Review: Real Techniques Brushes

Me and M had both wanted Real Techniques brushes as soon as they came out….but after M bought a Mac one and I already had a large number it took us a little while to actually go and get them.

But with the wonderful 3 for 2 offer from Boots coming to and end we eventually gave in on the premise that we would have bought them anyway and we may as well get them when they’re on offer….right?? 🙂

So we both bought the stippling brush due to all the raving, and I also got the blush brush as mine is cheap and molts all over my face…lush.

The packaging is simple, black white and a hint of pink with information clearly printed on the back.

What I love is the bit at the bottom, reminding you that you can go onto youtube and find videos that teach you how to use your product for the best effect, brilliant!

Out of the packaging the brushes look gorgeous, and on first touch I noticed that they are unbelievably soft!

The boxes tell me that the hairs are ultra plush synthetic taklon bristles that are HAND CUT and 100% cruelty free….what’s not to love!

They have light aluminium handles, with a flat base to stand them up on and help to create that ‘pixel perfect’ finish that we all crave.

Let’s see how they fare!

The stippling brush was the one I was most excited about due to the massive amounts of reviews and the possibility of an actual flawless base, including foundation, blush and powders, which anyone who’s anyone wants!

This is a close up of the bristles, click for a bigger picture and you’ll feel like you’re right on it, it looks so soft!

I was a little afraid this would irritate my skin but the bristles have absolutely no negative effect whatsoever, they buffed my foundation in a treat and I truly had a perfect finish.

I even added in my concealer and highlighter to the mix and buffed them in, trust me I couldn’t believe my skin was mine!

The flat bottom can seem gimmicky to some but I love them, no more leaning them on something else and getting make up everywhere, and similarly no letting them lie on a surface and pick up any bacteria before you transfer it to your face.

Such a simple design but they look beautiful, I’m sold!

Shown below is a picture of the blush brush up close, it’s gorgeously soft and allows me to apply my blusher with no possibility of it sticking in one place.

It blends the blush really well and doesn’t leave any harsh lines that some brushes can do.

Overall I’m sold! I would definitely consider buying more brushes from the range if and when I need them, but sadly I don’t have the money (nor a good enough excuse) to buy any more.

Sometimes products don’t live up to the hype, but these are certainly worthy of a buy!

The only downside I found to them was that they do molt a tiny bit, my stippling brush did lose a few hairs the first few times I used it, not sure if this is just due to the first use and should be expected? But nevertheless, a fabulous product that I am super pleased with!

Do you have any Real Techniques brushes? Have you used the stippling brush before?

L xxx

When L arrived at the gym with my brush with her I couldn’t wait to finish our work out so I could try it when we were getting ready.

When products are really hyped up and everyone loves them I’m always a little sceptical they then won’t live up to my hopes. Does anyone else find this?

With everyone loving it I couldn’t believe it could be that good!! It’s also very reasonably priced in my opinion.

So how did I find it. I absolutely loved it, It’s amazing, it does live up to the hype and I love almost everything about it. It makes my foundation appear flawless on my skin, it blends foundations in amazingly and makes layering them up easier and the finish perfect.

The size of the brush is perfect, I know people have said it was small but it’s the perfect size for my face. It’s easy to get into around my nose and eyes and I think any bigger and this would be awkward. It’s sturdy so perfect for stippling onto your skin but doesn’t feel at all hard on your face. It feels so soft and gentle on the skin.

I find it does work better with some foundations, I find it better with thinner liquid foundations. It’s made me love Rimmel Wake Me up even more, I’m also convinced it makes my foundation last longer. Have any of you guys found this too?

So do I have any negatives with it??? The only negatives I can think of are little ones. It uses more foundation, so I try to hold of using it with my MAC foundation for every day. Otherwise I don’t mind it using extra. I have enough (15 if you haven’t seen my Make up addict post), it’s quite nice knowing I’m getting through them. If you are rushed in the mornings it does take a little longer than slapping it on with your fingers but the finish is worth it. lastly the slighty rubberised (think nars packaging) handle gets dirty looking quickly! Foundation and a rubberised handle don’t mix, finger prints all over.

None of the negatives would stop me buying it again.

I’m thinking I need the eye collection of brushes next.

Love M


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