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I mentioned in last week’s post that I had a new training program created for me by a trainer at my gym.

This is (luckily!) a free service as part of my membership which was a relief as I really don’t have any more money to spend!

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you the exercises she has given me to do.

This routine isn’t ‘easy’ but the exercises aren’t complicated and can be done using weights that you have at home etc.

It’s always hard having the discipline to actually get up and do the exercises but I always feel so much better once I’ve done them and after a week of doing this program I can already see a difference.

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It’s based on using your core muscles (as mine are pretty rubbish!) and just generally losing fat and toning up.

A lot of the exercises engage multiple muscle groups, and I’m all for multi-tasking!

For this you will need:

2 x 4kg kettle bell (or light weights)

8kg kettle bell (or heavier weight)


Swiss ball

2kg weight

1) Warm up – I usually go on the X-trainer for 5 minutes to get my heart rate up and my body warm. You could cycle, run around the block, up and down the stairs etc to get your body ready for exercise.

2) Press ups – For my exercise I use a swiss ball, place my hands on either side and do 2 sets of 15 press ups. This is why the swiss ball is optional as it’s the only exercise that you use it for.

You could do 2 sets of 15 normal press ups instead if you don’t have the ball.

Image from Fitness Magazine

At the moment I lean the ball against the wall to help steady it, as the whole movement requires a lot of effort to complete the press up and keep the ball steady but you can move this away from the wall to make it harder, and also choose a smaller swiss ball to up the difficulty.

3) Kettle bell swing – This uses a 4kg kettle bell to engage the core muscles, particularly lower stomach and swing the kettle bell from between your legs so that it ends around 90 degrees in front of you.

You hold onto the top of the kettle bell with both hands and swing using your hips. You don’t need to bend your knees much for this (as I started doing!) as this is not a squat movement.

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(Ignore the last image, you do not need to go that high! As long as the kettle bell swings out in front of you this is fine)

If you can feel this in your lower stomach muscles when your swinging then you know for sure that it’s working! Do this constantly for 1 minute in between each exercise and it will help to strengthen and tone your core muscles and midriff, and at the end of the day who doesn’t want that!

You could use a normal 4kg weight to do this and hold it at one end, just make sure you’re holding it evenly.

4) Goblin squat – This is where the 8kg weight comes in! I use a kettle bell so that I can use the handle on it.

This exercise is pretty simple, all you need to do is hold the weight at your chest level with both hands, squat down making sure your heels are pressing into the ground and then after you’ve risen from the squat raise the weight above your head level to stretch your arms up.

Basically this is just a squat and press with a weight, it engages your legs, core and arms/shoulders so definitely a multi tasker!

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Repeat 3)

5) Bike – Using a bike for this would be easiest as this is cardio number one of two in this program. The program set for me has you cycling at a low level for 2 minutes, then a high level for 2 minutes and repeating for a 12 minute exercise (normally levels 3 and 5).

The rpm’s must also be kept above 80.

Instead at home you could do interval training as running for 2 minutes (high level) and then walking for 2 minutes for the low level.

Repeat 3)

6) Lat Pulldown – In my program I use the Lat Machine at 20kg and do 2 sets of 15 reps.

I have absolutely no idea how you’re supposed to do this outside of the gym though so I’m going to suggest you leave it out if you’re not at the gym!

Repeat 3)

7) Lunge and Curl – This is pretty straight forward and common exercise. Using a 4kg kettle bell/weight in each hand I lunge, raise back up and then curl up both arms.

This is repeated at 2 sets of 15 for each leg (so 60 altogether….killer on the arms!)

It helps when doing this if you breathe in on the lunge and out on the curl.

My arms BURN after doing this 60 times so that can only mean its working right?!

Repeat 3)

8) Side Plank – My biggest hate is my stomach, and so consequently it has no muscle tone and every exercise hurts! When I tried to do this initially it was a disaster and I was laughed at!

After doing it for a week however I can already complete the 2 sets on both sides without collapsing woo!

Basically for this one you need to lie on your side with your arm propping you up.

Then you need to raise your hips into the air so your body is in a straight line being held up by your elbow and feet.

Your other arm is then pointing at the ceiling and so your body is in a cross type shape.

If only this was the end!

You then need to move your arm that’s in the air in a swinging motion (slowly! or you’ll unbalance) towards your other armpit so that it sort of scoops underneath your body twisting as you go.

Image from 6packatSixty.blogspot

This is hard to get the hang of and needs practice to stop you wobbling all over the place.

I find watching my moving arm makes it easier and make sure that your fixed arm lines up directly below your shoulder, if it moves further away you could injure yourself.

Repeat this 10 times on each side, twice.

The first time you’ll die, but the third time I did this today and I managed it, it just takes a little time.
Once you’ve got the hang of it you can also add in the 2kg optional weight and hold this in your moving hand….maybe one day!

Repeat 3)

9) Pilates 100 – This is a dream compare to the side plank!

Lie down on the floor with your legs bent like you would to do crunches etc.

Curl up and raise your shoulder blades off the floor by a good inch, and pulse your hands at your sides in groups of ten, counting to 100.

Image from VideoJug

I don’t ever feel this but my stomach muscles shake! So I know I’m doing it right…

You could start off doing 2 sets of 10, 5 times to get to the hundred, aiming to do a full 100 in 1 go at the end.

Repeat 3)

10) X-trainer – This is my favourite exercise.

Using the interval training preset profile (i.e. the one that looks like a castle top, up down up down etc) you will need to put this on level 4 for 10 minutes, keeping you speed up to 120+ rpm’s. 

You can again do whatever interval training you like, at home walking/running is the easiest.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my program!

I would love to know if any of you will be testing some of them out, they really are doable at home aside from the lat pull down.

As I’ve said, having done this 3 times I can already see a difference in my stomach which is great for me as I really want to get it toned up for my graduation.

I’m down to 7 weeks now, I’m hoping to lose 1lb per week but I’m not sure how possible this will be with eating so much protein!

As long as I’m burning fat I’m happy 🙂

I always use Pinterest for some exercise inspiration:


Would you try any of these exercises? Do you have your own fitness program?

I would honestly love to know so leave a comment!

L xxx


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