Review: Soap and Glory Heel Genius

Another Soap and Glory product. When I opened my Big Splendor I was really pleased to see a foot product. I definitely neglect my feet and should give them more TLC. Now’s the time to polish those tootsies so they are ready for flip flop seasons (which I hope will approach quickly).

This is a thick cream that absorbs quickly into the skin. It’s slightly minty scented from the menthol which is amazing after a long day as it works to cool the feet. It also contains Macadamia Oil (an amazing moisturiser, which we will be doing a post on the hair oil soon), glycerin, bilberry, orange and lemon fruit acid smoothers so while it has a slight minty smell it’s not hugely overpowering.

It’s a treatment you use at night. I slap a bit on my feet then put socks on and let it work it’s magic while I snooze away. Then you get to wake up to lovely smooth feet. Perfect.

I’ve not tried many foot creams but this is one I’d repurchase when boots do our favourite 3 for 2 offers.

Have you tried Heel Genius? What’s your favourite foot cream?

Love M xxx

I have a few foot creams lurking around my room, mainly unused as admittedly I absolutely hate feet with a passion!

It’s not an uncommon hate mainly I suppose due to the overwhelming amount of people that don’t take care of their feet, i.e. foot fungus and cracked heels, bleurgh!

I decided one day that however much I hate feet I wouldn’t neglect them so they’d turn into the gross types that nobody wants to see….Roll on Christmas and the Big Splendour set!

I was shocked when I first used this cream, its BRIGHT BLUE!

I wasn’t expecting that especially after using the Righteous Butter and Hand Food a few minutes before, I was used to the standard white!

However, I absolutely love this product. It smells divine, sinks in pretty quickly considering it’s quite a thick cream, and then moisturises your feet whilst you sleep!

I would definitely purchase this again, though I can’t imagine I will be running out any time soon as there’s loads in the tube and you barely need any of it!

I’m sure M would agree with me when I say that it definitely gets our Stamp of Approval 🙂

What foot creams do you use? Do you hate feet as much as me?!

L xxx


  1. Cat0805
    April 22, 2012 / 9:29 pm

    I think I will definitely be trying this, I adore Soap and glory products, so thanks for this review. I so need a good foot cream as my feet hurt often from working on them all day. OutsideBeautyInsdieHealth

  2. chazzehhh
    April 23, 2012 / 2:22 pm

    I bought the Soap and Glory Big Splendor set too 😉 I haven't even opened it yet because I'm trying to finish off all my open products first. I've used a similar style foot cream that was a Sainsburys brand in a yellow tube with a Pin-up girl on the side and that's pretty good!Charlotte

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