OOTD: George Coat

I’ve never done an outfit of the day post before, mainly as I rarely wear anything exciting on a day to day basis (have been sat at home on my laptop for the past few months writing my dissertation!).

If I do leave my house it’s for the gym…not such an exciting OOTD? Maybe I’ll do one if I’m feeling I look good haha.

Anyway, I’ve had plenty of compliments on my new coat so I thought it was a good place to start.

This is my newbie to my wardrobe:

I have a bit of an obsession with coats to tell the truth.

I absolutely LOVE winter clothes and coats are just one of the things I love.

At one point I owned 7 macs in various colours so you can probably get my point from that!

This one is perfect for the weather at the moment. When it’s still in between summer and autumn, you never know what to wear, it’s a lot colder (especially today, apparently it has actually snowed already?!) but can still warm up around midday and you don’t want to be carrying round a huge padded coat yet.

The colour is gorgeous and is 100% in fashion atm, I absolutely love these types of maroons and burgundy’s and wines, I’ve also picked up a pair of jeans in this colour!

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I also love the fastenings.

My friend had a coat like this from Topshop last year and I was so envious.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when Asda of all places had a similar one this year!

I particularly loved the fastenings on hers, and although these aren’t real as they actually just popper on/off that’s probably better for me as I tend to fumble around and this means I can pull them off and pretend I’m super(wo)man taking off my layers.

Just me who does that??

Recent Purchases

Anyway, not only does this coat look lush (photo below of me wearing it, opinions?) it also is really warm but not overly so and had a hood which actually fits your head.

It really annoys me when hoods only seem to come up to my hair line, what’s the point in that??

It won’t keep my face dry like that!

This one actually fits which was a nice change and the sleeves were long enough too.

Here’s how I styled it when me and M went to the Next Beauty event:

Next Beauty Blogger Event

I will be wearing this a lot over the next few months!

Another favourite thing about it? The price.

This was a bargainous £25 from George at Asda and it is worth every penny.

Go George!

What do you think? Have you got a favourite style of coat? Have you seen anything else in George recently?

L xxx

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  1. GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle
    October 28, 2012 / 7:31 am

    This coat is beautiful. Love the plum color and the way it looks on you.Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

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