Review: Mac Studio Fix Fluid

I’ve been using this foundation for a little while now.

It was something else I picked up in America for cheaper than here in the UK.

The woman in Macy’s was very nice and loved my accent so was very happy to colour match me and I picked up NW20, which by the way, is me with a tan.


First of all, having only bought Pro Longwear and various compacts (Studio Tech, Studio Fix and Pressed Powder) before I had no idea that the bottle wouldn’t come with its own pump.

Naive you might think, but I genuinely never thought about it so obviously picked one of those up too.

I love simple packaging so Mac always hit the nail on the head for me.

A glass bottle always makes a product feel luxurious too, and as brands such as Rimmel also use them now it’s almost expected.

I love how clean the bottles and pump look when they’ve never been used! Such a pretty photo.

(Is this the addict in me talking do you think?!)

As far as the coverage goes, I love it.

Full coverage, with a semi-matte finish this does last for a decent amount of time.

I’d say that it lasts an 8 hour day with a good primer and powder, though I think it could last longer.

I don’t seem to have found the best combination yet of primer/foundation/powder for the longest lasting face.

The Studio Fix Fluid is also buildable so you can cover problem areas more effectively if you need to.

Here’s some of my face with Studio Fix Fluid on:

I really like this….but I have an issue with the smell.

It’s hard to describe but I just can’t stand it, I was worried initially that mine was gone off or something even though I’d bought it from a reputable department store!

Ah well. 

I should also add that I’m quite lucky, I genuinely am an NW20 year round, as even though my tan has faded this foundation is still the correct colour….yay for being so pale!

Have you tried Studio Fix Fluid? What Mac foundation is your favourite?

I’d love to buy more of their foundations so let me know which one is your favourite and why!

L xxx

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  1. Gemma Button
    October 24, 2012 / 9:56 am

    I am using this atm in NW15, its a really good match for myskin, I havent yet found a powder that works well with it, please let me know if you do xx

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