Review: 17 Miracle Matte Foundation

I am always looking for the ‘one’ when I go shopping…… 

That one foundation that answers all of my prayers!

When I saw the new 17 Miracle Matte Foundation, I thought my life’s search was complete!

Ticking them off my check list: it’s oil free, has SPF 15 and claims to create a Matte Satin flawless finish with ALL DAY SHINE CONTROL!

This in my book sounded like I was onto a real winner, particularly as it had money off and was part of the 3 for 2 deal on at the time.

After swatching some to find the best colour, I eventually chose ‘Fair’, picked up the matte effect bottle with a super bright pink lid that looks like this:

I managed to contain myself and waited until I got home to test it out properly….and I was GUTTED!!!

Every combination of moisturiser, no moisturiser, different moisturiser, primer, no primer etc resulted in this horrendous cakey mess that lumped together on my face and when it dried, peeled off like kids PVA glue!

I was, as you can imagine, heart broken and completely depressed that my possible knight in shining armour had done the dirty on me and been completely rubbish.

The worst part for me was the amount of reviews I’ve read that give it such a high rating, why does it work for them and not for me?!

I’m going to persevere and try and find out why this has such a bad reaction on my face because the benefits of having this foundation work for me are too great!

Having oily skin I’m a lover of oil free products, particularly those that contain SPF 15 and claim to last the day.

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think of it? Any tips for being able to wear it?

L xxx


  1. Jlalamb
    February 18, 2012 / 2:15 pm

    I am so glad i found your review through google! I bought this foundation myself yesterday and tried it out today and I had exact same results! My face looked cakey and clumped and looked asif I have never used an ounce of moisturiser in my life. I thought it was just me applying it wrong after reading all the rave reviews x

    • C.S.I Beauty Blog
      February 18, 2012 / 3:17 pm

      It's really odd isnt it?! I don't know what else I can do to try and get it to work for me. I was so disappointed! At least it seems to work for most people! x

  2. shannen
    February 18, 2012 / 2:31 pm

    I have pretty oily skin and I'm still searching for that perfect concealer, after your review I think I'll defo try out this foundation 🙂 Shannen Xx

    • C.S.I Beauty Blog
      February 18, 2012 / 3:17 pm

      Hopefully it will work for you 🙂

  3. Girlie Blogger
    February 19, 2012 / 9:55 am

    No, never heard of this product. Sounds like something to try.

    • C.S.I Beauty Blog
      February 21, 2012 / 11:28 am

      Give it a try! It works brilliantly for some people, but as I said, not for me 🙁

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