Hair Style: Big Bun Ring

Huge buns are seen everywhere at the moment. They are such a popular hair style and see on many celebs. They look elegant, clean and simple and create a smart look to any day or evening outfit. The gorgeous Lauren Conrad has been seen sporting this look along with many others.

image from shxxox,blogspot,com

This is a look I’ve been embracing regularly as it’s so quick and easy to do. I did a tutorial a few weeks ago using my regular size bun ring that you can find here. This was using a regular size bun ring as I thought my hair was to short to be able to use a bun ring any bigger.

For Halloween I purchased a bigger bun ring from Claire’s for a bargain £5 seen on other sites for around the £15 mark!! You can find it online here. Careful ordering from eBay I ordered one advertised as large and it was a regular small one.

Here you can see the size between the bun ring used in my original tutorial and my new one. If you see my original tutorial you can see I have quite short hair. It’s around shoulder length and it’s rather fine. I was surprised my hair covered it as well as it did.

 Here is the big bun ring in. I love the size of it and the way it looks and it’s a hair style I do a lot. I fix this in the same way as the small one. There are step by step instructions on the link above. I do the same thing for the big bun except use a normal hair band as the small elastic ones are too small. You need a band with a good stretch that will fit over the bun but hold the hair tight once over it.

Another way these buns can be achieved is by using a clip in bun. Beauty Works has a great selection of them. Website found here!! They have loads of different styles I’m especially loving the Instant Celeb Bun which is going on my wishlist. The lovely Laura from Secret Diary of a Fashion Journalist showed how to use the messy bun hair piece in this post. It looked so great on her I instantly added a note to my wishlist.

The lovely Laura! Looking amazing in her Beauty Works Bun!

How amazing does it look! So if you don’t have enough hair you can definitely fake this trend easily with great results!

What do you think of the bun trend? I’m thinking the bigger the better!

Love M



  1. Maddy
    November 6, 2012 / 11:59 am

    It looks lovely, You've reminded me I need to use my bun ring more, its one of those things I always forget to do! x

  2. Charlee Greenhalgh
    November 7, 2012 / 12:00 am

    I love that you got one of the bigger rings, I live with mine in my hair. Looks fab my deary 🙂 xxxxx

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