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Hey All

My first proper post since my holiday. I had lots scheduled for when I was away so posts would still go up on my days off. My holiday was amazing. I think I will do a nosey photo post of it soon as I love looking at people’s photos. 

This was the gorgeous view I was greeted with when I arrived at the hotel. I love the moody sky.
Breakfast Day 1 part 1

So the past two weeks I’ve been eating what I want. I’d said in previous posts I was going to restrict myself on holiday as it’s a holiday and it’s America. Full of naughty food treats and boy did I go all out on the food. Who can resist pancakes for breakfast. Especially American ones. I didn’t spend much holiday laid down and spent 6 full days out of 7 at the parks so I did walk a lot and swim a bit too.

Day 1 part 2

While there I had 3 breakfasts like this

So the bad news. Over the past two weeks I’ve gained 4 and a half lbs. Not too bad could have been worse and I’m thinking positive that I’ve still lost 9lbs in 9 weeks. 

This had to happen Chilli Cheese Fries (best thing ever) and spicy chicken (I did eat the celery)

Diet wise now I’m back calorie counting starts again tomorrow (my food shop gets delivered tonight). I’m going to be upping my weekly calories to 1500 ish now during the week and sensible but what I want food at the week. I’m hoping this will give me the best of both worlds, with tasty meals, not feeling deprived and still losing a small amount like 1/2lb a week. I think this will more be easy to stick to.

The most beautiful steak I’ve ever had

I will be back to logging my food on MyFitnessPal (if you have it send me your name.) I love this app. It’s brilliant and I don’t think I’d have stuck so long at my weight loss with out it. It makes tracking what you eat so easy and there are lots of lovely people around for inspiration on bad days.

Roast beef, cheese and gravy Man V Food style sandwich

Exercise weight I’m unsure of at the moment. My knees are back hurting lately so a trip to the Doctors is needed when I get round to it. I really need to motivate myself to exercise in the flat. Especially as winter is drawing in and running when it’s dark around by me isn’t the safest.

The Last Day meal

Winter makes it hard but I’m thinking lots of tasty soups and warming meals from The Hairy Dieters book. I’m going to do a chilli, ginger and butternut squash  and a minestrone soup this week so I’ll try and include those recipes next week aswell.

Washed down with a mint choc chip ice cream

I also need to be better at resisting the Starbucks at uni, not only is it a waste of money it’s not great calorie wise even though I do go skinny. I also need to get my partner back out of his Domino’s addiction. A low calorie pizza recipe would be appreciated if anyone has one.

My gorgeous hand luggage!! How cute is this. Just had to share it.

Hope you are all doing well. Sorry for the photos of my naughty food from holiday if your diets are going well. As you can see I fully went for it. What are your winter weight loss tips?

Love M



  1. Fashion Floozy
    October 11, 2012 / 8:37 pm

    OMg all that food looks AMAZING!!love your bag!is it from loulous luxeries? did u have a good holiday?x

  2. Essjay23x
    October 12, 2012 / 1:56 pm

    I can't wait for your holiday post, love seeing other peoples holiday pics. Your little (or not so little) 'Mia' bag is so cute. As for the weight loss, it sounds like you're doing great. Everybody puts weight on, on holiday. I've got to say I'm not a great one for winter weightloss tips, I really struggle in the winter to stop putting food in my mouth especially in Jan and Feb after Christmas celebrations. Every year, I find it so hard to start eating normally again. I go through a lot of chewing gum during those weeks!!

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