Save, Spend, Splurge Night Creams featuring Avon, Lush and Clinique

So a few weeks ago I did Save, Spend, Splurge on day creams, you can see that and my eye make up remover one by clicking here. I’m liking writing these as it’s making me compare things to make sure I’m not just liking something more because I think I should. I have a few more of these planned including clear primers, cream based primers, hot cloth cleansers, volumising mascara, lengthening mascara and some foundation ones but I need to pick up a good save one for oily skin to test so any recommedations let me know or any other products you particularly like compared. I will try to do them regularly but most likely they will be fortnightly so I can test new things as I seem to have two things for most categories.

So on my day creams last month Splurge won (save only lost out due to lack of anti aging properites) and Spend won the Eye Make Up remover battle. Will Save win this to even up?

Let’s see what I’ve picked as my night creams. I’d say it’s only really the last year (since blogging really) that I’ve really paid attention to my skincare and made sure I cleanse, tone and moisturise twice daily. 


Avon Complete Balance Night – Oil Free Gel

This is a super light weight oil free gel that just sinks into the skin. It has the most amazing fresh, clean smell that doesn’t smell fake. It skins into the skin quickly and provides a good level of moisture for oily skin types. It can feel a touch tacky sometimes. Annoyingly this is in the current Avon brochure but it is in there regularly and I have checked with Mummy M (my mum’s an Avon lady) and she has reassured me she hasn’t seen that it is going out. This one tends to come and go from the catelogues. The Avon Solutions skin care range is great for those on a budget and Avon does some truely amazing deals.

I think this normal retail price of this is aroun £7.00 which for 50ml is very reasonable. But it regularly is in deals such as half price or even lower. I know when I picked it up it was £2.50-£3.00 so it’s definitely worth looking at. I find it harder to find cheap skin care for oily skin, especially moisturisers. This doesn’t have anti aging products which I have started to look for but is perfect for oily skin. If you have oily combination I don’t think this will help any dry patches. I will re visit this and add links when it’s in the next Avon Campaign. It’s standard packaging for your moisturiser. Glass tub with a screw on lid. Not great for travelling but it does mean it’s unlikely to get stood on and broke if you live in a messy environment like me. (I favour the floordobe, I’m trying to improve) Also glass is recyclable for you green ladies 🙂


Lush Vanishing Cream

I loved this cream from the moment I first started using it. This was one of the first moisturisers I spent a lot of money on. This technically isn’t aimed as a night cream and can be used as both day and night. Which is handy if you are someone who travels a lot or doesn’t like to have too many products. Vanishing cream is advertised as a Low fat moisturiser meaning it contains little fat/ oils and is great for us oilier skinned ladies. Vanishing cream sinks into the skin straight away. It feels light and fresh on the skin but provides a good level of moisturisation as well. It helps with any dry patches I get left from where spots have been without leaving greasy patches on my skin. It smells nice and fresh and contain lavender (which gives this a very subtle smell not at all over powering) and also witch hazel to help control any oil and help with blemishes.

This isn’t going to do anything for anti aging as I use this when I have more breakouts. It’s £17.50 for 45g which is more expensive than I remember but a little goes a long way and it does last. It also comes in one of Lush’s black pots so save these little ones up and you get a free face mask which is always good. You can purchase here.


Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturiser

The day cream partner for this won the battle of the day creams and I have to say this wins the night creams too but mainly because I’m paranoid about anti ageing and I’m hoping prevention really is going to help may skin staying looking better for longer. I find it really hard to find a high street cream with a cheaper price tag that is lightweight, oil free, won’t break me out and helps prevent ageing. This really is a great all rounder. Mine is running out and I’m literally heart broken that I can’t afford to replace these at the moment. (I’m moving in the New Year and have to save every penny going) This cream is slightly thicker but still dissolves into the skin without a greasy feeling. I like something that feels a bit heavier at night as I think my skin can do with that extra boost. Again there are no heavy fragrances with this cream. Skin is just left feeling soft, non greasy, moisturised and clean. 

The downside of course to the Clinique is it’s rather pricey price tag. £37 for 50ml. It’s expensive. It will last around 3 months though when used every night so it’s not to extortionate. Another bonus is it comes in 3 slightly different formulations so even if you don’t have oily skin there is still a good chance this cream will work for you. You can purchase it and read about other variations here

So Splurge did it again. I think I’m just getting expensive tastes. I love that it’s a great all round cream and it offers it all that none of my other options do. I’m still on the hunt for a slightly cheaper one that is just as good but without a doubt when I have the money a sneaky purchase to Clinique will happen. For now I have others to use up. I haven’t included my current night time cream in here as it’s one I’m using but I don’t like. 

What is your go to night cream? Would you spend £37 on a night cream? Although it’s expensive I think it’s worth it as what’s the point in spending loads on make up if you aren’t looking after the skin you put it on. Me and L were also once told to think about how much you’re willing to spend on a dress for a few nights out ;)!! Skin is for life hehe!!

Love M


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