DIY Wedding Planner Book

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I fancied doing a bit of different post for you today. I love doing all things crafty and used to make a lot of my own cards at one point.

One of my friends from back home got engaged recently. Her boyfriend text me a few days before to let me know he was going to do it so that I would go down and visit them that evening.

After spending a good 8 years discussing what our future weddings would be I wanted to get her a special useful present. I thought a wedding planner would be a great idea so she could keep all her ideas, appointments and details all in one place.

Due to only have 3 days to get it, I knew online shopping wasn’t an option so I started to look up and down Cardiff centre. I found myself quickly disapointed with what was on offer. Tacky covers or not worth £20 for a plastic folder.

I decided then I’d make it, I could personalise it, have it tailored to her and it would be how I wanted. After an expensive trip to paperchase (who knew glue was expensive, I had no time to raid cheap shops as it was Friday evening I got my supplies and started making)

DIY wedding planner engagement gift

As it was a Wedding planner I picked the heart book which was around the £9 mark. It has black pages which I though looked nice. I picked up heart confetti to decorate the book and pages with, The pink and gold paper was to decorate title pages and I also got document holders, pritt stick, a silver pen and sellotape, The pink was cheaper and seemed appropriate.

My first task was to count the pages in the book and think of all the headers I needed. For example I had dress, food, venue, budget, catering, menswear, flowers, table decoration, photographer, entertainment and a few other.

DIY wedding planner engagement gift

I started by writing wedding planner on the front of the book and sticking little confetti hearts in the middle of the hearts. I really liked how this book had a pink tie to keep it all together too.

DIY wedding planner engagement gift

You can still slightly see the guide lines here where I haven’t fully rubbed them out. For the first page I got a nice photo of them and wrote the date of the engagement.

DIY wedding planner engagement gift

For each of my header pages I wrote the title for the section and used some of the pretty fabric paper to make each page look nice.

For each mini header I wrote a small title at the top of the page and put hearts either side so she would have plenty of room to write. For each category I thought of I then thought of the sub categories she would need to think of to complete that. For example for the dress I had pages for inspiration, shops and appointments and dress documents, For catering there were places to visit, tasting and final menus. (People think when someone proposes to me I’ll be a bridezilla, I have no idea why, I just know what I want and the little details matter ha!!!)

DIY wedding planner engagement gift

For sections I thought that needed documents I cut the A4 document holders in half and stuck them down. I thought having these would make it easy and then everything she needed would be in one place.

I was so pleased I made it as my friend really loved it and said she couldn’t believe I had done it all for her so quick. She is now well into her wedding planner and has told me the book is well used.

It’s made me want to do more handmade gifts. I think they can sometimes be more special.

What do you think of this? Are you married? Did you have a book? Is it wrong to make myself one just for inspiration 😉 I could be like Monica ha!

Love M



  1. Sophierosehearts
    September 25, 2012 / 8:56 pm

    wow that is the most lovely present, what a lucky friend and congrats :)Sophierosehearts x

  2. Essjay23x
    September 25, 2012 / 9:25 pm

    This is lovely. I'm sure your friend will treasure it for a long time to come 🙂

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