Beauty Rehab

I haven’t posted one of these in a while but have still been trying to make my way through plenty of products!

It seems endless and although I always seem to be finishing things I feel I need to step it up a gear in time for Christmas.

Beauty Rehab

This moisturiser was bought ages ago and it took me a while to use it up.

It was ok, the ‘firming’ ones never seem to work as well as they claim they do!

I wouldn’t buy this again as it took quite a while to sink in.

Beauty Rehab

These are both good tanners but not worth the money, sprays always seem to run out so fast and I personally prefer a lotion now, even if sprays can be easier to use on the back and hard to reach areas!

Beauty Rehab

I personally felt that the Sanctuary Pore Refining Toner was, for want of a better word, pointless.

The smell was too floral for me and the spray felt like a waste of product, when the product was on my skin it felt like it didn’t do a thing.

Liz Earle is obviously my favourite cleanser and every time I finish another bottle I die a little inside.

Maybe a little dramatic but it’s true.

I am so tight for cash but this is one of the things I’d buy with pennies!

Beauty Rehab

Loved the Dreams Unlimited butter, it sank in and didn’t sit on my skin for a long time.

I personally would buy this again but the price of the Body Shop puts me off.

The Soap and Glory butter is just as moisturising but much cheaper.

The Tigi Control Freak Conditioner was great, and it smelt gorgeous!

I would pick this up again in TK Maxx as I feel it is worth the money.

Beauty Rehab

Sebastian Potion 9 was bought ages ago on recommendation from my previous hairdresser.

I did enjoy using it and it did have a positive effect on my hair and maybe I’d buy it in the future but currently have so many hair products to use I can’t afford the space.

The M&S Lime body butter was divine. I couldn’t stop smelling myself whilst wearing it!

The smell lingered for a while but wasn’t overpowering and my skin felt hydrated, would definitely buy it again!

Beauty Rehab

As far as mattifiying moisturisers go the No 7 worked nicely. Seeing as my skin has become drier of late I found this does not provide enough hydration and so needed something more, and would be pointless in repurchasing.

I find Simple products a little boring. When I was younger they were great for when I had no idea what to use and my skin was more sensitive, but now I just felt like I was applying a cheap moisturiser and one that isn’t quite so innocent as it seems.

How tastes change!

Beauty Rehab

Benefit They’re Real Mascara was in my opinion, amazing!

I did love it, but as with all mascaras they always run out or dry up and sometimes this seems a little annoying for the price tag.

I would pay for this again, but due to my current financial situation I will be sticking to my current new find which I will be blogging about soon!

The Pretty Quik nail drying spray was another pointless buy.

I never find that they help and always leave my hands greasy so I think I will have to remember this every time I consider it!

What have you been using up recently? Have you been trying to use more before Christmas?

L xxx

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