NOTD MUA Constellations Libra and Ciate Cupcake Queen

I was lucky enough to talk my boyfriend into getting me the Ciate Advent calender and boy was I excited for the 1st of the month to come. I love Ciate polishes. They have such cute bottles with the ribbons on. 

On the First day it was a gorgeous pink with a blue shimmer in that I couldn’t wait to get on my nails. I’m really annoyed at myself as since getting acrylics on for my holiday all I’ve done is bite my nails. I’d stopped the habit and they were starting to look nice so in the new year I have to really work hard to stop again.

I have to say the first day left me a little disapointed as Cupcake Queen looks very very very very similar to Jelly Bean that came free in a magazine a few months ago. You can see the post on Jelly Bean here.

Here is the Jelly Bean polish from Marie Claire a few months back.

Look how long my nails are 🙁 well long for me. Below is the Cupcake Queen with MUA Libra Nail Constellations. L picked them up for us a while ago and I have been meaning to try them for ages. Strangley enough the night L and I started this blog I was round hers and a wheel of mixed beads I got from eBay split in my bag and I did a DIY Cavier manicure before it was even named a Cavier Manicure!!

Apologises for my unfiled false nails. I did file them before I went out. As you can see the colour is very similar. Cupcake Queen may be a fraction lighter but they both have the blue shimmer. I will probably give my mum or L one of these as if L doesn’t want it my mum loves bright pinks as there isn’t any point having two.

After the first day I have loved almost all the colours in my calender and it’s fun opening each day and having a nail polish, I just with I hadn’t bit my nails so I could play with them more.

Now onto the MUA Constellations. I’m loving these. For me it will always be a feature nail manicure and not all over. The MUA version stuck on well. I just added top coat to the tip of my nail as I’ve heard it’s good to do this.

I really like that Libra is black beads with a few blue ones. I think this makes it easy to wear with most colours. My only problem with it is I hate the lid. I find the rubber funnel like top a pain to be honest. It’s stiff to get off so the first time I flung a load of beads everywhere and when trying to get the beads back in I found it was easier to use a piece of folded paper. Maybe that’s just me.

These lasted a good two days but I don’t know if it helped that they were on false nails. They’d have probably lasted longer but they annoyed me and I picked them off.

I really like these nails for nights out as they are a bit special and I can’t wait to try the Cavier polishes from my Calender as I’ve got a gorgeous colour in there.

Have you tried Constellations or Cavier? What’s your thoughts?

Love M


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