Holiday Photos

I’ve been trying to write this post for a while. It seems I’ve managed to lose my camera (really hoping I didn’t leave it in the hotel) so only have the photos from my phone which my laptop at the moment doesn’t want to load annoyingly.

Before going I decided to treat myself and go back to acrylics so they would look good for the whole time we were there. I love my local salon and went with black glitter tips as it was something a little different.

First room view

I love nosing at holiday photos so thought I’d share a few with you all. I was lucky enough to get to spend a week in the amazing Florida. We stayed at a Disney Hotel (The Beach Club) which was so nice and decorated as old fashion glam, imagine posh Dirty Dancing. 

It was so nice. With double sinks, which I quickly claimed and filled with make up! I need this set up when I own a house one day.

Second room view

We were moved rooms after 3 days after a flooded toilet but upgraded and had a better view of everything.

I loved the little touches in the hotel like shaped towels! In the bathroom they were in bows and on the beds it was Mickey. 

We spent most of the days at various Disney Parks, which I loved, you’re never to old for Disney. I have some great photos of it all on my camera so if it shows up I will put some more on.

Magic kingdom is just so beautiful to look at.

How Beautiful is the Castle.

Though my favourite park is Probably Animal Kingdom. The Lion King show was amazing.

The Brilliant Lion King show in Animal Kingdom. Gymnasts, ballet and dance bits!!

I loved seeing all the fireworks and parades there. You can’t beat fireworks.

Fireworks at epcot over the lake! They were so good!

Being in America we of course gorged on food. You can see some of the food I was scoffing here!! It was so lush having so much choice. You can also see my amazing hand luggage! I loved it.

Amazing breakfast, pancakes, cinnamon roll, fruit, waffles, chocolate, cream, syrup and M&Ms! I may have ate cooked aswell that day!

I of course took advantage of America being cheap and did lots of shopping. Post on that coming soon.

And of course there is sea world. I really loved the Dolphin Show. They are so clever.

I did sunbathe a bit in the mornings but didn’t get too much of a tan! I’ve ummed and ahhed over the bikini photo but decided I would. I was proud of the weight I lost for holiday. Plus it’s in my amazing Kelly Brook bikini from her collection for New Look

Hope you liked having a nosey through some of my snaps. They aren’t the best, stupid missing camera and phone not linking properly.

Fantasmia Show at Hollywood Studios

Love M



  1. Fashion Floozy
    October 23, 2012 / 9:37 pm

    love the bikini!!

  2. Essjay23x
    October 24, 2012 / 5:53 pm

    Awh, it looks like you had a fab time. What nice pics to record your memories xx

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