NOTD: Essie’s Winter Collection 2012

I wrote a few weeks back how i had a ridiculous Essie splurge and picked up the Winter Collection from Boots.

Essie Nails

This collection box only had 3 polishes from the 2012 set which doesn’t seem to be available anywhere else nor in the original store where I got it from.

However if you did want to pick up a similar one ASOS have a set with 4 of the colours in including the following 3 for £12.95 in their sale, woo!

I am assuming the collection is called ‘Leading Lady’ as one of the polishes is and i am in love with the quote from the back of the box:

Essie Nails

Too true Essie, too true!

I also love the names of these polishes, shown in the picture below:

Essie Nails

I won’t waffle on too much and please excuse some of the messy nail applications!

I painted my nails various times over the past few weeks since having them and was almost always in a rush.

Beyond Cozy:

Essie Nails

Essie Nails

Essie Nails

This beauty is a combo of gold and silver which is my ultimate nail polish for a night out, as you literally cannot do wrong.

This was opaque in 2 coats, lasted really well with a top coat and got me a hefty load of compliments.

You can see in the photos the variation of colour where the flash has hit the glitter, but this is beeeeeeeeeautiful in day and night. 

Big fan!

Snap Happy:

Essie Nails

Essie Nails

Again this was 2 coats and a really good consistency to cover.

I love red nails and this one is no exception, an orangey ‘plastic’ red as I like to describe it, it would go with most skin tones.

This was a beautiful polish also but not a lot different to any other year round collection, having said that everyone needs a red like this!

Leading Lady:

Essie Nails

Essie Nails

Essie Nails

This beauty is what i was really looking forward to getting my hands on.

It’s a beautiful jelly polish with glitter in and the colour is just gorgeous!

I really did like this one though it would take 3 coats for an even consistency of packed glitter (which is the look i like) and then a few coats to make the top coat smooth as the glitter is quite chunky.

(The photos show 2 coats)

Having said that the results are worth it and I had so many people ask me where it was from it is probably the reason there are none left in Boots haha.

Definitely love this too!

Essie Nails

Basically aside from wanting to show you how amazing these colours come out I wanted to make you all buy the collection from ASOS…

For £12.95 you can pick up these 3 plus another polish in a mint green colour called ‘Where’s My Chaffeur?’ and i think this is SO worth the money!

The red and gold can be used all day every day and for weekends and nights out also, and the jelly glitter is just a beautiful colour that will mesmerize you as it did me.

What do you think of these colours? Are you loving them too?? Have you picked them up in the sale??

Essie just go up in my estimations every time!

If you wouldn’t buy this for yourself it would make the perfect gift for any female in your life 🙂

L xxx

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