Cocktail Hour!

This week’s Cocktail Hour comes courtesy of M, when she told me she’d had this cocktail I was unbelievably jealous and foaming at the mouth!

I’m talking about TGI Friday’s Silver Mercedes:

A fruity, frozen blend of SKYY vodka, cranberry juice and orange sherbet poured over Champagne.

This sounds to me like an updated version of our absolute favourite cocktail which is the infamous Cosmopolitan.

I like frozen cocktails every now and then as I don’t have them very often but they do give a nice twist on an otherwise normal cocktail.

For an occasion though you cannot go wrong with champagne! As I’m sure every girl knows 😉

This cocktail looks delish, we’re planning an evening coming up with a lot of new cocktails that aren’t as popular so should be something different for you!

What do you think of frozen cocktails? Have you tried any from TGI’s? Any suggestions?

L xxx

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