm honest....but at the event they mixed it with snow fairy!! I'm not part of the snow fairy lovers, it's a touch to sickly sweet for me (that doesn't stop me having two bottles in my collection though!!) Mixing snow fairy and lord of misrule though gives my perfect scent. It's sweet but not over powering and has a great peppery undertone!

After smelling the two mixed I had to buy Lord of Misrule and I'm so glad I did. Lush shower gels are more expensive than normal let's not beat around the bush there but for me they are worth it. They're cruelty free, which is something I know only buy, they are so thick and luxurious you only need a small amount so they really last especially if you use a shower puff and the scent really lasts on your skin. Yummy mummy in particular (if it's bought out again for mothers day I can't recommend buying it enough!!) last so long I don't always wear perfume!

Lord of Misrule is only available until 31st Oct so snap it up quick!

Love M



Miss Patisserie: Rainbow River Bath Ball

Morning all!

Both of us here absolutely love a good bath and spend a lot of our time in Lush and Miss Patisserie - in fact I think between us we have tried most of their ranges which are quite extensive! We couldn't possibly choose between the two and why would you? Both have managed to create amazing products of their own so no doubt we will keep going back for more!

Today's post is about Miss Patisserie's  Rainbow River bath ball. M has previously written a post on this but I still decided I wanted to share my thoughts, her post is here if you'd like to read it


Rainbow River is a bath ball with a whole load of beautiful bright colours inside - there's blue, yellow pink and a few hidden extras!

The main scent for this bath ball is lavender to help calm you down but there's also some shimmer too which let's face it, is a great addition to absolutely anything in life. It's like coconut oil, great for anything!

Miss Patisserie Rainbow River

Miss Patisserie Rainbow River

The best thing about this bath ball is the bath art, or bath porn depending on who you are.

The colours and swirls from this fizzing bath ball are absolutely stunning! I bought this just before Glastonbury as a treat for myself when I got home, but I was too tired even for that!

Now were a few months later and Autumn is well and truly here I thought it was about time I reminded myself of how amazing Glastonbury was and how fun and carefree it is. The colours instantly remind me of the festival and I need to go and buy more Rainbow River to get me through the winter months!

Miss Patisserie Rainbow River


Rainbow River costs £3.85 each unless you buy them in a box with a few others like above and then I believe they are 4 for £12 in the box.

It was the store's first birthday this week so there was an event to celebrate. I can't wait to share my new purchases with you as I've got a few newbies!

Have you tried Rainbow River? What's your favourite product from Miss Patisserie?

If you are from South Wales do you regularly pop in to the store or do you prefer to bulk order from the internet?

L xxx


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Lush Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb Review

Hey All

In Friday's post I was sharing some of the new bits from Lush's Halloween and Christmas range and mentioned I'd bought the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb on Lorna's recommendation. I couldn't wait to try it out so because the shower gels worked so well together I decided to mix in some snow fairy for some bubbles in the bath and also added a Miss Patisserie bath shard piece as I love how my skin feels after a bath and using these.

Lush Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb Review

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb Lush Review

Lush Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb Review

The bath bomb itself is bright green and I hadn't seen it in action before so expected it to just be a green bath!! How wrong was I!!! It's made of patchouli oil, black pepper and vanilla and smells amazing. Mixing it with a bit of snow fairy really makes it smell even more amazing as it has a sweet peppery smell to it.


Lush Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb Review

Once the middle hits and amazing pink colour comes pouring out!! I was expecting this so it was a nice surprise! It filled the bath with pink and turned the previously green water a purpley red colour! Definitely more inviting!

Lord of Misrule Bath bomb in action

I'm hooked on this bath bomb and will be stocking up so I can have a few throughout the year!! Have you tried the Lord of Misrule products?

Love M



Friday, 21 October 2016

Lush Halloween and Christmas 2016!

Whenever that Lush invite pops up in our inbox to see the new products we get saving the penny's and get excited to get stuck into lots of new goodies! L couldn't make it this time so I popped along on my own excited to stock up on my favourite from last year yog nog soap (only to find heartbreak as it's not made this year!!! Why lush why!! But the lovely ladies on twitter have put in a request to lush kitchen so I'm crossing everything!!)

Annnyways, there are plenty of new goodies I still had to pick up!

Lush Halloween and Christmas 2016


Saturday, 8 October 2016

Miss Patisserie Wake Shower Steamer

Are you a bath or a shower kind of girl?

I'm 100% a shower girl...until recently over the last year when I've started to love having baths too, mostly thanks to Lush and Miss Patisserie and their amazing collections.

However the majority of the time I still have showers and sometimes it's nice to have a shower that smells amazing and fills the bathroom with the scent.


This is where the Shower Steamers from Miss Patisserie are awesome.

