Beauty Rehab

So far this year I have made a bit of progress using up oold products and attempting not to buy many more.

I’ve been charting my progress with my Beauty Rehab series which you can catch up on here.

The latest update is as follows:

Beauty Rehab

Tigi CatWalk Fast Fixx Leave In Conditioner Spray – Have been spraying this on for months and hoping for an improvement. I usually use this after the gym and it’s so easy to apply and never greasy.

I bought it from TK Maxx so wasn’t full price and I think I’d pay for it again, but not at full price.

Molton Brown Indian Cress Conditioner – I am always bought Molton Brown products at Christmas by my auntie, I enjoy using them but I’d never buy them for myself as I just don’t feel they’re worth the money…

Batiste – Probably my 20th can. Will buy forever!

Beauty Rehab

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash – I am aware this is from the baby range but even so, it came as a set with the lotion and I absolutely loved it. No tears from me in the shower and it’s super natural and helps save the bees which EVERYONE should be doing by the way.

Bees are amazing and without them we’ll die, so go buy some bee products!

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish – Bought many times! Will buy for the forseeable future/forever

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturiser – Picked this up in America as I was told it was better than Dove/Johnsons. I can’t say the colour was better/streaked less but the smell was gorgeous and it would be a contender to the market if only they’d bring it over to the UK!

Beauty Rehab

Avene Gel Cleanser – Was sent this to try and it really was gentle on my skin and removed the majority of my make up. It was quite runny so I would have preferred a pump a la Liz Earle so I could control it more, but lovely all the same.

Origins Eye Doctor – Saved up my Boots points since purchasing this in March time ready for when it ran out, and so have already bought a replacement!

My super sensitive eyes love me for it and I will buy this for a loooooooooooong time.

Botanics Eye Make Up Remover – I thought this would be great as it’s organic etc but this gel cleanser made my eyes fog up for a few minutes after use meaning it was actually getting in my eyes and although it did remove eye make up, I had to use it a few times to get it all.

However it was really gentle and did feel soft on the skin. 

My tube broke in my wash bag so I’m having to throw it out anyway!

Beauty Rehab

Etat Pur Actives – A01 is a anti wrinkle treatment, loved the feel of the serum but didn’t notice much long term benefit aside from the instant smoothing of applying a serum

After attempting to use A22 without success the lovely Etat Pur sent me A20 to review alongside it to maximise the effects.

Sadly as my skin problems seem to now be caused by stress and not oiliness these products unfortunately didn’t work as a permanent solution for me, but I can 100% recommend them to fellow oily skin sufferers as combined they did make a difference.

Botanics Moisturising Eye Cream – This isn’t a patch on Origins Eye Doctor I’m afraid. It felt a bit too heavy and greasy on the skin around my eyes and I wouldn’t buy again

Technically this isn’t an ’empty’ but I was far too excited to share with you my new Real Techniques purchases.

I absolutely love all of the brushes in the range and just needed these two to complete the face brushes collection!

How have you gotten on with using up products this year?

I think over Christmas i will have to have a clear out of products I just know I won’t use.

I NEED to stop as my obsession is massively out of control.

Would you like to join me in my quest to rid my room of retail therapy ridiculousness??

Let me know via twitter or email if you’d like to join in from January 🙂

L xxx

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