Review: Percy & Reed Finishing Polish

I had to pick up another Glamour magazine last week as I fancied trying the finishing polish. It’s not a product I would normally pick up so while it was only £2 I thought I’d give it ago.

Since having my extensions I felt I needed something to finish off the ends when it was curly. Once I’ve curled my hair I rub this through the ends and it leaves the curls more defined and softer.

I’m really into hair care atm, what’s your favourite miracle product at the moment. I all for the conditioning. I really want to try Redken Anti Snap product next.

This comes in an impressive 100ml size, which for a freebie I think is brilliant. It gives a chance for you to decide if you really like the product.

Due to the ingredients in this product such as methylchloroisothiazolinone it is a good idea to only apply this to the tips of your hair. This ingredient can cause some people skin irritation but mainly that’s only in high concentrations but a thing to be aware of if you have sensitive skin. For me it hasn’t been a problem and I will continue to use the product but with care. I does worry me the ingredients that make up our products and I definietly pay more attention when I’m looking for a new shampoo.

I do like this product but won’t be repurchasing, I can’t seem to find it to buy except in packs with other products. Have you used finishing polishes? What ones do you find good?

Love M


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