Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

So another weekend coming to an end and back to work in the morning. I’ve had a great weekend this weekend with the family so that’s left me in a good mood today.

Onto today’s post, both L and I have been loving skin care lately and taking a much bigger interest in it and trying other brands. (I had a recent splurge in Clinique and I’m loving there stuff, post coming soon). After Red magazine gave the free sample and a muslin cloth to try, we were both impressed with it. It’s such a different cleanser, so thick and moisturising on the face and I enjoyed using the cloth.

L was so impressed she went out and picked up more straight away. I’d left mine longer before trying out due to being back in love with my Lush Herbalism cleanser. Now I regret that.

After seeing the great offer a few weeks back (Thanks Lola for sharing) I couldn’t resist getting more. We decided to share the postage cost and ordered together. 

We chose the express delivery as the deal was just before L went away. I was so excited when she text me the next day to say it had already arrived and that it had come with lots of goodies.

It was with 4 sachets of their sheer skin tint (1 in each shade) and a 30 ml sample of cleanse and polish and another muslim cloth. L had the cleanser I had the skin tint. I love that with higher end brands they are always generous with there samples. I love trying new things.

I’m impressed with the sheer skin tint and will review full soon.

It also came with a colour chart detailing all of the new make up range and the shades. Also helpful was space by the shade of each shade so that you could compare it to colours you already own if you are ordering on line. I’m eyeing up the bronzer after reading rave reviews.

Another nice touch was a little note saying who had packed your package up for you.

And a big thick book showing there full product range with descriptions and prices. I’ve loved having a flick through this. L did mention that for a natural company though there was a lot of maybe unnecessary packaging that although it was a nice touch could have been done without.

All of that for one bottle each of 100ml cleanse and polish, I’m wondering next time whether to assume we’ll get more good samples and it might be worth ordering separately to get all the freebies.

We will do a full review on Cleanse and Polish soon if anybody is interested in this product, I know we are late to the party on loving this product but it’s definitely one that we will be repurchasing a lot now.

Love L and M


A little side note – after using the Cleanse and Polish sample I did indeed rush out to buy the full size, at 14 pounds (I’m using an American keyboard that doesn’t have a pound sign, how inconsiderate!) it included a full 100ml of product and 2 muslin cloths in a bag along with the instructions card.

I really do believe that even after a week of using it my skin felt like velvet, my spots had cleared up and any blemishes had definitely decreased in size. I’ve now been using it ever since and I swear my skin has improved even more after the benefits of long term thorough cleaning.

I vote everyone should be using this baby!

L xxx


  1. Holly
    June 10, 2012 / 8:54 pm

    I want to try the cleanse and polish soooo bad! I am definitely going to buy it when I came back from my holidays (I am meant to be on a spending ban just now, not going well…) Thanks for the little mini review at the end! Let us know how you's get on with it after you's have used it longer 🙂

  2. C.S.I Beauty Blog
    June 10, 2012 / 9:55 pm

    It's so worth getting! It feels amazing on the skin, it has a hint of eucalyptus which is so refreshing 🙂 xx

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