Review: Vichy Cleansing Gel

I picked this up a few months ago when there was a new deal in Boots, I think when you picked up 2 other products this came free? 

I’m not exactly sure but this normally retails at £12.50 on my last check, which as a free gift is a great deal!

I love Vichy as a brand, everyone seems to be loving French pharmacy brands as a whole and this is no exception.

I have previously raved about the Normaderm moisturiser and this is the Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel.

I’ve been using this as a cleanser in the mornings.

My cleanser of choice is Liz Earle but as I have so many to try and to use up I often trial these in the morning.

This cleanser has almost gone now as I’ve been using it for such a long time.

It’s a foaming gel that you use on wet skin and rinse off (I use my muslin cloth for this).

When using this I find I have a ‘squeaky clean’ face afterwards and the tight feeling on your skin.

I know some people aren’t fans of this feeling so thought it was worth a mention.

It’s not my favourite feeling, I used to love it but as my skin is now drier I feel a cream cleanser is better for me.

This is perfect for the morning as I know my skin is clean of oil for the day and a light moisturiser will see me through the day before applying heavier creams at night.

One thing I did love was the squeezy tube.

I like to vary how much cleanser I use depending on how much make up I have on my face and it’s nice to see how much you’ve got coming out and how much you have left. 

Also I loved that they were each sealed individually, always a plus with all the bacteria around!

If I enjoyed the squeaky clean and tight feeling on my face I would definitely buy this again, a little goes a long way and this definitely helped keep my skin oil free.

What Vichy products are your favourites? Do you like the Normaderm range?

L xxx

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