Top 10 Missed Items

A little while ago I posted what I managed to pack into my suitcase for my 7 week trip (here).

I needed a lot of stuff as a requirement of the course so with my 23kg limit there wasn’t much room to bring many luxuries and as a result of this I’m missing a few things!

Mostly as you can imagine I’m missing my vast array of toiletries, clothes and shoes that I have to mix and match with.

I only brought vest tops, shorts, 2 pairs of jeans and a cardigan as well as the obligatory pack a mac and thin hoodies.

As a girl who wears dresses a lot of the time and loves accessorizing, particularly choosing make up every morning the lack of choice is KILLING me!

I have bought a few items since I’ve been here that I can mix and match each day and this is satisfying my need for choice temporarily, but there’s also lots of other things I’m missing too.

So another more personal post today, as it’s all I can think about!

In a sort of order here’s the top 10 things I’m missing:

1. My beautiful dog! My dad’s recently had an operation so hasn’t been walking him, so I’ve been taking him every day and I miss him so much! I always do, but more so lately, he’s so clever and I miss teaching him new tricks!

2. I suppose I should mention my family and friends up here too…haha of course I miss them too and obviously could not fit them into my suitcase as they all requested! I can contact them all when I have wifi which is luckily most of them time so it hasn’t been too bad. FaceTiming my dad on his iPad is always entertaining!

3. The gym! Never in my life would I have thought I would miss the gym, but after going 4 times a week for 5 months I genuinely do, and I miss the classes so much I’m tempted to make up my own ha.

They do have a gym here but it has random opening times and as I have to eat meals at certain times too, it gets a bit awkward and I’ve only made it there once!

4. Tea! Oh my goodness the first week I was here I couldn’t find tea anywhere, until I found Starbucks which because of it’s opening times and my class hours I could only go to at 8am.

Luckily I’ve now found 2 other places that have it on campus so I just have to plan ahead, still miss it though!

5. Healthy food! I’ve been trying to eat healthily since January and have mostly been eating rabbit style food with a lot of chicken so at the beginning it was a big shock to have so much food available that was definitely not healthy but tasted so good!

I’ve managed to tone it down a bit and am limiting myself to 1 dessert from now on (their cakes are miniature ones and 1 just isn’t enough…!)

6. Make up in general! I do have a certain amount of make up with me that should in theory be fine for my 7 weeks away, especially as I did come here to complete a uni course that spends the majority of it’s time outside in dirt. 

BUT the inner beauty addict inside me is not satisfied, and at the beginning insisted on wearing make up in ridiculous heat and humidity which resulted in me breaking out in spots for AGES.

I’ve learnt my lesson now and wear minimal make up and it’s got a lot better, doesn’t mean I don’t play around with it in the evenings though 😉

7. Lipstick. I love wearing it now whereas I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near it before! I’m so used to wearing it that here where no one wheres anything except a bit of mascara I’d feel so overdressed but I can’t wait to put it back on!

8. Dresses! I miss being able to wear dresses, and generally have a choice of what to wear, as not only do I only have certain things with me, I can only wear long trousers to Uni (because of bugs and plants etc) and hiking boots. So whilst it’s absolutely BOILING I have to suffer with trousers on when I’m DYING to put shorts on. Booooooooo 🙁

9. Alcohol. I’m nowhere near coming out in cold sweats as I’m honestly not an alcoholic….however with the weather being so damn good all I want to do is sit in a beer garden or bar terrace outside in the sun with a cocktail.
Where I am was a ‘dry county’ up until 2 weeks ago and alcohol wasn’t served anywhere bar Walmart so hopefully it will become a little more accessible now!

10. Using products! Strange but true, I miss going through my drawers and cupboards of products to see what I’ve got left and will be using next. It feels really wasteful to have not brought everyday toiletries with me and to buy them here knowing I have mountains to get through at home!
I’m looking forward to getting back on track with my Beauty Rehab series and hopefully making a dent in my mahussive collection!

What do you think of my top 10? What would you miss if you went away for such a long time with minimal luggage?

L xxx

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