Review: Stylfile S-File Nail File by Tom Pellereau

Today is a review of an item I was so pleased to see when I opened up my July She Said Beauty box (which by the way I am completely loving and have so far had 3 boxes I really like). This is the S-File style file designed by Tom Pellereau. If you watched The Apprentice you’ll recognise his face.

Whilst on The Apprentice I believe he mentioned he had designed this and at the time I was intrigued but had stubby nails from biting them. When I finally grew my nails I had forgotten about it.

The design is simple, it’s curved to better fit the shape of the nail to make filing nails easier. So is this just another gimmick on an item that’s not really useful but we think is ….

I honestly don’t think it is. It does make getting a nice shape to your nail much easier. It’s also a really sturdy file and handbag proof though I do keep mine in its box. As the file has hard plastic in the middle it makes it durable. 

The file has two different sides which is rougher on one side making it easy to quickly file away a break or the less rough side can be used to gently shape the nail. 

Another bonus is it’s meant to last 12 months. Pretty good if it does. I’ve had mine around 6 weeks and always grab for it now.

I love that it’s black and pink. A great colour combination but not to in your face pink for those girls who aren’t as girly as me.

Would I repurchase? Definitely it’s great. I’m also going to pick my mum up one. They also do a buffing one which I’m intrigued by as I’m not sure whether that will be easier and a keyring sized one which I will definitely pick up soon. They can all be found on Amazon here. They are all around the £4 mark and you can get the set of three. They can also be purchased from the she said beauty website but it’s not wanting to load on my laptop at the moment to link it here!

Have you tried the Stylfile? Is it something you’ve wondered about?

Love M



  1. Charlee Greenhalgh
    August 15, 2012 / 9:35 pm

    I really love this nail file, and think as long as I can continue to get my hands on this product I will :)Charlee

  2. GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle
    August 16, 2012 / 3:55 am

    What a neat file. Glad you liked it enough to purchase.Mom Fitness Journal | Beauty and Fashion in Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

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