First attempt at eyelash tinting

After talking to a colleague in work about home kit eyelash tinting, I decided to try it. I’m naturally blonde so my eyelashes are very fair. I’m decided to tint them for completely vain reasons so I would look better naturally at the weekend and wouldn’t have to put on make up for weekends spent sat in the flat with my other half.

I popped into Asda on my way home from work and thought I picked up the eylure one, till I got home and realised it was a cheaper brand called colour sport. It was around £7 and you can get up to 16 applications from it.

It’s taken me a while to get round to trying it. It only takes around 15 minutes in total but you need clean eyelashes to start with, which meant I didn’t want to come home from work and take my make up off to do it. So I gave it a try on sunday. It comes with the tint, developer and a little mixing stick. You have to do a patch test 48 hours prior to doing it.

You also need vaseline, cotton buds and cotton wool. To begin with you put vaseline on your eyelid and under your bottom lashes, being careful not to get any on your lashes or you have to clean then well and start again as it prevents the dye from sticking.

lashes prior to application

Now to mix the dye, you put 2cms of the dye into the pot and then add two drops of developer mix and add more until it’s a creamy texture but not dripping (I found the developer dropped out very quickly).

just the dye
mixed with the developer

Now it’s time to apply it to the lashes, you use the stick provided to apply a thin coat to the lashes in a similar way to applying mascara. I think this will definietly take practice. I did get it in my eye, it hurts a lot, you just need to rinse it out if you get it in there.

After 10 minutes you just use cotton wool and luke warm water to wipe and rinse the dye off. I was worried about this part but it was really simple.

The finished result, my lashes definitely are darker, I’m going to try and keep up doing it as they do look better than naturally but I think it’s something I’ll easily forget to do. I do like the result but think I stupidly expected more than it was going to do. Do you tint your eyelashes? If so what brand do you use?

Love M xxx 


  1. Lisa H.
    February 21, 2012 / 10:34 pm

    Wow, I have heard of lash dying but didn't know what the process consisted of until now! Your lashes look so long and pretty after you dyed them! My lashes are already dark, but they are so sparse. I want to try a product that will help my lashes grow.

  2. C.S.I Beauty Blog
    February 22, 2012 / 1:54 pm

    Thanks Lisa. There are some good products on the market now with brilliant reviews. Some are a little pricey but well worth it for thick lashes. One trick I've heard is putting vasaline on your eyelashes at night is meant to help them xx

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