Eylure Shape and Shade

After seeing a photo @n (you can find her blog here) posted on twitter I instantly noticed her perfectly groomed eyebrows and had to ask her what she used. Eyebrows is something both L and I notice on people and I think a well groomed brow really finishes a make up look and frames a face. I have very fair brows due to being blonde and if I don’t use any product on them they are easily hidden.

My two favourite before discovering this pencil were the New CID i-groom pencil which costs £15.50, found here. This comes in one colour which is meant to suit everyone. It works really well on my faint eyebrows! It comes with a groomer on the end and both have lids to keep them clean.

Image from New CID website

The second brow product is the Eylure Brow Palette. This is a set with two brow shades a highlighter and a wax, aswell as stencils. I’m not someone who has got into using a wax yet. I just can’t get into the habit and only one of these shades suit my brows. This retails at £10 and can be found here. While I like the powder it wasn’t my perfect brown product as I found I only used one thing in the set. The brush was ok but got dirty quick.

Image from ASOS

Onto my new eyebrow love. The Eylure Shape and Shape. I use this in Shade 3 for Medium to Light blonde. This is £5.39 from Boots and is currently on buy one get one half price.

It’s a simple packaging with the colour of the product the colour of the packaging. It comes with a cover for the pencil but not the groomer which I would prefer it did.

It comes in three different shades and is described as being good to fill in sparse brows. I agree with this. It really fills in the bald patches in my brows. I always seem to have a slight bald patch annoyingly, and this fixes it.

The pencil itself is quite hard but I like this. It’s easy to do lots of little strokes to build up brows so they look natural. I find some pencils that are softer hard to build up a natural look as you get large strokes.

The brush part is pretty standard. It does the job well. I like to brush my brows down after I’ve applied the pencil as I find it gives the best result and blends the pencil into the brows further.

As you can see here it’s quite a natural blonde shade. For anyone one with lighter hair that doesn’t like to dark of a colour and just to enhance there natural brow to shape the face this is perfect.

Please ignore my unplucked brows and slightly swollen make up free eye I was sporting a very unpretty eye infection that meant no make up. I still did my brows to give my face a little something. As you can see it just gives a nice natural effect.

This is my new favourite eyebrow product. Thanks for the recommendation Lydia. 

I have such brow envy! and make up envy in general of Lydia! Doesn’t she look flawless!

I really want to try the New CID i-fix next in my quest for the perfect brow. Have you used any of the products mentioned? What’s your brow go to product?

Love M


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