Review: Tigi Bed Head Some Like it Hot and Control Freak Conditioner

Whilst in America (I know I keep banging on about it but it really is relevant!) the humidity was an absolute nightmare for my hair!

As we all know, the natural look on holiday is 100% acceptable…..but frizz can always be combated by a little serum to help you stop looking like you’ve touched an electric socket. 

I couldn’t use my hair dryer as it was no more use than a small warm breeze because of the electric converters, so I was left to let it dry naturally.

For the most part it was fine, but on the days it was slightly colder (7 weeks is a long time for naturally drying your hair!) it went flat at the roots and frizzed out at the ends……..not so hot!

I invested in some Tigi products whilst I was out there to help with this and these were what I got:

Tigi Bed Head – Some Like It Hot Heat and Humidity Resistant Serum

Tigi Bed Head – Control Conditioner for Frizz Control and Straightening

Some Like It Hot is a serum to help with humidity and heat issues. 

The heat wasn’t so much a problem for me as I wasn’t styling my hair but the humidity certainly was!

I applied this as directed on the back of the bottle, one pump into towel dried hair before styling.

The serum is just like any other, clear and quite a bit runny, it also smells pretty good as expected from Tigi.

The pump for this was pretty sturdy too and I was impressed as some can be SO flimsy!

The serum did its job pretty well, and although on some days where the humidity was RIDICULOUS it held up pretty good and I had noticeably less frizz coming out when my hair was finally dry.

The second product I bought was the Control Freak conditioner that I added into my shower routine as soon as I bought it….and I have to say it smells GORGEOUS!!

As soon as I poured it onto my hand I could smell the sweets like aroma and knew I was going to love it.

I hate overpowering floral smells as they give me an instant headache, but this was a light smell just like sweets and I loved it.

There’s a whole range of Control Freak products but I only managed to pick up the conditioner which was a shame because I loved this conditioner and would definitely pick up some more next time I run out.

My hair is very frizz resistant after investing in these two products, it’s sleek and smooth and hopefully getting into a much better condition than it was before after my lack of heat styling.

Do you enjoy going on holiday and not using any heat styling products? 

Have you used these Tigi products before?

L xxx

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