Soap and Glory Sit Tight

Who doesn’t like Soap and Glory??

We’re both girly girls here at CSI and we absolutely love it!

It caters for all your product needs in an acceptable price range, beautiful packaging and generally gives you that all round warm feeling inside.

(We’re particularly excited about the new make-up range but we haven’t got round to buying any yet!)

The product in question today has been around a little while but I feel it needs a post so you can fully appreciate its wonders again.

The product is ‘Sit Tight’, theexclusive sit-released firming system….with the addition of DETOXYBOOST, an active shown to help healthy ‘

It claims to firm your lower body whilst you sit back and relax, who wouldn’t want this to work??

Here’s a review from us each:

I’ve used this quite regularly over the past year and although it can be a bit of a pain, there never is a surefire way to rid yourself of wobbly orange peel thighs without the diet of a saint and pretending your an olympic athlete at the gym, of which I am neither!

I for one am completely happy with applying the thick white lotion, letting it sink in for a minute or so before settling myself down for a ready made excuse to watch tv and paint my nails whilst feeling like I’m sat on a hot water bottle.

I used this for a solid 2/3 weeks last year and 100% truth, I lost 2 inches off each leg and my cellulite was all but gone. I wish in some ways I’d taken pictures to prove it as everyone looks at me with a glazed expression as if to say ‘yeeeeeeeeeah right’.

It’s true! Believe me, or don’t believe me, I’m sure you’re willing to give it a go??

The unfortunate part is the £14.30 price tag, which is cheaper than other cellulite busting creams on the market but still a little hefty for those wanting a high street saviour. This can be helped by the seemingly permanent 3 for 3 offer that boots have on (available now) and the amazing results that so many people have had that you really cannot ignore! I also found that as soon as I stopped using it, things slowly went back to how they were before, but I suppose that’s to be expected.

Another downside I found was that you really do need to have everything you need within reaching distance as I really didn’t want to get back up after I’d put it on! I preferred to put mine on in the evening rather than the morning but I’m not sure if it really makes that much of a difference.

Just get yourself a cup of tea, the tv remote and all your nail varnishes beforehand and you’re sorted!

L xxx

Being the pear shape that I am, cellulite is a big problem for me. But as L has said this cream is amazing. It’s also perfect for these cold mornings or nights as while it’s working it does get quite toasty. I tend to put mine on in the morning as I’m getting ready so I can sit down and do my make up. Just wait for it to dry put your pjs back on and sit and feel the warming tingly effect of it working away, personally I love this as I feel like it’s working. Also unlike other cellulite creams on the market this one doesn’t need to be rubbed in for a few minutes, you just rub it in, let it dry for 30-60 seconds, put trousers on and sit down. Perfect. This for me combined with body brushing made such a difference. 

I do sometimes find it hard to make the effort to apply it but it’s so worth doing as the results are so good. Personally for me due to the price tag in the winter months I just apply the week before a planned night.

We also both have the firminator and while it’s a little cheaper than sit tight I only use this on my arms and stomach. It’s good at firming but I feel doesn’t tackle cellulite as well as sit tight. Also I only like to use it in the summer as this one cools as it’s rubbed in with a slightly minty scent.

Have any of you tried sit tight?? What are your feelings on it??

M xxx

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