The description on the website is:


There are five different types available and I picked up Wake, a beautiful aqua coloured steamer which conveniently matches my bathroom.... ;)



All you have to do with these beauties is put them on the floor in the shower and make sure the water can get to them

The steam then fills the room with the scent of your chosen Steamer, in my case this was Spearmint and Peppermint, two of my favourite scents. These essential oils can help with a cold to relieve your sinuses but also stress and headaches which is something I can suffer with.



So what did I think?

Wake smells amazing as I expected, and my bathroom did fill with the steam smelling of peppermint and spearmint. It was a delicate scent so it could be a bit stronger but maybe if you're in a shower cubicle and not using it in a shower over a bath then it may be stronger so you don't want to be too overwhelmed!

I really love the idea of these Steamers and the different scents that can help with a variety of problems such as stress, illness and sleep but I was a little disappointed that it disappeared down the plug hole quite quickly.

Maybe mine was under the direct stream of water too much so next time I try a different scent I will have to put it further away and hope that makes it last a little longer.

However I still enjoyed it and it made my normal quite boring shower that much more interesting and more of an experience. I'd like to try the Breathe steamer when i have a cold to see how much it helps and also the Sunny steamer as it has a citrus scent which is another favourite of mine.

The steamers cost £3.25 each so is definitely a treat and not for every shower, but I would definitely get one again for in the future, and hope next time it lasts a bit longer. Let's be honest the colour range is pretty enough for me to want them all to keep on display in my bathroom!

What are your thoughts on the Shower Steamers? Have you got a favourite?

I think showers are underrated and there should be more products like this available!

L xxx


Monday, 3 October 2016

Miss Patisserie: Miami Bath Ball

Hey there!

Well look at that cold weather creeping back in, Autumn is well and truly here and the colder mornings now require a scarf and boots. I have to say this pleases me quite a bit as I'm definitely a lover of Autumn and Winter. Hot chocolates, blankets and fairy lights please me no end so I'm enjoying adding layers on!

With that comes more baths. I mean, it's not like I stopped having them over the summer because let's face it I live in Wales and the rain is always pouring somewhere but a cosy bath in the evening is even better when it's cold.

The best type of baths however are the ones that remind you of summer at this time - just like the Miami bath ball.



Green is hands down my favourite colour anyway, so I may be slightly biased but I did really love the colour of this bath ball.

I also love the swirly effect of the colours on the outside, everyone loves a marble effect right?

Without further rambling, I spun it into my bath and watched the bath porn (the technical term obviously) commence!



It didn't take long for the fabulous pink colour to arrive which made the bath art look even better!

Looking at the image below I immediately think of some of the crazy retro style prints you can get for summer in Miami - the description on the Miss Patisserie website for this bath ball is perfect 'Sun, beaches, flamingos and everything fabulous'. Spot on!



This bath ball's main scent is Lavender, and it surprised me just how much I enjoyed it. I'm not normally a fan of it but I really enjoyed this bath. The bath ball also has a scent of florida grapefruit so maybe that was why! Who knows, I still loved it and would definitely but it again, if just for the beautiful colours and the swirls.

You can pick up this bath ball for £3.95, I'd definitely recommend popping in to the store if you can as it's so beautiful. And then accidentally picking up the rest of the store contents....which is exactly what I do!

Have you tried the Miami Bath Ball? What were your thoughts? Have you got a favourite so far?

L xxx


Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Miss Patisserie: Lemon Tea Bath Ball

Good morning!

Last week I was a total rebel and had my completely irregular 'Sunday night bath' on a Monday. Ooh err.

I've saved this bath ball from Miss Patisserie for weeks because it looked so pretty in my bathroom, but it was time to give it a whirl and I was glad I did!

2016-09-19 19.16.29

The Lemon Tea bath ball combines green tea and citrus lemongrass scents for a foamy bath.

I've said many times that citrus is my favourite scent and is the main reason I picked this bath ball up, but the colour matches my bathroom too and the flower is just a pretty addition!

As usual I filled the bath and then spun the bath ball into the water to make sure it fizzed and whirled whilst it dissolved.

2016-09-19 19.18.05

The flower fell off straight away which was maybe a bit disappointing, I was hoping it would spin nicely whilst upright with the flower still in tact...but maybe that's just taking blogger problems a bit far!

However the bath ball didn't disappoint at all, it fizzed for ages and the bath was a lovely aqua colour quite quickly. The bath ball took quite a while to totally dissolve so it was still going long after I'd sunk into the water and got very comfy!

2016-09-19 19.22.04

2016-09-19 19.22.53-1

Look how pretty the water is! It's so foamy and I love the aqua colour. The scent was amazing and filled the bathroom with the subtle citrus and tea fragrance.

