April Wishlist

I can’t believe it’s April already, this year is speeding by. In my March Favourites found here coloured skinny jeans made an appearance for the second month running. I still don’t have any yet, this month I’ve had a bit of a fat month so for April I’m planning to work out and then will treat myself to a pair. I find jeans a real struggle to fit, I’m very much a pair shape and have a big bum, finding jeans that fit my bum, waist and legs is usually an effort. Where do you ladies get your jeans from?

As for the Revlon lip butters, I went and swatched them yesterday, I wanted to try them before I bought them and I’m glad I did. For me I think they are pretty colours, but for the price I’d rather buy a proper lipstick as I think I would use those up a lot quicker. Are you loving the lip butters or not decided on them?

I’m still going to get the Revlon foundation but after my MAC haul where I picked up a foundation I loved it didn’t seem necessary. I also finally got my MAC lipsticks, not the one from my February wishlist as it was unfortunately limited addition, if any of you see flamingo for sell anywhere please let me know. 

Anyway sorry for the ramble onto April wishlist. Today’s wishlist required lots of thought as I’ve already been spending lots this month.



My current purse I love but it’s getting pretty old now. It’s from River Island and is a purse I always go back to. I have a couple of Ollie & Nic ones I love but the size of them annoys me. I carry a lot of stuff in a purse. My current purse was a cream floral vintage pattern and got tatty looking quick so I want to be sensible and get black but that’s boring. Here are a few I like the best. Where do you get your purses from? Any where you think I should look?

These are my four favourites from River Island at the moment. My least favourite is the third one due to the pattern but it’s the same design as my current one which I love. Which is your favourite?


Claireabella bags, if your on twitter I expect you’ve seen these, some love them some hate. I’ve wanted an Original since about Sept but they sell out in seconds. Last time they went up on the website I got one in my bag but I wasn’t quick enough! They are cute jute bags with a glamourised version of the owner painted on, you can design how you want it to look. They can be purchased from toxic fox as well but they are from a set of 9 pre designed outfits.

Make Up

As I’m now a MAC addict I’m eyeing up the next lipstick I want. At the moment I’m loving the look of fanfare, I need to go and swatch this in person as online it looks such a gorgeous shade, to me it looks a peachy pink nude. Mac describes this one as a mid tone yellow pink, I think it’s one of those shades that just makes your lips look pretty and natural. Have any of you tried it? What colours would you recommend? 


The final item on my April Wishlist is a Tangle Teezer, I’ve only heard good things about these and I definitely think it’s time to invest now I have long hair. Do you have one? I think it’ll get the pink or the leopard print compact one. 

That’s my April wishlist. What are you really wanting this month? Are any of you getting anything the same as me?

Love M


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