Boux Avenue

So today I am sat here feeling pretty sorry for myself after fighting a cold all week and trekking into work in the snow I have finally had to give in.

I’m in my onesie in bed feeling pretty crappy but I took these photos yesterday and looking at them makes me feel better!

I feel I need to share something with you: I’m a massive lover of underwear.

You just have to look into my wardrobe to find 2 massive drawers full of it, beautiful colours in lace, tshirt style bras, plunge balconette etc etc.

Having larger than average boobs it can be a little tricky to get yourself the right fit, in a colour and style to your liking at a price that is acceptable.
However as underwear is a wardrobe essential as a curvy girl I absolutely love shopping for it when I’ve found the right shop.

Cue Boux Avenue, who opened up their black boudoir style doors in the new shopping centre and enticed me in with pretty window displays and beautiful drawer type storage (which La Senza seem to have something very similar of now!)

For Christmas my nan got me a voucher to spend at Boux Avenue and I was so excited. Because of the spending ban I waited for the sales to be over so I could pick up some new items without the sale rush and also at a time when I really needed to spend some cash and didn’t want to break the ban.
Their email telling me of the ‘buy the bra and get the knickers free’ deal swiftly threw that out of the window and 2 weeks later I’d already spent them!

This however was perfect timing for me, as even though I am a single girl, Valentine’s Day is coming up and I full intend on treating myself and being as girly as possible all day!

I browsed the website for a whole evening before I finally made the decision to pick up the Tori style bra in baby pink, coral, and black, all with matching knickers in the briefs style:

The Tori style is a tshirt bra covered in lace, where the lace comes up further than the cup so you can see some skin through the lace where the cup joins the strap.

I love lace bras but for my own personal comfort prefer tshirt bras, and this is the best of both worlds!

The colours are absolutely beautiful!

Because of Christmas being only a few weeks previous to my order the gift wrapping was sadly not available but I’m all for saving the environment and so got over it pretty quickly.

These bras are the perfect fit and although are lacy I have worn them underneath my uniform (a fitted t-shirt top) and had no bumps or patterns showing through.

At £24 these may be a little pricey compared to other brands but the bras I bought when their shop first opened up in Cardiff still look new and have kept their shape perfectly.

I love the little details on the knickers, like the little bows, metal tags and also the lace panels across the back.

These knickers should have been £10 so were an absolute bargain for free!

If you buy in store, you can also get student discount.
When I checked last this deal was still on, so get yourself down there and treat yourself ready for Valentine’s day!

One thing I will say, do not forget to sign up for their VIP card also! If you become as much of an addict as me then you’ll soon be able to redeem them against future purchases 🙂

I may be single and not planning anything romantic but that sure as hell doesn’t mean I can’t treat myself and dress up for myself in the mean time!

Have you shopped at Boux Avenue before? What will you be planning for Valentine’s day?

L xxx

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