I still can't stay in baths longer than half an hour but am definitely getting into the whole 'relaxing in a bath with a candle and some music/Netflix on my phone' routine. I still can't do it every week either but at least once a month is good enough for me!

2016-09-19 19.15.48


The Lemon Tea Bath Ball costs £3.49, and smells really really lovely!

I'm definitely going to get it again as my bathroom looks much duller without it. I can't wait for another spree in Miss Patisserie as I've got my eye on the Safari and Ziggy bath balls too!

Maybe there will also be some Christmas themed ones coming out soon....I'd really love that if you're reading this Charlotte!!!! :)

What are your favourite products from Miss Patisserie?? I have many especially the more I try, but I'm currently loving the new Coconut Face Soap!

L xxx


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Miss Patisserie Fizzy Orange Bath Shard

Hey All

It's pretty obvious by now L and I are massive Miss Patisserie fans as we share a lot of products here and the blog and both our bathrooms are fully stocked. One thing I couldn't resist trying out is the bath shards. They look amazing and I couldn't wait to try them out in the bath. I loved the look and smell of the Fizzy orange but can't wait to try the rest of the range.

Miss Patisserie Fizzy Orange bath shard review

Miss Patisserie Fizzy Orange bath shard review

The bath shards are packed full of cocoa and shea butter so they are really moisturising and melt into the bath. Fizzy orange also has sweet orange essential oil and bath crumble so it fizzes a little.

I love adding a bit of these to a bath that I've added a bath bomb to as they leave my skin feeling so soft afterwards. 

Miss Patisserie Fizzy Orange bath shard review

You can see the oil melting off of them. I only add a piece this size to each bath and it really makes a difference to my skin. 

For £2.80 it's a bargain and I get about 4 baths out of mine. I want to try the rose next as it's so pretty!

Love M



Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Miss Patisserie Kyoto Bath Bomb

Hello there!

Miss Patisserie have featured on our blog many times already, and expect lots more because we are definitely super fans. My most recent bath bomb is the Kyoto bath bomb, the most pink and purple addition to the range so far!


Just look at those swirling colours!

As soon as I got it out the packaging I couldn't wait to get it into the bath, and it didn't disappoint. This bath bomb is inspired by Japan, it contains rose petals and smells like Peach Blossom, Orchid and Honeysuckle.....its amazing!

The website states that this was created for Mother's Day 2016 and is limited edition, but it is still available and many people have asked for it to stay as part of the full range, so fingers crossed it does.


2016-06-19 21.11.02

The bath itself was exactly what I needed after a really long week. Not only did I want to relax but I also wanted to feel super girly, I made a whole evening of it and smothered myself in face masks, and body scrubs and oils - it was amazing.

I took quite a few pictures but actually the steam ruined most of them! The best one is copied below, the pink was just so vibrant!

2016-06-19 21.16.33-2

This bath ball costs £3.85 and is still available in store and on their website, I'd definitely recommend trying it out you will love it!

Have you tried many products from Miss Patisserie? What's your favourite bath product?

I'm currently loving their body oil and face creams too, I want everything!

L xxx


Friday, 17 June 2016

Miss Patisserie : Rainbow River

Hey all

So a few weeks ago L and I popped into Miss Patisserie as they were having an event. When we got there we were both feeling spendy and couldn't resist grabbing the shop and trying out bath bomb, skin care, bath melts and everything in between. I'd never tried Miss Patisserie before then and haven't been disappointed with any of the bits I've bought yet. I love that it's a company that started off in South Wales and always love to support local. It's also cruelty free so one I'll be continuing to purchase from. You can see the other products we've tried and loved here. We were also kindly given a goody bag each and this bath bomb was in mine. L also loved it so purchased herself one!



Rainbow river is an amazingly bright coloured bath bomb packed with blues, pinks and yellows and certainly catches the eye. It's packed with lavender and a bit of shimmer to help make the bath even more relaxing. I do love a bit of sparkle in a bath bomb and this is great as it's not one that leaves you or the bath covered in glitter.

Miss Patisserie Rainbow River Bathbomb Review

Miss Patisserie Rainbow River Bathbomb Review

Miss Patisserie Rainbow River Bathbomb Review

Miss Patisserie Rainbow River Bathbomb Review

How pretty is it in the bath. The appeal of a bath bomb to me is definitely how pretty it looks in the bath and this one doesn't disappoint! 

This was the first one I tried as it looked so pretty but I've also purchased another 4 to try out so I'll be sharing soon. I think between L and myself we actually purchased most of the bath bombs!

They retail for £3.85 and if you're local they can be purchased from High Street Arcade in Cardiff or from their website.

Have you tried Miss Patisserie?

Love M


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