NOTD: China Glaze Pool Party

Day 3!

This beauty is my absolute favourite at the moment!

It goes perfectly on fingers and toes and pretty much any occasion when the weather is this blooming lovely!!

Check out that SUN!

I managed to go a bit pink on my shoulders today from my 20 minute sit down at lunch time, woohoo!

This is another polish I picked up from America, from a brand that me and M love, and I’m pretty sure M introduced me to.

China Glaze prides itself on having no toluene, DBP or formaldehyde in its products which we of course LOVE on this blog, chemicals are bad!

Pool Party is from the Neon collection so take a look at how it turned out:

It even contrasts beautifully with my room behind it haha.

It was a beautiful colour to put on and needed the usual 2 coats to be as bright as you can see!

It really is a beautiful neon colour that you can’t take your eyes off.

The only downside to this (for me) was that it dried with a kind of matte finish, it wasn’t as matte as you get when you apply a top coat but it was definitely more matte than a usual polish.

It was odd and not quite what I look for in a polish as I love the shiny finish

So as I always do when painting my nails, I applied a top coat and had the wonderfully shiny finish as below:

I just cannot get enough of this colour, and even though I bought a silly ridiculous 17, yes SEVENTEEN nail varnishes whilst in the US, this one is hands down my favourite of the bunch and the others aren’t getting much of a look in!

What do you think of Pool Party? Do you like China Glaze?

You can still buy them in the UK but unfortunately only on eBay as far as I know, though you can still get them for around £8!

L xxx

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