Avon Solutions Vibes Power Cleanser

Today I wanted to introduce you all to my latest skincare love. Avon solutions vibes power cleanser.

This is one of those cleansers that vibrates (as the name suggests). The power vibe comes with 14 pads. It has a velco sort of top that grips on to the pads. On the website it says for use 3 times a week. I do use this most nights. 


You put a pad on run it slightly under  water and turn on, I like the feeling of this. The vibration really makes me feel like my skin is getting a deep clean. It feels very moisturising and gives a thick creamy cleanser.

Once done you just peel the pad off and chuck it in the bin. It always surprises me how dirty the pad is, showing me how little of make up wipes alone remove.

 I like that each replacement pack comes with a new velco pad to put on the top of the power unit. The power unit is a little pricey to start with at £15 currently on offer for £12, but Avon regularly have great deals on, The pads were half price a few weeks ago so I stocked up.

I’m really liking Avon skincare at the moment and I am using their day and night creams as well. I will do a separate post on these soon.

I have oily skin so anything that gives me skin a deep cleaning I like. Currently from using a cleanser that didn’t agree with me I am spotty, when my skin calms down I will use it 3 times a week. It’s not the cheapest product but I think it’s worth the money. I also find this makes me actually cleanse my skin properly at night (sometimes I’m a bit lazy and just use the wipe) I’m not sure if it’s the gimmick of the vibration and me thinking I’m getting a good clean or whether it’s fact it’s easy to do. I don’t find myself getting cleanser and all sorts in my hair. Surprisingly I think I’m actually converted from my lush products. Never thought that would be the day.

Have you tried any of the vibrating cleansers on the market?

Love M xxx

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