Review: Max Factor Colour Adapt and FaceFinity Compact

A few months ago all of my foundations were too orange and I threw a strop and ran to my local Boots with the aim of spending a lot of money in rebellion.

I actually didn’t end up spending too much which was a nice surprise and came away with some pretty reasonable purchases!

First up I bought the Facefinity Compact as my powder was also running out at the time.

I ended up buying this in 02 Ivory, but in hindsight 01 probably would have been better.

It has SPF 15 in it and states that it provides all day colour and contains ‘Permawear’

The compact comes with a decent sized sponge, I like them when they’re thicker like this as some of them are so small you can barely hold them and apply your make up at the same time.

The mirror is a decent size too but I was disappointed in the 10g size of the product itself, I felt that it should have been more but that’s being picky I suppose.

It’s a relatively decent product, I’m a little annoyed that the colour was so dark though. Ivory is a pale colour, yet Max Factor still seem to think it’s dark!

I’m not normally the palest colour in the range and am normally one shade darker, when I tested it it seemed fine in store!

This product was probably a little too thick for me and I wouldn’t buy it again. I’m finding it hard to describe my reasons but it was just an ‘ok’ product that could have been so much more and I just don’t have any kind of inclination either way.

I don’t love it or hate it, it didn’t last a long time on my face but it wasn’t the quickest powder to let the oil through either.

I’m hoping this makes sense! Basically I was underwhelmed with the product.

I also bought the colour adapt foundation in Creamy Ivory, which was definitely a good choice colour wise.

This perfectly suited my seemingly odd paler skin tone (it seems to come and go!) and was a really thick creamy formula that gave me good coverage and a nice finish.

The only downside to this product is that it does NOT like being put on using the Real Techniques stippling brush. I think it may be too thick, I’d definitely avoid using it and would apply it using my Mac brush (168) instead.

It seems a pretty good foundation but I don’t get much wear out of it as I only use it when I’m on a pale day, maybe one day when I’ve worked my way through the back log of other foundations I’d buy a darker shade.

(clearly the colour adapt technology doesn’t stretch that far!)

Buying both the foundation and compact meant that I also picked up this freebie:

I’ve already blogged about the nail polishes here and here, but I thought the mini mascara and mini eyeliner were both pretty decent items and was impressed with them

Usually you get some rubbish colours or pointless products, but these were usable and widely used shades!

What do you think of Max Factor? Does your skin change colour all the time like mine?

L xxx

Max Factor was a range I first started using when I was in school. The FaceFinity was ‘the’ product to have. I remember loving it but using that as my foundation. I haven’t used this in years so can’t comment.

When L told me she picked up colour adapt I was excited to see how she got on with it. Colour adapt stayed a firm favourite with me all through my uni years and was my go to foundation. I loved the soft silky texture the medium finish to cover my freckles and spots and the lasting power. 

The colour adapt technology in it really is fab too. I’m using paler than L in foundations but in this one I’m currently using 45 warm almond and it really doesn’t make me orange. It’s a great spring transition foundation as you can go for a shade darker in my opinion and it blend fine and come to summer and it still look good on the skin. (had I know L was getting it I should have shared this with her)

It’s a thicker foundation and blends well into the skin and I think best applied with fingers.

Downsides to this are it’s matte. If you are looking for a light dewy finish this isn’t for you. I do find as I get through the bottles the foundation really does thicken up. Not to where you can’t work with it but just something to be aware of.

I’m really glad L bought it as I discovered I still had a bottle in my make up bag and have gone back to using it a bit. I tend to Mix it with my Max Factor Second Skin (my summer foundation love due to it’s lightness, you need a good colour match on this though) so that it gives a more dewy finish.

Have you tried any Max Factor foundations? I love most of the ones I’ve tried.

Love M



  1. Dragon Mommy
    May 6, 2012 / 1:44 pm

    I used to buy the compact regularly until my skin became really dry and I switched to a liquid foundation.Holli

  2. Essjay23x
    May 6, 2012 / 3:56 pm

    Ooh, you've reminded me of a Max Factor compact I had years ago. I think it was the Facefinity one, I LOVED it. Can't believe I'd almost forgotten it. I normally go to MF for mascaras, I need to start looking at their face products again.

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