NOTD: Halloween Theme!

Aaaaah Halloween week! 

We love a theme and what better than scary spooky Halloween?!

We went a little nail crazy with ideas and decided to put them all on one post so you can see for yourself and hopefully get some different ideas!

First up is a galaxy nail style design:

I used the following polishes:

Halloween Nails

Nails Inc Black Taxi was the base coat, with the Max Factor Silver and Nails Inc orange from in Style sponged on top in galaxy style. I then added some stickers from the picture below (Andrea Fullerton at Superdrug) and then the Saffron glitter on top.

Halloween Nails

Barry M Halloween

It was a nice relatively easy style to do and a little different!

Next up I attempted to do my own spin on the Sugar Skull nails which was SO MUCH fun:

Skull Candy Nails

I started off with a white base coat which looked a bit flat so added on a shimmery white polish on top.

Then I used Models Own black nail pen to draw on triangles for the nose so I could keep the whole face as central as possible:

Skull Candy Nails

After this I used my dotting tools using the largest dot and applied the eyes and mouth using this.

I used 5 different bright colours on each hand, using 4 big dots to create the eyes followed by a line (of sorts!) for the mouth, as shown below:

Skull Candy Nails

Then I used the pen again to outline the eyes and putting a dot in the middle, and also lining the mouths and creating some teeth.

To make my own little spin on this I then added in a few dots, lines, squiggles etc so mine ended up looking a bit tribal!

I loved this design and it was definitely my favourite.

I had so many compliments, even from men serving me on tills in Superdrug and Tesco!

How random.

Skull Candy Nails

Skull Candy Nails

The last of my designs features a somewhat gimmicky polish from Barry M.

I’ve been using black and white a lot lately so picked up these colours from Barry M in Superdrug, and currently their promo is when you buy 2 products you get their limited edition orange ‘web effect’ polish for free.

I would never have bought this but as its a freebie the blogger in me wanted to give it a go:

Barry M Halloween

Barry M Halloween

As you can see it is different to a crackle effect, but not really producing a web effect!

The white does look pretty effective but the polish isn’t opaque enough to cover the black polish sufficiently enough for you to see it, so this was a bit of a let down in my view and i was glad it was free!

Hope you like my designs!

Which one do you prefer?

L xxx

Today’s post is a little late going up! I’m currently mourning the loss of the Ciate Advent Calender that was never meant to be I guess. No nail varnish everyday of December for me!

Anyway onto my Halloween nails. L’s sugar skulls are my favourite. I was so impressed when she sent me photos of hers! I decided to have a go at a spooky castle type of nail art. Please ignore my grown out acrylics. They have been removed tonight!

I started off with two coats of Max Factor Max colour effect in shade cloudy blue (which isn’t a cloudy blue shade at all) to creat a dark night sky. It reminds me of OPI Russian Navy. I really like the formulation of this polish and one coat was opaque but I did two for good measure.

On top of that I applied my new Sally Hansen polish I picked up in American in the shade glass slipper. I love the colour of this and the way it looks on the nail. It gave it a really starry night effect and you get so much glitter in one coat.

Partially as I wanted to try another new colour (OPI Altar Ego) and because I wanted it to look a little more foggy and spooky I applied a thin coat of Altar Ego which is a pearly white shade. I’ll be interested to see what this looks like on a bare nail.

I really liked the effect and colour the combination of these three gave on the nail and I can’t wait to use Altar Ego and Glass Slipper over different shades to see what they look like.

Once my nails were dry I used my Models Own nail art pen in black to drew the castle outlines.

I filled them in using the nail art pen too. I really need to invest in a good black nail varnish. I’m regretting not picking up OPI Black Onyx. What’s your best black polish?

I then used OPI You Don’t Know Jacques to draw a thumb on my nail and OPI My Pointe Exactly to create windows and my white Models Own Nail Art pen to Add a moon. 

Then using my Models Own Nail art pens I added details to the door, a cat and a ghost in the windows and some birds in the sky and on the moon. I like to think of them as Ravens.

and a close up of the thumb.

I wish they’d turned out a bit neater. I need to steady my hand more but overall I quite like them.

Have you tried Halloween Nail art?

Love M



  1. Sophierosehearts
    October 29, 2012 / 9:35 pm

    WOWWOW amazing nail looks, i will deffo try some of these out, yay halloween :)Sophierosehearts x

  2. GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle
    October 29, 2012 / 11:42 pm

    Love all the Halloween nail art. Super creative.Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  3. Sal.
    October 30, 2012 / 2:30 pm

    Amazing nail arts!!! Love them all!X

  4. Melanie Jane
    October 31, 2012 / 10:36 pm

    Loving these, it's nice to see people getting so creative. I do love nail art but am unfortunately rather crap at it, so I prefer to admire other people's, haha. I love the top two!Mel

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