My Top Tips to Clean Make Up Brushes

I was going to write a post on how I clean my make up brushes but I thought I would include a link to a video by two girls who run a blog and YouTube Called A Brunette Duet. You can view the video by clicking here. They have some great videos I enjoy watching their tips. I’ve always followed a few tips when cleaning by brushes and after watching this video I’ve change how I clean my brushes to the same as this. This is a great video!

Cleaning brushes is important. Make up applies better on clean brushes, there is less chance of spreading bacteria around and it keeps your brushes in good quality.

When I first starting looking into the best way to clean make up brushes one of the top tips I always stick to is to make sure that you dry your make up brushes upside down. Having them lied flat of stood up in a pot means water can go into the handle of the brush and dry there and start to disintegrate the glue or handle and mean it could fall of quicker. 

I used to tie my make up brushes in a hair band and hang it from a door handle so that they would be secure upside down. I’d leave them like this for a day so they were completely dry.

After watching the girls video mentioned above I know roll a hand towel and lie it down so I can rest the brushes on and angle so the water doesn’t go in the handle.

Nice clean brushes lied on the roll so the water comes out!1 These are the brushes I was most weeks.

I found my RT stippling brush the hardest to clean. With foundation brushes I think patience is needed to ensure it really is clean. I find it takes about 4 soaping and rinsing to get it really clean. I squeeze right at the top of the brush and don’t stop till the water runs clear.

I currently use baby shampoo (but would love suggestions as my foundation brushes are feeling greasy and not clean anymore after they’ve dried) I place it on the back of my hand. Massage the shampoo through then rinse well and repeat if it’s not clean.

I really want to try a proper brush cleaner and the ELF one seems reasonable so would love to know if you’ve used it before or if you have any cheeky ELF discount codes.

I try to do my brushes every Sunday night. I find getting into the habit of doing them on a Sunday easier. As I always think of it as a chore but it doesn’t take that long once I’m set up.

During the week I have two foundation brushes I currently use as I find a foundation brush won’t stay clean for a week. Also for foundation and eyeliner brushes I always wipe them clean with a make up wipe so they stay a bit cleaner.

I hate waiting for brushes to dry! They seem to take forever. I’ve now started drying them carefully with a towel before letting them air dry completely.

With my make up brushes my three top tips would be

  • Always leave them to dry upside down or on an angle
  • Wash till the soap suds are clear. Some brushes need more than one lot of soap
  • Wipe clean after use for foundation and eyeliner brushes. It means I can get away with washing mine weekly.

I’d love to know how you clean your brushes and what are your make up tips. Especially anyone with a real techniques stippling brush as mine causes me the most problems.

Love M



  1. Steph And Laura
    December 20, 2012 / 7:42 pm

    Thanks sweet girl!!! Lovely post!

  2. Maddy
    December 20, 2012 / 8:20 pm

    this post just guilted me into cleaning my brushes, and thanks for the upside down tip my brushes normally take forever to dry!

  3. AllMadeUp
    December 21, 2012 / 1:20 am

    Ooh really good idea to roll it up so they rest at an angle! :)

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