Review: Colour B4 (before and after photos)

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. I’m sure a few of you have died your hair and then regretted. I know I have a few times. I have naturally blonde hair and regularly alternate between blonde, brown and red. The First time I died my hair my mum told me I would never get it back blonde.

I’d heard of Colour B4 but never thought of trying it as it costs £9.99 in boots and I thought it can’t really work that well. 

The first time I used it was last year after dying it red and getting fed up with the maintenance it needed and how quickly it faded. I knew I couldn’t dye over the red so thought I might as well try it. 

When you read the information inside it says it works by shrinking the colour molecules on your hair so they can be washed out. It doesn’t contain ammonia which is a good thing. It returns your hair colour to your lightest natural stage when the colour applied is darker than than your natural hair colour. It doesn’t work on removing hair colour that is lighter than the natural hair as when hair is lightened the natural pigment in the hair is chemically altered.

Here is my hair pre colour B4

Do not believe online where it says it takes 20 minutes!! There are buffing stages and in total it takes over an hour. You start by mixing two part together and apply to the hair similar to an all over dye.

Ignore the silly poses. The Colour B4 applied all over.

You can already see it lightening and is more back to the colour of my eyebrows.

Now comes the time consuming stage. You rinse the solution out like you would hair dye, rinse till you can’t feel it in the hair any more. Your hair probably won’t feel nice right now. I recommend a stopwatch and having a shower at this stage as you now need to use the buffer on the hair. You apply the buffer leave it for two minutes then you need to stand under the shower rinsing for at least 5 minutes but best to do for 10. Once this is done you need to repeat this stage again. After the second buffer and rinsing you can leave it at this stage. I would thoroughly recommend a good condition and leaving the conditioner in for a while.

After this I decided to try the Lee Stafford hot shots to help brighten it more. I can’t say they did a great job. Colour B4 removes the colour really well especially red from blonde hair but don’t think your hair will be back to it’s normal colour. As the Colour B4 process can’t slightly lighten your natural colour. I tend to leave mine at this stage but you can put on another hair dye to make it your natural colour.

So what did my hair colour look like after?

 From Red to Blonde. What do you think? Pretty Impressive but slightly brassy. I find the process can be a little drying on the hair so I don’t put another dye on it for a few weeks and deeply condition.

Colour B4 is a great product available from Boots and Superdrug. I will continue to use it after I think it’s a good idea to dye my blonde hair red. It’s also available in extra strength for colour build up.

Have you tried Colour B4? Would you? What do you think of the Results?

Love M


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  1. Pretty Little Lives
    August 24, 2012 / 4:58 pm

    I've used this before and my hair turned a colour very similar to orange, I was not happy haha!It looks like it's worked well for you though! :)Natasha Carly x

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